Free US Payment Service-Payoneer

Free US Payment service Payoneer

Payoneer LLC was known as free US payment service which allow to make the online payment even you are not in US or none US resident. The company was found in 2005 in New York, it helps over 200 countries around to process the payment with the business partner with cost effective money transferring.  If you are running the small business or online working, I would recommend this company as the payment method.

With free US payment service and global bank transferring, Payoneer LLC allows to many things such making or receiving the payment in your local bank through its’ services. if you working with Amazon, Clickbank, and other affiliate network, you also could enjoy of receiving your money through the Payoneer US payment service as well. For additional information please enjoy the bellow short video:

How to apply for the services

It is too simple and easy because it is available and free for everyone almost around the world. You just go Payoneer LLC Office website, and sign up for the free US payment service. You may have to fill out the application of your personal information and the purpose of using the services. You will need to provided the legal and proof document such as Passport, Driver’s License, or National Identity Card.

After completed the registration, you will receive the confirm email about your application under reviewing of the company. I think that you take around one or two in order to get approval of your account application. Once, you was approved then you will be ask for legal document such Passport, Driver’s License, or National Identity Card.

Just scan one of above documents, and find out the upload link in the confirm email. Also you may need to provided some information to Payoneer through customer service from. Also, you will notify about delivering of your Master Card.

That enjoy enjoy your free US payment service..! Oh, anyway you will get $25 bonus if you sign up through my referral link (click here to sign up)

  1. Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj
    Muhammad Mairaj 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    Wonderful post about Payoneer Payment services. No doubt it is the best solution for all the bloggers and freelancers through which they can easily receive and transfer their money.

    Thanks for sharing such an excellent post.

    • Profile photo of Kimsea Sok Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      You welcome, thanks for stopped by and commented post..! I love read your comments, brother…!

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