19 Crucial Rank Factor You Should be Careful While Optimizing Your Blog

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    Are you trying to rank your article on the first page of search engines but could not rank it?

    The SEO marketers focus on first, but don’t even list on the 10th page. They insanely terrible with figuring out the way to rise up their position. The most facts that makes them more overwhelm is the competitors could rank on the top page with the same quality of article and the same amount of backlinks.

    The reason you cannot spy your competitors not because you have less quality or less backlinks, but there are many rank factor involved in SEO optimizing.

    The below are 19 confirm rank factors that help to enhance your position.

    19 Confirmed Google Ranking Factors

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    Hey, Yaun!

    That’s a nice article and essential regarding search engine optimization.

    Mostly, the newbie marketers focus only on keywords, backlinks, and social media signal. However, there are so factors that affected SEO such as mobile optimizing. And here the additional articles related to Google rank factors,


    Also, here 10 crucial facets your should know. It’s the case study of analyzing million google search result.


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    Profile photo of Yuan Hou Yuan Hou 

    Hey, dude! Aww. There are lots factors which affect search engine optimization and our blog ranking. We now combined those facets so my firm believe that people will benefit from the article. My blog theme use h2 for heading tag hence I should change it to h1. Should I, Kimsea?

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