3 Important Facts About Basic Blogging Everyone Blogger Should Know

important facts about basic blogging

It is almost complicated and typical important facts about basic blogging concepts, some bloggers said it is one of easiest business which make their life enjoys the times and happy with extra income their business. Other some said it is a hardest which over 60 percent of entrepreneurs would be failed because the lack of strategies and no abilities to get visible.

Yeah..! Absolutely, all above people told the right. Whatever you answer, it is all right – blogging can be hardest or easiest. It depends on your opinion, experiences, positive thinking, and how much you struggled or enjoy with your works.

I heard newbie a lot of newbie and intermediate bloggers said on their blogs that blogging is hardest business which everyone one have to put more eyes and working hard in developing of quality content, follow the search engine update, and as well as monitor the competitors.

In fact, I used to have the same opinion about basic blogging to those people but it was changed last. Well, to become a real blogger who able to make money online is not hard like moving a big mountain from Sahara and put it in front of our house.

But spending time for writing blog posts, it one of the most which enjoy time which we have learnt and share about what we knew. We could enjoy with friends and learnt from outside world through reading the blogs’ tips.

We discuss with others about our habit and what we love. Isn’t that the most enjoy time of our life? Of course..! I would say “Yes”, it is the most enjoy time in my life. Sometime, I feel so tired and boring from my offline working.

I access to internet and read some tips from other bloggers who in my network, I shared them back what I though. I leave some opinions through blogs’ comments, I feel relax and motivated and ready to start over again my life tomorrow.

I always did like this as routine activities of my life, and it became my habit. I feel addicted with that, and I could not enjoy if I did not reading an articles a day. Guys, today I am going to tell you a secret to become successful blogger.

Actually, it is nothing hard at all but you have to know clearly about 3 important facts about basic blogging which let you to going with your business. Here the bellows are what I learnt from my life of blog writer career.

#1 Focus on Writing

What is the most concern about implement of your business blog? I hope that it may not lacking of abilities online present and making visible of the search engines. And I hope you may not pay much worry about search engine optimization and getting backlinks.

I proof to tell you that it is not the most concern of our best, it not really hard which we should pay the much attention. I said like because I have listen and follow an incredible webmaster from Google – Matt Cute tried to webmaster to develop the quality content rather than waste the time to worry about link build.

Well, Matt said the right. I remembers, I tried my best to develop the quality contents for my one blog. I have published one per day – I never pay much attention to Wodpress SEO optimization and backlinks at all since I am not good at web marketing and links building strategy.

You know? I got really very good result for my blog content marketing accomplishment. The traffic went up from 80 visitors to 250 visitors plus a day. I wrote an article about drive up over 200 percent of quality traffic without SEO, last year because I want to share other bloggers about the important of quality content development.

However, I would say I am so sorry for time since I did not link you to my strategies of increasing 200 percent of traffic. Reason, my blog was attacked at the beginning of this year and I lost 95 articles of my post. And the above topic is one of those articles, I lose it.

Fortunately, I have some pretty tips on October report thus you still can check out how I could increase 3000 percent of traffic and social media signal improvement – The Awesome Reason to Join Our Best Blogging Community.

Above is some of my experience, but I have some more positive opinions from other successors who share their though of important facts about basic blogging to success with career of blog writer. Check out 1000 Blog Posts to Success – Interview with Leaving Work behind Founder Tom Ewer

In overall, I am trying my best to convince you to pay more attention in providing your readers of the quality articles rather than just worry about friendly SEO optimization. Hence, I would recommend you to find out more information about your audience needed.

You have to write quality articles related topics about what your readers needs, and supply them the demand of required. Your content you have to be quality and unique enough which included your own experience and expertise.

Why need to included own experience? Answer – because we have to get into our reader heart thus it is the way to build reputation. Check The Reasons Bloggers Should Write Own Stories.

I recommend this post: How To Keep Motivated To Blog Week After Week Even When Life Is Difficult

#2 Build stronger blog community

Aside from quality contents production, you will have another important job that you have to do for your blogging career. It is really important to build to better relationship with other people in area of interest or niche community. Also know the important facts about basic blogging The reason, blogging is not isolated working and nobody would be success with blogging if you are working alone.

Well, spend some time write article for updating blog content regularly is really important facts about basic blogging step for successful online career, but it is not enough to get highly effort of your accomplishment.

You have to spend some more time in create new relationship and make it stronger. If you know about how to create and manage your relationship, it will help you to point out the ways to improve your blogging skills and being success. Actually, I have no idea and secret strategy about build relationship since it is high art and top level of business strategies, and especially for business relationship.

You also can check other successful bloggers though about building relationship and blogging community – 6 Superstar Bloggers Share Why Blog Communities Are Vital

Spend some time to read you blog’s comments and response to your readers’ though is a great way to perform as a best blogging community  and great blogger. Also, I think that you should looking for somewhere else to broad out your networks such register the community blogs and bloggers’ blog.

You may need to find some free time to write at least one or two articles a week and contribute to others as well as take sometimes to response to guest post’s comments. You know, it is really significantly one of important facts about basic blogging for successful since it is able to give a big network and authorship reputation. You will gain a lot for trust from your readers, I promise.

Also, you should not forget community’s forums since it is most places that bloggers and entrepreneurs enjoy in share problem and business solutions. Yeah..! I think that you should be there, frequently.

Moreover, other social networking platforms such Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Pinterest, and others are almost the important place to grow your community. Connect with other people follow the interest and enjoy some free through sharing your habit and thoughts.

Using your enjoy time as useful advantages your business through help others to solve their issue and response some private message or questions are almost the great dial of building awesome blogging community performance. So, your will feel like pressure or suck with blogging since a lot of people are going on with you.

We are bloggers family, we help each other to grow together every day.

#3 Keep your business enjoy is the most important facts about basic blogging

Alright..! If you want to become a successful blogger, it will be easiest for you. I thought. But you have to spend more time, and keep continue your work. You know, some people spend more than five years to get successful.

A Cambodia man, Mr. Santel Phinn from Khmer Bird spends almost eight years for his blogging life until he got successes and make money with his blog.

You know, friends..? I have been blogging since 2010 but I never feel successful at all. However, this year I think that the situation is being better now, and this is the first year that I am able to earning with my blog.

So, what I want to tell you is that please do not give up your dream. You know? The most important facts about basic blogging I want to know is that blogging is enjoying our life and appreciate with what we are doing right now.

We keep calm and patient with our work, we never want to be perfect but it is possible for us. Nothing gets right overnight, and I know that you did a lot of mistake with your work and you feel like suck and down because of your mistake, sometimes.

However, I want to you know that mistakes could be the most amazing thing which we did. Without my mistakes I will never understand about how success is. Without my mistake, I will never here to tell you this story.


It is all, I want to you know about 3 important facts about basic blogging concepts. It is ways to enjoy your life, keep continue working, and learnt and share about what you know. Connecting with others enjoy sharing of our habit, love, and life style. We are not expected to be successful and perfect bloggers, but it is possible to us.

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