5 Main Social Media Benefits for Blogger

Social Media Benefits

I have been using social media strategy for many years ago but I never know and care what social media benefits are, I just know that it is one of useful ways for driving up blog traffic and increase blog backlinks. Of cause, there were many directs and indirect benefits could be gained from the networking not just only blog backlinks and driving traffic, but also it is potential way for increase online reputation as well as more selling.

Now a day, social communication became one of popular world’s trends. There many more and more people are enjoying the benefit and using the platform. As I could remember, it is not less than 120 countries or 10 billion of people are created their social profiles. All of those have very different purposes, some are using it for build the social relationship, some for fun, and other some use it as social media strategy for business, while other some use it for political purpose.

There were many different purposes, different nations, and different people are attending and enjoying social media benefits. Thus, I could not promise that you all will gain of what detail in this topic and please remembers to be carefully when decided to use social media strategy as your way.

#1 Easy to build trust

The top social media benefits are increase online reputation, friendship, and let other people know about you by presented your brand around net. Do you aware? The most of people involve in social communication and spent at least an hour daily to communicate with friends, families, and/or business partners.

That great, it is good chance for you to get involve with their active by connect them and communicates for new social relationship. Whatever you talk to them, whatever relationship you build, and whatever social media strategy you created, but remember you are blogger and you want engage with them for promoting your blog brand and build online reputation thus improving social relationship is very important for you.

Absolutely, to be a professional blogger building trust of your blog brand and creating new social networking, relationship, and online reputation is one you have to done.

#2 Find blogging solutions

The problem always came with its’ solution but just some time we could found that solution alone even it is close to you yourself. Yeah, free problem solving service is one of interested social media benefits because till now there were millions of problems were solved through discussion around the platform.

Please remember, two heads is better than one head. The team discussion could solve problem effectively. What did you think about social media network?

It is not only the way to increase online reputation and just simple social media strategy but it is blogging consultant machine because here were many heads there thus no problem could not be solved if strive hard to find the solution with other members who know you.

#3 Collect new ideas

Most of bloggers said content is king of blog but I don’t think so. I have never think that content is a king but the readers are. Bloggers create personal blog because want to share some expertise with other people for enjoying more fun and extra income online with blogging by attract more readers to their blog.

I don’t expected that you will attract more readers if did not concern about what they want. Actually, readers are king of my blog and I always put my head under their shoes mean that I think faster than my readers.

Using social media strategy to observe about the readers want is a clever idea in offering what they need. Gathering feedback and conducting some surveys could help you to understand about your readers’ opinions and access to their need.

Fortunately, it is a social media benefits, with the platforms you easily to collects information from your audiences and absolutely work well. I tried this! Do you know? When I plan to add one new blog topic, I always update my status for finding some interested topic of my audiences just like “Hey friends, this week I just add one more new topic to my blog call ‘Become a successful blogger, Why you cannot’. And I please invite you all to read and comment on this post. Oh, anyway what you all want to read next weekend”.

It just simple message for any bloggers and some of them think this message is useless but for me it is a powerful way for gathering feedback effectively. I get a big result from this message because some my friends, collects, and readers were bookmarked the links and comments about my tips. That great! It is just what I want from social media benefits.

#4 Increase blog ranking

Not only with readers but you will increase online reputation with search engines as well. Whenever you post an interested topic or valuable contents into the platforms your post could be bookmarked, shared, clicked through to the original blog post.

Result, social media strategy will increase more blog backlinks and traffic. And especially more and more value of social media benefits for SEO is increase global link popularity which is the most value for search engines like Google and other.

The search engines love the global link popularity and if have lot of those links they give high value to your blog by improve more PR ranking and put your blog on the top of SERP.

#5 Free advertising

Last of social media benefits of my tips is free advertising service, the platforms were design for any production advertising features and promotional tool with not cost.

With social media strategy you will easy in to make extra income online without any blog or website. You just recommended some products or services to other people who are interested to the related niche products or services.

And those products could be SMART phone, Kindle e-books, hosting service, SEO service, and/or so on. But, please note that those people bought some of those products from you unless they trusted on you thus don’t forget to increase online reputation with those target people.

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