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Welcome to the interested visitors or members…! 🙂

I know that you may interested in our community and revenue share blog. I guest that because you are here, and you are reading and finding more information about us.

Well, thanks for interesting and we are going to share you more information about the Basic Blog Talk soon. Of course, this community and revenue website was own by a Cambodia Blogger call Mr. Kimsea Sok.

He was a full time bloggers and internet marketer around 4 years. He told us that he build this community for any entrepreneur in the same area of interests to help each other to make money together, since he exactly know about the difficulty of working online alone.

Therefore, he build community for those people and offer the follow services and features

Our Services

1. Forum & Community

The most popular value of our services is the social media networking which we allowed our users to build social relationship with other expertise members through the forums and community groups discussion.

2. Multi Author Blog

Another valuable services is Multi Author Blog, Basic Blog Talk is the blogging community that allow the author account to all members who joint the network.

 Members’ Benefits

Social Networking Benefits: All members will benefit from the community such as building the private relationship and enjoy the discussion with other expertise members to the valuable experience and learnt from each others.

The social media networking is the best way improve the current business process and increase more earnings, if you know about how to use the right ways for interaction with other people.

Multi Author Blog: The blog is the important told for online business and marketing. The entrepreneur will benefit from blogging on high traffic community and increase the earning through traffic from the community readers.

Revenue Sharing: We have the pretty revenue sharing plan for our members. We provided 100% affiliate earnings and %70 Google adsense earning to all members who wrote the articles for us. Check more information about how to make money and how it is working.

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