Become a Successful Blogger, Are You Ready? 4 Steps To Follow

Become a Successful Blogger

Everything was change, except the change itself which never changes. How about blogging, is it changing? Well, you cannot become a successful blogger if you did not change your strategy. Many years ago, blogging is a wonderful business which we all could get successful with simple strategies.

But right now, game plan was changed and it becomes a hottest business that requires the bloggers to standing in frontier offices and fight with others in order to business running.

Thousands blogs were created everyday single day by newbie bloggers, and they striving to compete with others older who successes and strives to sustain on the internet.

Meanwhile, many questions were ask in different and typically about how to become a successful blogger. I think that it is a great question, but there is no one could define the specific formula for those questions yet.

No matter, even no one could define specific formula of success and the above question. But unless we could observe that some of successors was followed the following tips and did the similar strategies in order to become a successful blogger.

#1 Build own business

I have been a blogger almost four years ago, but I could only make a blog survive and never win blogging competition. At first time, I started created blog and some of my friends said that my blog is not my own business but it others.

I asked him why? He answered that I use the free blogging service which is not my own business. Whenever those companies though that their business have none benefit to them, then they will shut it down anytime. So, I faced with the heart attacked and die.

I feel like he said rights, I agree 100% with him. We will never become a successful blogger, if I did not own the business property. You know? I blog for my dream and I really expected that one day I will achieve my goals.

I have a strong commitment is make sustain blogging and expected long term earning in the future, thus I don’t want to have a serious heart attacked. I don’t want to shut down my business enough any own reason.

I decided to use own hosting service because I want to because a successful blogger, and make the business sustainable. Actually, it is just a bit spending but I could get back the professional business and trusting from readers.

#2 No just only dreaming

Of Course, blogging looks like a hottest business which everyone has to fight for alive, I mean easy business is gone for many years ago. If you area blogger who just only waiting for profitable clicking, I would please tell you that you should looking for other ways because you will get nothing.

To become a successful blogger, you have to invested many resources into in order to get back outcome. Those resources have to be able to improve the current process and bring the business to the top paces of successful.

What..? They are your times, your money, and your expertise. I will not discuss about how to invest your time here because whenever we decided to do something it has to take the time to do it. Thus, this time I will talk only how patient.

Absolutely, if you want to become as successful blogger you will need to the quality traffic. You have to know about how to bring more blog traffic from other places to your blog visible to readers.

I think that you have to do a lot thing such as using social media strategy, and learn about friendly search engine optimization to make your articles list on the top. Congratulation! If you are an expertise webmaster, you will save a lot of money from hiring web marketer or consultants.

However, website advertising as such CPC, Social Media Advertising, and Content Marketing still needed in order to archive high performance. Please remember to make blog as your business, not own it. Amazing that you want to become a successful blogger and blogging is your business. Therefore, you have to set visions, missions, form strategy.

You need research demand and gathering your target audience information. You have to strive to identify the target needed and did segmentation through using of specific keywords to improve chance.

#3 Attending the community

Two heads is better than one head, a student could not study alone without teachers or classmates. A blogger will not the competition without any help from other bloggers surround the similar niches.

You know? The competitors are partners not enemies, thus you have to learnt from each other to become a successful blogger together. We all need help or some discussion for problems solving, whenever we faced with problems. The blogging communities, forum committees, social media communication could improve your abilities and make new creative idea.

Also, you can partner with other bloggers to gain each other benefit from partnering such as guest blogging or links partnering strategy.

#4 The core important key

No one could avoid mistake, but everyone could learnt from our mistakes and correct it for better next time. Remembers, nothing gets right over night..! The most of bloggers too much similar to you, they always want become a successful blogger as fast as possible. But I think that waiting is the best for them.

I would recommend you a core important key, it is “Patient”. You know? Patient is my key of successful, and I would define the meaning of patient as the self-motivation, love working, and enjoying what we have.

Do not always working hard and striving to become a successful blogger, but I think that you may have to find some time for doing exercise and take your girlfriend to go for a walk.

Enjoy, have funny, and get earning..! this is the concept of blogging business.

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