Become Productive Blogger With These 7 Working Tips

Productive Blogger

Are you disappointed with your productivity?

You’ve plan to research a topic, write a new article, and then hit that joyous publish button. Obviously, you like networking with other bloggers.

Unfortunately, you still cannot do it.

You are lazy. Yes, I mean it.

Do you want to shake of even that last tiny bit of laziness off your mind? And…

Do you want to become a productive blogger you always aspire to be?

Sit back and read this out. You have got your gold mine.

7 Tips for Productive Bloggers

You earn your bread and butter from blogging, don’t you?

Or else, you like being an earning blogger so you can quit your hectic job.

Isn’t this your aim?

Then, you have to value every second.

Just do something that pulls you to fulfilling your wish.

This article will help with enhancing more productivity through shaking off your laziness.

And… definitely, you will become an insanely productive blogger as you wish to.

1. Dig a Bottomless Pit of Ideas

Do I literally want you to dig a pit?

No, I don’t! What I want you to do is to dig a pit and fill it with full of ideas.

Again, dig?

Nope. You have to keep a text file that contains post ideas on your computer.

If you are a serious productive blogger, you get ideas while you are on the go too. Then, you have to keep a pen and paper in your pocket.

Once you reach home, you can copy that idea into your text file.

Once a month passes, you will have tons of ideas.

Even if the experienced bloggers face drought of ideas. As you have the pit of ideas with you, your blog will flourish with new articles.

2. Use that 5 Minutes

You have at least five minutes free time every day, don’t you?

I’m sure you can manage more than five minutes of time.

Place yourself before the computer screen when get a short break the next time. Explore your idea pit (I mean the text file), pick a topic and start writing right away.

Mainly blog topics are of two types. One needs a lot of research while the other one needs your insight from the personal experience.

People combine both research and experience too, which comes as a third class.

The point is articles you write from the experience don’t take much time. Thus, take such a topic from your list when having very short break.

3. Plan Your Day

When you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

I found the above sentence in my research, but don’t know who the heck said it.

You can tell me, by the way.

Make a to-do list for the daily tasks. Even though there are tons of apps available for this purpose, I would recommend the old school method of pen and paper.

The small notepads available in the market where you find easy to buy it for your to-do list.

There are tons of tasks you have. Categorize those tasks into three on the basis of priority: high, medium, and low.

Needless to say, you must complete the high priority category first, then medium, and finally low.

4. Cut Big Task into Small Chunks

Let’s say you decided to write a well-researched post about ‘Google’s featured snippets’.

Obviously, you should research well, collect details, and as well as include your personal experience.

Most probably, the article may go all the way up to 2000 words.

Are you intimidated?

Don’t be!

Divide the tasks into small manageable parts—research, writing, proofreading, editing.

Then, follow different methods of writing.

If I were you, I would have created the outline and then go for the research part.

In the outline, break the post down to small sections. After that, collect details for each section.

Finally, you will easily complete the post by finishing sections after sections.

5. Stop Acting like You Have Ten Hands (and brains)

Every single of us has no more than two hands.

Why do act like have more than two hands?

Please stop doing that! Do not try to complete multiple jobs at a time.

Do you want to finished your blog post?

Then, do it now. Don’t watch YouTube or visit Facebook amidst the process.

Do you have to research for keywords?

Just go for it…

Don’t give a damn about anything else.

Otherwise, you will end up with no focus on either of the tasks when trying to complete multitasking.

There are many online guides and tutorials on how to do perfect keyword research. Check “YouTube” you will find many such videos will help you. Even if you are newbie these videos will help you learn . This is one of the important step to be a productive blogger.

6. Try Free Writing

You can’t tolerate the mocking cursor on the blank white screen. You want to fill the void with powerful letters, words, sentence, and finally a complete article.

Still, you can’t do it! You have the idea. No apt words coming out of your mind.

What should you do?

One thing, free write!

Yeah, write what comes into your mind.

You shouldn’t be worried about the compatibility of the thoughts with the topic you have planned.

Just write, write and write.

When feel confident about stopping the blockage of words, you can go back to writing the article.

The free writing works well for me, but if you’re pretending to learn more techniques, I would recommend how to overcome writer’s blocked from Kimsea.

7. Escape from the Clutches of Distractions

We are living in a world of distractions. Your smartphone, YouTube, social media, and maybe your lover will distract you up to the core.

Here comes the importance of planning. Give time for everything and don’t overuse anything. When you work, turn off the smartphone and don’t go for time sucking websites.

Wrapping Up

You want to be a productive blogger, right?

Reading these tips won’t make any productivity, but executing will.

So, get yourself up and follow these tips.

I am not going to examine you, neither do you get scores.

It is your choice whether to be mediocre blogger like you always are or a productive one you aspire to be.

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