Bloggers Writing A Blog Post Should Consider 3 Important Points

Writing A Blog Post

Well, blogger..! What is going over there, on your side..? I hope everyone thing is going well and you ready enjoy the blogging community. Today I am going to share you some discussion about the writing a blog post on many different topics. Anyway, what kind of topics you currently interesting and writing for your own blog?

Did you are currently writing about you own stories, or you are currently writing about your expertise? If you are currently writing a blog post , what is the reason..? Well, here are some reasons that I always love to write about my stories.

Also, I think that blogger should write about own stories as well since it have a lot of benefits to shear our history and personal experience with others.

Table of Contents

#1 Unique And Interesting Writing A Blog Post

You know bloggers..? The personal stories make you unique from other bloggers since different people have different experience, and your stories would the interesting for others bloggers or you read since they have known about those.

Since the articles are unique from the others, it would make the most of your readers interesting in your article. The most of people love to learn more about the real things or problem which occurring along the life. Also, the solutions for each problem that you strive to configure the issue as well as the result of those solutions.

#2 Self Branding

Actually, your own stories will build self-branding faster than other article you researched from the internet. It is not only make your unique from other writers but it is your own experience and knowledge thus everything is talking about you.

Your own stories will let your readers remembers your name, your experience, and your business as well as the educational articles that provided the solution. Because everything is about yourself thus I believe that you will able to build the self-branding and reputation faster than other articles. Writing a blog post about real of your life experiences is genuine and will attract many readers.

Also, the truth stories are the best to build to online community blog because you have opened your mind to share your own stories to others. I believe that they would 100 percent interested in your articles, and they want to share their though about your stories or their experience of the topics as well.

#3 Make you enjoy

This is the personal experience about myself when the first time I started writing a blog post about my personal stories. I remember, last 2 year I faced with the problem a long my life. I feel like my life is suck and down, and I down what should I do with that fucking life.

I want to share those problems to some friends, but I nobody interesting those. I don’t what to do with the issued, it made me so hard. You know, sometime I could not able to sleep because every issued make my sleep noisy.

I decided to write my own stories on my blog because I think that not many people will see my weakness. Also, it is only one way to release my stress and pressure. You know, friends..? Everything is unlike what I expected. There were a lot of people love to read what I wrote and I got a lot readers. It’s type of act like my sharing your  inner feelings to a dear one or friends relieves you from lot of stress.

Meanwhile, that article gives me a lot of salutation for my life since the community discussion and other bloggers love help me. They have pushed me to move on, and start over my life.

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