Everything changes after the internet globally open to the world.

Your kids spend more time in a typical room chatting with friends on social platforms. They have desired websites where they don’t want to stay off.

The belt is ringing, and someone is waiting in front of your house. He is a messenger who is delivering a new Xbox that your son ordered from the Amazon.

What’s about your daughter?

Is she in her room looking for dating a guy on dating websites?

Those websites are too dangerous for your little girl.

Hurry up! Go and check.

Oh god. She is hanging out with handful colleagues and discuss an assignment.

I’m not scaring you, but I’m telling you that things changed like a boomer.

The lifestyle changes, and the business too.

Running a small business with a brilliant idea isn’t enough to accomplish a great success. You need to adapt the business to the new changes and expose your business in the digital world.

Then, your business needs a website.

Making a website for a small business is easy and less cost in today digital world.

Many hosting companies provide powerful tools that help with getting your website live on the internet. With the tools, you’ll be able to create a website by drag and drop elements of the website to where you want it to.

Before jumping to website creating, however, you first need to choose a perfect domain name for your website.

What is a Domain Name?

It’s complicated to explain what a domain name is, especially, when talking to none techy people.

No worry! I’ll make it simple for you.

First off, you have to think of your phone.

To communicate with another phone, you need to know the phone number. As usual, the phone number consists of 10 digits, or even more depending on the location or service provider.

The challenge is you find difficult to memorize those digits. Therefore, you save the favorite contacts in your phonebook using names instead because it’s much easier to find the contacts.

A website works similar to your phone. It uses an IP string to communicate with other applications or devices that make a difficulty for human to memorize the IP string. And specifically, the IP makes nonsense regarding what the website is about.

What’s your opinion of and facebook.com?

Facebook.com makes much more sense and more memorable.

To summarize, a domain name is an address of a website where internet users can access the website instead of using IP string. A domain name consists of letters, numbers, or hyphens. Expressively, a domain can’t be duplicated. To learn more about the domain name, click.

Because a website can’t own a same address, picking a perfect domain name for a website isn’t as easy as you think.

The great name was token, and the alternative is a mistake.

Why Need the Great Name?

On the one hand, a domain name is an identical address of a website. A domain name, on the other hand, deeply involves in business and marketing processes.

A good address conveys messages and helps customers to understand what the website is about. The customers find easy to remember the business name that raises up brand reputation.

A catchy website’s address encourages people to click on the link of the website when appearing in search result pages (SERP), social platforms, or ads campaigns.

A great address consists keyword which facilitates the webmaster to create more backlinks with targeted keyword. The links with targeted keyword boost SEO (search engine optimization) that brings more customers to the website.

Although a domain name enhances branding reputation, increases click-through rate (CTR), and brings more traffic by boosting SEO, it destroys a business in a very similar way.

Unless you perceive the natures of domain naming, you can avoid making mistakes while choosing a domain name.

Keyword Vs Brand Domain

Keyword Domain

If you’ve been traveling around the internet for a while—using public domains for research, you found some websites with keywords labeling. For example,

  • pastashop.com
  • websitesetup.com
  • hostingfacts.com
  • smartpassiveincome.com

The above websites are known as keywords based domain, exact match domain (EMD), or keyword domain in short.

The keyword domain is a strategy to expand website traffic by increasing visibility on searched result pages (SERP). It’s the most popular naming strategy for webmasters before EMD update.

Unfortunately, after Google updated the EMD algorithms in mid of 2012, the keyword domain seems not to be getting more advantages from the exact matched keywords. Moreover, Google will penalize any website that has a long address with lots of thin contents.

Even if today isn’t yesterday, it doesn’t mean everything is completely wrong. Click to Tweet

Unless you use keyword in the incorrect way, you’ll receive the advantages by labeling a domain with the targeted keyword.

According to Moz, EMD influence has over 3% which is staying on growing trends while PMD influence is maintaining an accurate position of 3% top-views. In conclusion, more than 6% of keyword domains appear on the top of SERP.

If your website constantly provides quality contents, you’ll appreciate more traffic from the search engines.

Using keyword domain as naming strategy means you realize on using SEO to boost business performance.  So you have to put more eyes on the algorithms updates to prevent yourself from wearing a black hat and getting a penalty.

Otherwise, you’re gonna be doing a business in a high blood pressure situation.

If you’re sick and tired of keeping updates of the algorithms changes, I’ll suggest using another naming strategy which is a natural way.

Brand Domain

A brand domain built from unique words or phrase—from a business name as usual. It contains no keyword but is meaningful. In the most case, a brand domain is short and easy to recall, and particularly it’s a well-branding domain name. For instance:

  • google.com
  • yahoo.com
  • microsoft.com
  • facebook.com
  • twitter.com

A top reason you want to choose the brand domain is it’s completely a natural naming strategy. You don’t have to concern such things as the EMD algorithms updates and search engines penalty.

Because the brand domain is short in general, customers find easy to memorize your website so your marketing team will enjoy the word of mouths.

What’s more, the brand domain is a unique name so your website will appear on the top of SERPs when people searching for the business name.

Although the brand domain assists in branding a business easier, building a strong reputation for a new brand need longer time, more costs, and more effort. To create strong authority and loyalty to a new brand, you have to constantly interact with customers and deliver them valuable messages.

10 Tips to Choose a Perfect Website Address

You’ve learned enough about naming a domain and how a domain involves in business processes. The below are 10 clues that you should account for while finding a great domain name for your website.

1: Pick A Short Name

The idea of choosing a perfect domain name is to make others find easy to remember your website address. Basically, brevity and clarity are crucial facts that make thing memorable. For instance,

  • seobook.com
  • searchengineoptimizationbook.com

Which is a memorable domain name?

The first is much more memorable because it’s short and precise. The abbreviation makes shortness and simplicity that make the address a catchy domain name.

Using abbreviations that generally use in area of industry to shorten an address helps to simplify the website’s address and to make it an outstanding domain.

Although you have to truncate the address of your website, do not make it too short. The shortness, in somehow, makes a complicity and difficulty. For instance,

  • wmf.org
  • wmfund.org

What is your opinion of the websites?

The addresses are short and simple. They both are excellent domain names.

Conversely, the wmf.org is only an abbreviation for World Monument Fund. It makes nonsense what the website is. If you own the address, you will need to raise lots of awareness campaigns to promote the abbreviation term.

The wmfund.org is much more sensitive. It presents the term of provision then makes itself relate to people in area of the interests. Importantly, it sounds more natural than the wmf.org.

2: Hash Off Easily

While it is true to say that shortness and simplicity make an address a perfect domain name, making a website’s address pronounceable is another significant chore.

People can recall thing by seeing, hearing, saying, and getting used to with it. When a domain is a pronounceable name, it’s convenience for people to reach out the address to others.

Once a website is the topic of communication, people will often say and hear the address of the website that makes the speakers and listeners get used to with the website then remember it.

A question is how to choose a pronounceable domain name?

The answers are:

  1. It sounds natural
  2. It sounds similar

Let’s back to the first topic where we discuss selecting a short name.

  • wmf.org
  • wmfund.org
  • seobook.com

The first one is a private abbreviation. In general, people don’t talk about the abbreviation and even don’t know what that is except if they are World Monument Fund’s employees. The wmf.org is unnatural and unfamiliar to people in general term.

The second is much better because it presents a term of the financial industry, and people sound familiar with the term. WM abbreviation, however, makes a complicity and unnatural sound because people do not understand what the abbreviation is.

Finally, we have the seobook.com which is a perfect domain name among the websites. People in business and marketing industry clearly understand the term of SEO. The word “book” presents an educational purpose which makes the address a pronounceable domain name.

3: Easy to Type

A domain name is short and simple. It sounds natural and familiar to people in general term. What’s if the address contains a confusion between writing and speaking? For example,

  • seo-book.com
  • conecter.com

The websites are the excellent domain names. The addresses contain approximate length (less than 3 words and 15 characters). Furthermore, they both sound natural and familiar to people in general term.

But the problems are:

  1. People might actually pronounce seo-book.com and seobook.com as a same address which serves a serious confusion.
  2. The conecter.com contains a typo that causes a misunderstanding. And even if it spells correctly, the domain has a small confusion between connecter.com and connector.com

If the domain comprises a small confusion, it makes a difficulty in accessing the correct address.

Once a domain name has a tiny confusion, it’s difficult to remember.

One hyphen or one mistyping makes serious problems, but those aren’t all the possible problems. There are facts that cause troubles such as slang, hidden sound, words binding and more.

You should account for the possible confusions while acquiring a domain. Write down the domain name in a favorite list and make a brainstorming is great ways to solve the issue.

Despite the confusion, well-branding of the business is another fact that you have to draw attention to.

4: Contribute A Clear Image

A perfect domain name isn’t just a short and simple web address that people can easily write and speak out the address. But the domain has to contribute a clear image that helps understand what the website is about and what services it offers.

What’s your opinion when seeing the following websites?

  • seobook.com
  • meetup.com
  • cloudfund.com
  • wmfund.org

Presume that I’ve never seen the websites before.

When seeing the first, I perceive that is a website in marketing and education industry. The company is perhaps offering educational or consulting service related to digital marketing.

The second is a social platform where people can connect with each other. Maybe the company is offering service related to meeting or conference setup.

Then, the third website is a financial company that provides online loan or fundraising service because of the word “cloud” present at the beginning.

The last one is an organization or a charity group focuses on funding because the website uses .org extension or top-level domain (TLD).

If a website contributes a clear image, it helps users with identifying the purposes of the website that makes the users relate to the website. The users intend to learn more about the website which is an opportunity to obtain brand reputation.

5: Target Right Perspective

When discuss targeting prospective or potential customers, you should think about labeling a domain with the targeted keyword. Of course. It’s what we’re gonna talking about, but don’t be confused. We’re not gonna discuss using exact match domain (EMD), but area targeting.

As revealed in the earlier tip, using brevity or specific term of keyword makes users relate to a website. If your business offers service under a specific location, you should prefix your domain with city name or use a specific language. For example:

  • nypost.com
  • phoenixbackery.com
  • gusto.com

The above domain names convey both images and targeted locations to users that help with doing market segmentation.

6: Keep Up with A Popular TLD

The internet hacked into our world before I was born (over 30 years ago). Hence, it’s unnecessary to discuss choosing a domain name extension or TLD (top level domain) even though this’s still a common trouble.

In spite of the classic TLDs such as .com, .org, .net, and sundry, there are the newcomers like .co, .io, .me, .world, and so on.

So which one is a perfect naming extension?

The old school TLD (.com), however, is still trustworthy for the internet users around the globe, and especially, it’s what people get used to for a long age.

What’s your opinion when seeing websites like:

  • socialmedia.world
  • freelancer.me
  • soon.website
  • macbook.ad

You don’t even want to click on those URLs if you found them somewhere on the internet. Don’t you?

The reason, you’re unfamiliar with those new TLDs so you should concern about the security issues or something else.

Regardless of the reputation issues, the newcomer extensions cause a common confusion for users such as accessing incorrect address.

For instance, the revenue shares and social media platform was known as tsu.co which was eliminated a few years ago. During a period, I accessed the TSU using .com extension which brings me to the broken address.

In addition to the common confusion of human typing, the intelligence function of mobile devices automatically points to the .com that helps the users with accessing wrong URL.

7: Prevent Confusing

As revealed in the tip #6, only a tiny mistake of domain naming makes a serious confusion that directs users to the incorrect website. It would be great if the user could figure out what’s wrong, but if they could not?

You lose a potential customer. Perhaps, forever.

You have to take actions to prevent the users from losing themselves in a blank space of the internet world.

Facebook should be the great example of preventing confusing and protecting business brand.

Could you please open your browser and access the following URLs?

  • facebook.info
  • facebook.org
  • facebook.co
  • fb.com
  • fb.co

The domains belong to Facebook. When accessing any of the addresses, Facebook will redirect you to its preferred domain name which is facebook.com. The company spent millions of dollars to protect its brand by acquiring FB abbreviation in 2010.

Don’t be confuse. I’m not pushing you to grab all the related domains like Facebook, but I’m recommending acquiring the classic TLDs like .org, .net, and .info because it’s a best practice for a long-term business.

8: Research Trademark Infringement

The perfect domain name isn’t available. Even if it’s available, you cannot use the name. Click to Tweet

Choosing a great domain name is very difficult because everyone on earth is looking for a perfect name as you do. The other registered your favorite domain as his company’s trademark so you will violate trademark infringement if you insist on using the copyright material.

A great idea to avoid the trademark infringement is to research trademark before buying the domain.

There are decent tools that help with trademark research such as USPTO (United State Patent and Trademark Office) and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

The above websites should provide you with enough information regarding the trademark research. If you demand more information, however, consult with your local governments.

9: Use The Substitute

You found an excellent domain name that fulfills business purposes, but unfortunately, it was unavailable for registering. Or the trademark protected that name so you cannot and must not use the copyright material.

Then, what should you do?

Sounds like a silly question, huh?

The answer is to find another domain name, but you should make life a bit easier. Using substitute or synonym helps with speed up the process of finding a new domain. For instance

  • meetup.com
  • faceup.com
  • hangout.com

The addresses have a similar length and contribute a same image so you can use any of them.

Even the synonym helps to figure out what the new domain name should look like, it doesn’t work in many cases. Everyone aware that using the synonym is a key idea for choosing a perfect domain name so the alternative might be token.

If using the synonym doesn’t work for your case, you also can use substitute as the alternative way. For example

  • bakery.com
  • taste.com

Both domains present the same image of food and beverage.

The last but not least is to use a popular and preferred languages. For instance,

  • taste.com
  • gusto.com

Spanish is one of the most popular languages that uses as the official language in 20 countries around the world. According to the statistic, there are 480 million native speakers and 90 million people who use Spanish as the second language.

10: Never Late to Change

Everything is frequently wrong and messy when it was the first time.

Because choosing a perfect domain name is a very first task that we take action when creating a new website, it’s always messy and wrong.

The worst is 99% of people realize that picking a wrong name is an unfixable mistake. That’s 99% true because you cannot hit the edit button to rename your domain or its TLD.

In contrast, there are decent ways that you can change your website address and make it a great domain name. Did you remember what we discuss in the tip #7?

If you didn’t, let’s recall it.

  • facebook.com
  • facebook.co
  • fb.com

The addresses are a single website. When accessing any of the domains, it will redirect you to facebook.com which is the primary domain.

The search engines and hosting companies provide amazing ways that help with restructuring a website’s address such as 301 and 302 redirecting. You can migrate to a new domain name anytime you found a serious problem in your domain name.


Creating a website for your small business is what you mustn’t ignore because it helps to widely expand the business into the new digital world. Choose a perfect domain name to put your digital office in the correct place where customers and placeholders easily reach out to the business.

Spend time on research and brainstorm the domain name to find a great address that satisfies both customers and search engines. Because of the internet is a broadest way of doing businesses, make sure you consult with government’s office or do trademark research to avoid copyright issues.

As I told, everything is always messy and wrong when it was the first time. Figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s never late to clean the mess.

My final word, “Samnang Laor” which means good luck.


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Writen by: Kimsea Sok From: basicblogtalk.com
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    It is indeed a great joy to see you on my page with a value-added feedback.
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    A newbie in blogging can look out and pick a lot of things from this post.
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    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 6 months ago

      Me too. I’m so glade to see you here.

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    Thanks for sharing!

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