Corporate Philanthropy: A Proud And Continuing Tradition – 4 Insights

Corporate Philanthropy
Corporate Philanthropy

The present age of the Internet has made it easier than ever for people to communicate across far distances, as well as access information at the click of a mouse pad. Yet, while the world wide web has undoubtedly brought millions of people together who would previously have had no means of communicating, it has also brought with it some negative effects.

Fighting A War Of Words Against The Enemies Of Free Enterprise

Although the flow of communication has certainly improved, it has also increased the ease with which some demagogues and muckrakers of public opinion are able to stir up discontent with the false information that they sometimes disseminate. While much of this discontent can be attributed to political partisanship, it also sometimes has its sources in anti-corporate feeling. Indeed, propaganda against corporations and the successful entrepreneurs who continue to found them has reached epic proportions on the Internet.

Corporate Philanthropy has never been an easy journey to companies. There’s been criticism out of jealous. I have seen a situation where two companies came forward help the needy affected by a natural disaster. Although, there intentions were right, there humanitarian actions were misunderstood. The key to successful corporate philanthropy is giving unique and right goods and services to the victims without fixed budget. Taking right moves is the key, when you have other companies coming into action as well. Not just extending the financial support at the time of disaster, but making your expert volunteers available at the situation induces much positive impression among all, about your company. Letting you volunteers available, until everything is settled down.

These days the employees possess many passions inside and outside the office. Helping such employees to donate for a cause of which they are passionate. Especially young generation come ahead in giving and also help in promoting the cause.

Corporate Charity Yield Positive Results In The Real World

The fact of the matter is that the various enemies of the free enterprise system, whether emanating from the ranks of Socialist sectarians or the paid dupes of hostile foreign powers, have nothing positive to recommend in its place. Meanwhile, corporate philanthropy and charity continues to improve, upgrade, and redefine the economic and cultural conditions of the world all around us.

The Proud Tradition Of Corporate Philanthropy Continues Unabated

This is not to say that the tradition of corporate patronage of charity and the arts has ceased in the 21st century. On the contrary, the tradition continues, in many ways stronger than ever. Examples of notable patrons of charity include Robert Rosenkranz, head of the Delphi Foundation, and John Hailer, who currently serves as a corporate liaison to various charitable foundations in the Boston area, including the Elizabeth Stone House, Boston Medical Center, and many others. Indeed, without these noble patrons of charity and the arts, the modern world would be a far darker and poorer place to live in.

If You Want To Change The World, Improve Yourself First

In conclusion, while many are jealous of the role that the various heads of great corporations play in the realm of charity and philanthropy, the fact remains that very few others are in anything like the same position to really change things for the better.

While many people would love to contribute to positive change in the world, it’s ultimately no better than an idle fantasy to complain about the status quo unless one is ready to join the ranks of those who are really working toward it. As such, those who join the ranks of great corporate officers are among those who are to be praised, rather than second guessed.

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