Social networking has provided business leaders with a unique platform to communicate with their followers. In a sense, these sites help businesses maintain a certain level of professionalism. In another, it allows leaders to show that they, like their followers, are just ordinary people with families and everyday concerns like everyone else. When businesses like jason hanold associates and other organizations from across the country join social media, they can build connections with their followers and encourage an openness that may not be possible through other forms of communication like phone calls or email.

People like to feel that they are well connected to companies that they prefer to do business with today. They appreciate the feeling that they are valued friends rather than random and faceless customers. When they follow their favorite companies and corporate leaders on social networking sites like Facebook, people are more likely to engage them by posting comments on pictures or asking questions about products and services. When they see business owners post pictures of family members, pets, or vacation memories, customers may feel more affiliated with these individuals and like they share a common connection with them. This common connection helps customers feel more at ease and more likely to return to the business as repeat clients.

Social media also allows business leaders to share their fun side without the ramifications of losing their reputation or somehow sacrificing their integrity like they would if they cut loose in the workplace. They can post funny pictures, share jokes, make insightful comments, and otherwise engage their audiences in a virtual setting that fosters this sense of camaraderie. Customers react to the positive and playful posts by commenting on them. They also may let their own guard down and post their own playful comments.

As more business leaders are finding out, in no way do these informal social media comments jeopardize their business’ integrity or financial success. If anything, it breaks down barriers that may have existed before because customers were unaware of what the company’s leaders were like outside of the workplace. By sharing pictures and posts of their own families and jokes that they find funny, they show their customers a more personable side to their lives. This informality helps people feel more confident about the companies that they like to shop at both in their hometowns and online.

Social networking also can be a valuable resource for doing business, of course. Along with posting informal comments and pictures, people in charge of businesses can also incorporate relevant posts regarding company news, special products, sales, and other details that customers may find helpful. This mix of information can keep customers engaged and interested in what the businesses and its leaders are up to on these social media sites.

Social networking allows corporate leaders to show their informal sides to customers. Clients in turn may feel more confident about doing business and also feel more connected to their favorite companies.


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