A Failure Blogger Tells How to Become A Successful Blogger In 3 Ways

 to Become A Successful Blogger

Do you want to become a successful blogger and expected to make money online? Well, as I am a failure blogger who never got any successful in blogging career, especially even other full time work and family life.

Moreover, I never had been successful even once a time in my life. I know I should not ask this question, write this tip, or try to tell you the secret tips become a successful blogger, but however I want to share with you mistakes which I have done along my career. I hope that this story would be able to mistake which everyone could convert that to the right way.

Five year ago, I was a computer teacher in small center in Cambodia which I could earn around $80 for 10 house working. I feel so boring with less salary. I thought that it would be the good change, if I could earn more money because the situation will be better than this time.

Started one day, I opened Google search engine and researched with keyword “how to make easy money online with part time working”. You know? I was very happy when I saw a lot related to make money on internet.

A crazy blogger is really crazy, after get these few information about doing the business online. I am immediately got starting blogging by create a personal blog without caring of other things else. I just know that I have to compete with other people on around net by striving hard and committed to become a successful blogger.

However, the real life business is not like what I expected, I have spent nearly two years with my part time job as blogger but still cannot archive dream.

Actually, there many reasons which make bloggers failed with blogging. Here are the reasons of my mistakes

#1 Know about how to become a successful blogger

There is not only me, but there were many newbie bloggers failed because this reason. As above talking, I spent only a week to learn about internet blogging and then I started my business as fastest as possible I can.

And I never care about how to prepare myself in order to become a successful blogger, but I just know that I have gone. Could you guest what was happened for this first blogging career? Yeah, absolutely nothing at all..! So, what could I get? The mistakes, only a lot of mistakes I could get from that. Fortunately, I could learn from these mistakes for improving next.

Actually, nothing bad I think “No one could be perfect, if it is the first time for them” and unless I could know where should I go next time. Actually, if we never did that, we will never do a mistake, and then we will never get anything from that.

To become a successful blogger is too hard for us, and I have no idea to advise you about that. If you started that quickly without learning any think, you may hard to go without direction. But if you did not started that, you will never reached you dream.

Totally, I want you to spend some more time to learn about the business. And then just go for fighting..!

#2 Scaring with investment

When I was getting into blogging, I did believe that blogging can make money for me but I was scaring with invested. I just want to take a trail and committed to become a successful blogger on cyber market.
Of course, blogging made many people enjoy extra earnings, but I am I am not one of those people who enjoy that. Reason, I try my best to become a professional blogger but did not trusted on internet blogging and less confident on myself.

Thus I relied for a long time with free blogging service of my business trail version. Everyone..! Please do not repeat my mistake, blog isour business..! I mean that you may have to invest to some money, knowledge, experiences, and time in order to become a successful blogger.

So you just make your blog as a company, own domain and hosted your blog with quality hosting service. I said that because I got many benefit after hosted WordPress own hosting provider.

#3 to be creative and dynamic

Blogging could able to make your dream came true, but do not expected just clickable money making machine. It is a hot business thus you have to put more eyes on maintaining quality traffic and strive your best get presented on top positioning. Well, to become a successful blogger and make money online from blogging you have to be creative and dynamic.

Unlike other online monetizing, blog is long term earning and sustainable internet business thus you have setting up your goal, visions, missions in order to make more effective working. Please conduct the research and learn about the blogging market environment, demand, and analyze competitors priority for avoid high get into competitive environment.

Select specific target audiences through using approximately long tail keyword to push your blog up. Additionally, you have to learn about your audiences’ needed and offer them specific interested topic, quality contents, useful resources.

Find out new ideas to make yourself to be a unique and dynamically bloggers.

#4 do not alone (updated 19th July 2014)

This tips I just learnt last few years, to become a successful blogger you have to build a big community in the area of business. You may need to connect with a lot of people in the same interests to each change learnt and help each other to reached own dream.

The real successful is not started or winning a long but we will see a lot of people are smiling surround yourself. I think that social media network is the best place for you to connect with those people (check the social media benefits for blog).

Also, this blogging community is built for us to change learnt ling to become successful blogger together.

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