Get US Verified PayPal AccountI read a lot of questions about how to get US verified PayPal account for none support countries, well many online bloggers and entrepreneurs know that PayPal is most popular and security payment service. There were many personal and business are currently using it as the payment method such personal transferring and working payout.

There are some reasons which the most of those business online wants to know about how to get US verified PayPal account, because it is one of the most popular payment service for online business such affiliating, freelancing, and so on. Therefore, many personal, businesses, and bloggers are using PayPal as their online payment method.

But unfortunately, unverified account and some countries such as Cambodia, Pakistan, Banksides, and more are not allow using their service, receiving money, or withdraw money to their bank (check PayPal World Wide).

How to Get US Verified PayPal Account for None Support Countries

1. Getting US Payment Service from Payoneer

Well, in order to make this tips fulfill the purpose you may need a US payment service which it allows you to own a US virtual bank for verifying your account. I would recommend Payoneer LLC because it is free and a best service for online payment which it was used by many popular affiliate networks such Google Network, Clickbank, Amazon affiliate, Freelancing, and so on.

Okies..! I am going to tell about how to get US verified PayPal account for none support countries, but first please go to Payoneer LLC office website and then register an account. Oh, you may need the government issues such Identity card, driving license, or passport.

I would recommend passport or driving license because some time the identity card is none international. After registered for the US payment service, you may need to wait around 3 – 5 business days or sometime it spend around a week to a get approval.

2. Register US Account

I will continue my tips “How to Get US PayPal Account for None Supported Countries” because I assumed that now your Payoneer account application was approved and you are now ready have virtual bank account for verifying your account.

Well, as I have mentioned above the PayPal not allow some countries to withdraw money or sometime they not allow those countries to use their service. Thus, you may need US address or fake name generator to generation US address for you.

Just go to PayPal official website and register an US account by change countries resident to US countries. And then register an account using the fake US address with your own name.

3. Verify your bank

Okay! This is the last step of how to get US verified PayPal account for none supported countries. You just log in your Payoneer account and then find your bank information in US Payment Service. Please log in your PayPal account click on get verify, and then fill out your bank information and submit it.

I think that you may have to wait around 3 – 5 business days again, because you need to wait for two small deposit from PayPal. After those 2 small was deposited, please log in PayPal account and the click confirm bank. Input your small deposit amount and then click submit.

That’s it! I wish this tip is helpful to you, good luck..!


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Kimsea is a blogger & freelance writer. He is widely active contributor on blogging, business, social media, and marketing topics. Kimsea has created a blogging community where bloggers can find variety solutions related to blogging and online business. Follow Social Profiles:
  1. Manik 3 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    It’s not working now. Few days ago I tried to verify using Payoneer MasterCard and US Payment Service from Payoneer (US Bank Account). At first PayPal verify my Paypal account US Bank Account number but after 3 days they block the account number and ask me for new one.

    Is there another way to get verified Paypal account for non supported country????

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 3 years ago

      Manik, actually I use my Paypal account almost three year ago without the problem. You know? it is the best best to get paypal account approve and work but you have to be carefully with working with Paypal. YOu have to make sure that you selected the right country whenever you login your account. Also, could I know your country..?

      • Manik 3 years ago

        Hello Kimsea,

        I’m from Bangladesh. I know many people from my country who also verify their PayPal account with Payoneer. But now-a-days, PayPal don’t accept Payoneer to verify PayPal account as I know.

        • Author
          Kimsea Sok 3 years ago

          Manik, I don’t think my friend just got verified last week. The problem is because your countries regional. I heard people inn Bangladesh you have to use VPN. Thus, your problem may because vpn service which make it disable.

  2. Rpanha 1 year ago

    this might not get any reply but i vvant to try. i already registed an account in payoneer. vvhere do they exactly sent the master debit card to? our country postal office? if so vvhat should i do first in postal office? i really vvant to open a bussiness but being in Cambodia make it so hard. hope u could help.

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 1 year ago

      Well. The card will sent to Post Office during 30 to 45 days so reach and tell the post office about the card and company name. That’s it.

  3. nuzzo 1 year ago

    Hello Kimsea, if I cannot verify my account, do you think using Auction Essistance to verify my account is recommended?

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