How to Block Google Adsense Low Paying Advertisers in 2 Ways.

Block Google Adsense Low Paying Advertisers
Block Google Adsense Low Paying Advertisers

If you using Google Adsense as your main income stream for your online business, I think that this tip will be the topic to discuss today. In the previous, I wrote about a great of getting Adsense account approved for Basic Blog Talk – Best Blogging Community. And I you did not have for own, I would recommend to through my previous topic.

Well, block Google Adsense Low Paying Advertisers is one of the best ways to improve your current advertising earning. Actually, it is not 100 percent guarantee tips to increase you earning but it is the most consideration tip since it is related to internal optimization of your revenue.

Before, I am going in deep of our discussion please let some minutes to discuss about some main reasons why we should block low paying advertisers. In fact, I want to make you sense about how to increase Google Adsense revenue of your blog with block Google Adsense Low Paying Advertisers.

You know, friends..? There were many things that made you low or high earning. If you have high amount of quality traffic within high level paying ads, you will get a big amount of income as the award of those.

However, if your blog traffic qualified but your advertise pay you the less amount of earning such low CPC, Click through rate, and Page impressive. I think that you will get less payment, if you compared with about blog (in case one).

Hence, it is the reason that you should find high paying Google Adsense Ads and place on your blog. Thus, you should look for some less payment advertisers and blocked those in order to improve quality earnings.

Okay, we will start in deep our discussion soon but I please ask you for a minute more to share about why you have low CPC. Of course, it is depend on your blog quality. The high quality website from PR #5 – #8, they are able to get from $5 – $10 as pay per click earnings. Other some awesome blogs from PR #3 – #5, also they are able to have pretty CPC from $1 to $5. Other while, the low quality goes under $1 or sometime few cents payment per ads clicked.

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In order to get one hundred guarantee of improve Google Adsense revenue you have to improve your quality traffic and increase page rank of your blog. I think that you may have to do many other work such find high profitable keywords, develop quality content, getting more backlinks.

Okay, now start let our discussion of the topic and here the bellow is the complete step by step guide to how to that.

#1 Find low paying Google Adsense Advertisers

The first of all you need to create a list of low payer, so I please ask to open excel sheet or notepad. And then please name it as Low paid Ads or whatever you want. I just a bit make sure that you tracking sheet is easy for looking or gathering information from the advertisers such Name, url, CPC rate, and remarkable.

Okay, next I am going to use Google Sandbox as tool for finding out those low paid ads. So, just open your web browser and access to Sandbox Office Website. In put your blog url in checking bar, and then you will the Ads appear bellow the search bar.

As the above screenshot saw you the Advertisers who visible to your blog, those content the information such as Ads title, description, and url. Another step you have to do is check out how much they will page you. I will use a tool call keywordspy, it is free or paid depend the feature you want.

Google Adsense Ads List on Sandbox

Okay, just go to and past advertisers url in the search box and hit search button. The information should be list as bellow screenshots.

Google Adsense Low Paying Advertiser

Example 1: As see in the above screenshot, the advertiser pay you only from 0.15 to 0.40 which is low amount of CPC. I think that you may need to block that advertiser.

Google Adsense High Paying Advertiser

That’s right look for suitable paying amount you like, and copy the low paying to your list. And then go next step.

#2 Block Google Adsense Low Paying Advertisers

Sign in your Adsense account and click on allow & block tab. On the advertisers URL, you just copy and paste the urls from your low paying list. And then click on blocked Urls button bellow the text box, see bellow image.

Block Advertisers Websites

That’s it..! Just enjoy better income with higher quality payment Ads.


Well, block Google Adsense Low Paying Advertisers is the best for improving your earning since it is too much easier to do that. You just spend 30 to an hour, so that are ready to configure out the problem and getting better result of payment.

However, you need to do more such in order to achieve quality performance of get high Adsense revenue every month. Thus, quality contents development and website improvement is required in order to achieve high level successful.

Thanks for reading this topic, and any comments, suggestion, or opinions please enjoy the bellow comment form. I will appreciate in reading your thoughts, and response backs your issues.

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