How to Become a Real Blogger And Make Money – 6 Important Points

how to become a real blogger

Blogging is almost the simple topic which nothing strange and nothing important to update about how to become a real blogger, but I still got some newbie question and ask me in typically about how to do that.

Actually, to be a blogger is not too hard everyone could do that enjoy time just some time to build a blog and write some few article for it. However, to become a real blogger is too hard and it is not so many people could do that.

What is exactly the real blogging means, it means that you are able to make money through your own. Also, you are able to build your blog as online business and enjoy the payment and freedom. I don’t what your opinion, but this is what I dream about blogging.
Well, so what is the ways how to become a real blogger..? Of course, it has a lot of way to do but these are the simple step to do it.

#1 Clear your mindset

Always want to talk about the blogging mindset since I used to confuse about this when the first I started my own blog. Also, it is the concept to become a successful blogger. Therefore, I always want you to get know this. Here they are:

 Blogging is long term business and take more time, you not success in just over night
 It is addicted of writing and reading, they love to learnt and share each through the articles which we call it blog post.
 It is the community of studying and helps each other, we have no competitive but everyone in the community is only partners and friends.
 We love what we are doing and it is not only the business, but it became our habit thus we have not pressure or stress whenever we are doing that.
 We are always keeping positive and commitment, we believe that one day we will get it done.

#2 Always your own

follow you own way

The most of newbie bloggers always ask me that what should blog about, and what kind of post which attractive the most readers and traffic. The most of question is that how to become a real blogger that able to make money from blog. I answered them that ask yourself what is you love the most, and did you able to blog about that.

Targeting the readers and offer what they want is the best way to success with blogging, but going with your ways is only what to become success. If you go with your own way, I believe that you will love what you are doing. You may not stress or pressure when what you are doing, but you will have a core comment to make realistic dream for your life.

Remembers, follow you heart but please go with your brain.

#3 Brand your business

Actually, I have made some of this video tutorial but it is not completed yet but if you love to see that. You can go to my Youtube playlist, and I will try to complete it as soon as possible.

However, this session is really important for my tip how to become a real blogger. You know? There were a lot free platforms and CMS that those allow you to start blogging for free, but I am not to recommend those to you. I want to spend some money for your business since it is not too much spend, and also that small amount will make you more professional.

Thus, you just spend some small money and I think that it is around $120 to $300 get start 1 to 3 year business. So, what want you to spend for?

  • You own domain which it would be your business name ($10 to $15 a year)
  • Own hosting service ($1.90 to $4.90 a month)
  • Premium theme ($45 to $60 single domain license, it is optional)
  • Email service ($10 to $15 a month)
  • Other stuffs require, check out Google Sniper tool if you like.

#4 Starting your content

It is almost the important for how to become a real blogger. The content is what we should consideration. However, often you are going to update your blog and how much time you will spend for promote those articles to your readers.

You have to set the game for your content published such as 3 articles a week, and 30 minutes a day to promote your contents. I don’t care what you are going to write about, but you have to make sure that it would be unique and interested to your readers.

The articles should be enough quality goes from 500 to 800 words, the reason because it was required by Google and Adsense approval.

#5 Setting Income Stream

  • Okay, now it is the time to become a real blogger and start make money from your blog. Go to Google Adsense and register an account. Place the advertising on your blog and start income generating of your first time.
  • Register Clickbank and find interesting products associated with your niche. Write some product reviewing to improve more income sources.
  • Setup up hire me page to get hiring online or sell your own expert

#6 Keep continue

I don’t write this again, because I wrote about this on first tip of this article. However, I have write this again since I want you to miss understand of how to become a real blogger. The most of success always keep positive and keeping continually of their works.

I guest that you may face with the issue such less earning from Adsense clicked, or not able to generate sales from affiliate products. However, to keep continue your work is the best for you. Please aware I make my fist online sale just only last year, I remembers.

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