What was your feeling when someone called you the expert?

Guess you might get used to with the word “expert blogger” as you’re an authority, and many people always mentioned your name in the articles. However, I didn’t. I feel so tension when somebody recognized my expertise.

Since 2009, I’ve been blogging and contributing over thousand articles related to blogging and online business. Last 3 years, a woman from The Entrepreneur Magazine emailed and asked me for the interview, but I rejected the proposal.

How to Become the Expert Blogger Even If You're A Freshman to Blogging

I realized it wasn’t the right time for me, but not really. I wasn’t ready to be a big boy blogger and thought many people aren’t going to listen my story.

Once again last year, I got another email from a blogger and asked me for another interview. You know?… it was the first day that I was so proud to tell my stories to the audiences in the globe. In brutally honest, I wasn’t proud at all. The expectation is just a backlink from the interview.

Was I a f***ing dump blogger? Yeah! I was.

Asked myself, “why do I f***ing serious?” The personal proud is one of the big dreams, but I tried to walk away from the dream.

Why do you blog and what is your dream?

I researched and created thousand of blog articles as it helped building a business. I don’t want to work for other people’s dream why I quitted the Human Resource Manager job position.

I start a blog for business and money—to retire earlier, to do lots of traveling, and to have more time with my old men. Guess you understood I’m a lazy. Though. But in obvious, I am not.  It’s the most of human being.

Aren’t you also dreaming about that?

Of course, you are!… or you don’t, anyway?

Money and business aren’t all of my dreams, but an invisible.  I want to be an expert blogger & writer. I intend to have my photo on the cover of a book and put in the libraries of local universities.

Making people proud of the works is the very big dream, and it f**ked me up with freelance writing and blogging for almost 10 years.

People have a dream, but don’t know how to make it real.

Or I’m wrong. You did it.

If becoming the expert blogger is your big dream, you’re supposed on the right place here, and I’m gonna share you how to make others put you on the expert listing (RoundUp).

Before I’m going to share you those secrets, please allow me to say a big thanks to Philip Verghese ‘Ariel and Pritam Datta, the few people who recognized my expertise and put me in the article.

To become an expert freelance writer, blogger, or marketer isn’t difficult, and you can afford it in a specific period of time and a few steps. Here the bellow what I did to get in other bloggers’ lists.

Act As an Expert In Reality World

Did you think blogging is a business?

If you did, guess you knew what the requires of running a business in real world. When speaking related to the requirements of blogging, I’m immediately thinking about the newbie mistakes of Donna, a blogger coach.

You might don’t like listening others’ mistake nor telling the mistake to the others as it was the embarrass. Wait!… if you do, you’re wrong.

The mistake is always the amazing thing in life and helps us to avoid doing the wrong. Am I right? Of course, I am.

I’ll tell a super-secret mistake that conserves over 3 years of your blogging time. Promise! You will never need to spend 3 years to make your first $25 income from online business or to get mentioned as the expert blogger like what I did last 5 years.

What I will tell you now is “blogging is a business for sure. Not kidding.” Hehe!… please remain calm and continue to the below explanation.

Blog helps you to survive for years when you were a jobless. Blog persuades you to quit your job and revise the future plan.

BUT, did you use blog as a business?

AND, are you sure your blog is your business?

Congratulation! If you said “YES” to both above questions.

On the flipside, you must scroll up the article and hit the Expert RoundUp Links, and then go through the bloggers’ blogs. For sure! You will see none of those professionals are using free platform and theme, but everything is the premium feature.

Seriously? Does using self-hosted service and premium WordPress theme leads to become an expert blogger?

Yes. I do seriously.

Thanks, Nwangene Theodore, for supporting the opinion in the guest post: Why Majority of New Blogs Die After Few Months of Their Existence.

I don’t know what your exact opinion is, but do you plan to start a blog as an expert or a newbie? AND one more question. Will you select a blogger who is using free platform or non-professional designs for your Experts RoundUp?

Sure. You won’t.

You do Experts RoundUp because believe that the readers will much more appreciate in listening to the wonderful stories of master bloggers. Thinks… what if the readers found you listed the bloggers who don’t even own a business.

Do not waste your time with Experts RoundUp unless you rethink these. Click to Tweet

Please don’t be confuse. I’m not trying to persuade you to grab a self-hosting WordPress and premium WordPress theme as I put the affiliate links in the article, but trying to explain blogging for business works that way.

The Case Study of
Getting A Hundred Dollars Per Sponsored Post:

Last month, I got two sponsored posts for my new blog (https://blogmarketingsea.com) and each advertiser paid $100 per post. It isn’t a high payment of advertising fee, but is high enough for a new blog that has only 3 articles and about 230 Facebook fans followed.

Hey, wait!… if you were the advertiser, will you pay $100 for the blog such mine?

Again, guess you won’t.

BUT the reasons those advertisers spent $100 for sponsoring my new blog is they realized the sponsored article will be promoted and distributed to many different sources as the blog managing by the proficient blogger.

I spent over $120 to host my blog on DigitalOcean (this blog hosted by HostGatorand MaxCDN) and over $300 for the stuffs such as KLEO theme, Easy Social Share Button for WordPress, Content Upgrade Pro, ThriveTheme, and others.

Don’t you think I’m serious in doing my business?

Whatever you said. If you want people faster recognize your business unless you did it seriously.

Don’t waste your effort and time with free blogging platform if you intend to get payment or list amount the successors. The blogger who afraid of spending for their business are trying or testing a new job.

Remember! Trying isn’t a matter when you failed. Click to Tweet

To do a successful blogging for business, you must plan the budget for setting the business, marketing expends, and even hire others to work for.

My last word is, transfer your free blog to self-hosted service andbuy a premium template for your WordPress Blog. In case you need help or more advice, just email me what you’re wondering.

Trust me. It will never cost you a thousand dollars to start a business with blogging.

While it’s true to say that selecting a reliable hosting service and premium design is an important for blogging, but you must look the other side of the case study. Serious in doing business and invest multi resources isn’t the enough reason for the advertisers to pay me $100 per sponsored article.

Actually, I acted myself as a real expert blogger and put lots of valuable resources on the blog. Read the below how to make yourself as the asset to others.

To Be The Asset Blogger To Others

Do you know why so many people mentioned the name of the authority bloggers like Brian Clark,  Kristi Hines, Darren Rowse, Jeff Bullas, Neil Patel, and Ryan Biddulph?  AND guess you’re one of those people who mentioned the names in your blog article.

You don’t need to answer the above question, but let’s me take care of it.

May I? Whatever, I do it now.

The reason, people love to tweet, share, and link to the expert bloggers as they receive the benefits from those activities. They understand the authorities are the assets which help them to gain more reputation and to get more audiences to own blog.

For sure! Those people didn’t exactly love to talk about those genius bloggers on the blog, but have to. It seems to me that the people are using the experts to get more audiences and followers.

It’s a fear, though!… the authorities always lie and sell us lots of products.

Contribute more asset content push more reputation

The others will mention your name or write related to what you said unless it’s the asset to them. According to Niel Patel, your article didn’t earn link because not enough asset. What you must do for this issue is to review again the content and ask yourself few questions:

  • What are assets you put in the article?
  • Why do you think those are the assets to readers?

Learn how to compile a remarkable content such write a great headline to make your readers swoon, make an amazing introduction of the content such using first sentence to push readers to read the next.

In often times, bloggers can’t write a great content not because don’t know how to write, but failed in content creation process: Plan —> Create —> Analyst —> Recycle.

The best ways to produce an asset content is to plan your content creation. I use excel sheet for doing this and you can find the download link here:

The great content needs the great image optimization. Think when you produced an inspired content without any of attractive images, and what will you do when see 5000 words article with no image?

Of course. The image is the most element which highly attract human attention, and well image optimizing helps getting more reading and more social sharing.

The attractive image can ask people to click the link on social media and read the body content, and once again, the image asks readers to share the article to the social networks.

But must make sure your image is shareable.

Do you care about the images in your post, and how do you optimize it?

I’m using Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress. It allows me to have multi size and different image appearances for each social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

My final word related to creating an asset content is:

If you want to become an expert blogger, please do not follow the authorities. Click to Tweet

This is what I learnt from Ryan Biddulph, the incredible blogger and my manner. I first understood that academic language and styling of the content is the most important reason for readers to engage with a blogger.

Always Be Yourself When You Write Blog Post

I wasted lots of times to research and learn how to write like a college professor or journalist, and intended to make my post as a textbook. Oh! I must be wrong here. Spending your time for learning and self-development isn’t wasting. Whatever, I said it.

You know? Your reader doesn’t care much related to your academic education, but how you help them to solve the problem, and how the article is useful to them. What’s more, when you’re trying to speak or write like other people, you lose yourself in the dark space of cyber globe, and the readers aren’t going to remember you.

Be yourself if you don’t want to be a shadow of the successor. Click to Tweet

Open your mind and don’t serious with your writing style because a native writer also made mistakes or grammatical error in the article (I saw it and often times).

Find your original voice and write as what you speak, and don’t be afraid to add some sorts of slangs or jokes in the content.

Take stupid selfie and put in your article if you love.

Everyone has own voice. Even you always try the best to use the professionals’ voices, you still can’t replicate their voice. Your voice sounds f***ing funny and beautiful, why don’t you try to speak the original voice to readers?

I got many guest posts from nonnative writers such as Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Pilipino, and others. Those writers made mistakes in the guest post, but I did no f***ing change.

As I told you, I love to listen to the original voices. See the email below:

The Guest Post Respondind to A Bloggers

My readers are the same, they love listening the unique voices from different people around the globe. It seems to me that I didn’t get so many complaints regarding language and grammatical errors.

See the below image of Sarah Arrow’s comment. Note: the comment will be a case study in this article, please take read of it.

The Comment from An Expert Blogger Related to Writing Style

However, some expert writers or journalists did. LOL.

You know? When I asked those writers about the mistakes, they always propose me the proofreading service. Just please don’t mind with them.

Trust me! If you care much about academic writing and styling, you won’t write even a single post. AND if you follow the successors, you will be them but not yourself.

Ryan Biddulph wrote over a hundred books and made decent income from using his voice to write the books. I read hundred bloggers’ posts who reviewed his books, but didn’t see any grumbles related to his writing.

If you’re not ready to get any of his books, find these below:

Well. I won’t shout out regarding to Ryan anymore, but learn it yourself from the above books.

Oh, by the way. I just got a confirmation from Ryan. You can get Friday eBooks giveaways by just subscribe to his mailing list. Check the below Facebook comment:

Remember, please use your original voice as it’s such a f**kin beautiful sound and many people will do love to duplicate your voice.

Aww! Can I say f**k more?

Okies! So, just keep the f**k up and being yourself.

Hey, hey, wait!… Do you wanna leave the post now? You missed an important of my point in the article. Just scroll down a little bit, and I’m gonna share your somethings which the professionals did behind writing.

Check the below how to expose your business and brand yourself.

Floor Up Yourself Branding

Do you wanna know how to boom yourself branding and induce decent people to your business?

The way you can do that is to expose the business on majority of fortune blogs. Last few week, I went through my Facebook profile and found a crazy brilliant quote but don’t know who the heck said it:

If you have 4 friends who are the millionaires, you’re the 5th. Click to Tweet

Brand yourself as an expert and engage with other fortunes is a quick way to get the audiences notice your business faster.

What if the above incredible bloggers mentioned your name in their article? Honestly, I have no idea, but it should be getting crazy traffic to blog and you gonna earn a huge reputation (I knew you thought about money).

Put more space in your game plan to interact and find a way to get into the community. Just start creating a list of well-known entrepreneurs in the area of interests, subscribe for the update newsletter, spend time to read and comment the article.

Please do not forget to share the article and mentioned the name of those authorities on social media posting.

Furthermore, If the content has any relevant to what you’re currently working, write the post and mention the name such as link to the article or embed their Tweet, Facebook post, and YouTube video in the article.

Once you mentioned them in your article, just tell those expert bloggers you helped them to promote the business. Hit them a private message or email the link of the article and ask for some thoughts related to the content.

For sure. Those bloggers will appreciate the mentioning, take a read of the article, and leave some sorts of opinions. Just test it yourself.

When readers saw many fortune entrepreneurs are widely active in contributing opinions in your community, you earn the reputation from readers, and then you’ll end up with getting high attention from the readers and bloggers.

If you did a great writing and added variety assets to the content, those whom you mentioned will share love give you a link to the article and spread the words to their audiences.

What’s next? You gain higher authority and get massive traffic as the links will enhance SEO of your blog.

Yes, Google loves it, but I.

I don’t even think of putting the word “SEO” in this article, but I did. Whenever it appeared in the article, I’m immediately terrified and don’t want to continue writing. I must continue, however, as we cannot avoid talking this f**kin shit.

Aww! I’m sorry, I said “f**k” again.

You stop it!… I heard what you said.

Yes. I’ll mumble regarding to keyword and link building, but unlike what you’re thinking and doing as I’m a pro blogger. Just joking.

Optimize your article to enhance more exposes

Look at the below question which I got from a blogger who is a new friend on Facebook.

Facebook Question Related to Keyword Optimization

He did the right thing as he concerned about researching and optimizing keywords in the content. As you knew, keyword is the key important facet which Google and other search engines use to find the content, and you’ll be able to get a genius traffic if you did it right way.

My answer in the above picture is completely true. Much different between 2010 and 2016 as Google did many changes of its ways to find your content. Google created many animals to scare the marketers.

Did you scare of it? Honestly, I didn’t and even Google itself.

Let’s not talk about Google, but related to our business. In the earlier SEO techniques, you have to put the long tail keyword together and repeat multi times in the content. Moreover, you need to use keyword as <h>, <strong>, <i>, <li>, and so on.

Today SEO unlike 2010, you don’t need to repeat the keyword many times in the article, but just 2 or 3 times is enough. What’s more, you have to make the keywords more human readable such as reposition the words or synonym and even separate it.

As an example: “blog marketing guides”

Can be “12 Beginner Guides to Marketing Your Blog”

Or can be “12 Starter Guide to Promote Your Blog”

Use relevant keywords in the article to add more values to the main keyword, and behind the keyword optimizing, Google requires more quality content as the longer article is often rank higher than the short.

One more important thing you need to know is to research before writing. Use external link to relevant information and tell Google you put more assets in the content.

I Give a Bonus: Getting Feature On Google

Guess you used to see Google featured blog for the specific keywords. See the bellow image:

Google Features StartABlogOnlineDotNet As Snipshot Post

When you type the long tail keyword “how to create a blog” in Google Search Bar, Google features this above blog. And If you try the other phrase “how to create a WordPress blog”, you’ll see Google features another website. See the bellow image.

Google SnapShots SiteGround As Featured Post

It belongs to SiteGround’s tutorial: How to Create a Blog Website with WordPress.

So what if Google features your blog on a specific keyword of your niche? Click to Tweet

It’d be awesome!… you’ll get gift from Google such a super crazy traffic to your blog like what Janice Wald said, “Oh my god! I got the first 100,000 visitors to my blog.” And at the meantime, you’ll earn a huge reputation from innocent visitors—they trust Google, but Google trusts you.

BUT how can I do that? You asked me.

I swear. I will never ever tell you about this, but do it myself.

Hey, wait, wait!… I’m joking you.

Google features your blog for many reasons. It involved many factors such as website’s attributes, content optimization, and quality backlinks. Sometime, we got different featuring from different locations hence it might be involved the facts of localization and social media trends.

It’s extremely hard for the marketers to answer the exact way how Google features a blog, but a considerable way to tweak out the issue is to learn the optimizing techniques from different featured blogs.

To increase the chance of getting featured by Google, you must invent in creating more quality content, enhancing your blog SEO, and getting more quality backlinks to your blog. I made “quality backlinks” as a remarkable text since I’m now thinking about how to do it.

What’s about you?

3 Ways to get High Quality Backlinks

Backlink is the most fact which Google uses to raise the position of a content, but is also the most fact that voted your article down to the bottom line of the result page.

Must be careful. Not all backlinks help getting better result, but in obvious, it will damage your business. Please forget $5 link building.

Focusing on relevant and quality blogs is extremely important. Find the ways to get a link from an authority blog is much better than 100 links from none authorities. And the most referable ways to get those quality backlinks are guest post, blog comment, sponsored review, and the above you learnt.

I exactly love guest blogging strategy of Adam Connell. As he mentioned, the bloggers submitted guest posts to variety blogs, but didn’t get back higher traffic as they did mistakes with guest blogging. They might have selected the wrong blogs, contributed less assets, and/or not engaged with readers of contributed blogs.

Rethink about what is the mistake you did in your guest blogging, tweak it out and keep consistent in contributing of new ideas.

The commenting is another free way to get quality backlinks from the authority blogs (it’s my favorite one). Not only for getting links, but as you’ve learnt above, commenting is a noticed method to create relationship with expert bloggers amount blogging community.

If you’re a newbie or never use blog commenting for marketing your blog, you’ll have to follow Al-Amin Kabir’s article: How to Write a Great Blog Comment That Give High Traffic and Backlinks.

Hey, there! Please scroll up a little bit to the screenshot of Sarah’s comment. It must be the great example for blog commenting strategy as she did a great job in her comment.

What’s your opinion regarding to Sarah’s comment, by the way?

She started with a great welcome then shared her opinion around the topic, and finally, Sarah finished the comment with a great question. Exactly, the answer was in her post title: How to Improve Popular Blog Post to Generate More Leads. Sarah pushed me and my audiences to hit the CommentLuv permalink and read her content.

The awesome woman who I ever met in my life!

I’m not going to write about sponsored reviews as it’s paid strategy and will make this article much longer. However, you’re going to know the important concept lead to become an expert blogger.

You First Speak to And Help Them

I love what Syvianne Nuccio said in her post, “The people who have lots of money not meant they succeed in life”. If you said you’ve succeeded in doing business or your life unless knew how to define the success.

For sure. I’m a successful blogger as I knew how to define the success of my blogging career. I don’t know what your opinion is, but for me successful is to enjoy my life and work with what I love.

We’re all working for money but aren’t always supposed to talk and think about money all time. Wasting a little bit more, doing something a little bit crazy, and enjoying little things—the life is much more beautiful.

The above is the concept I’ve been using for working with online business and blogging.

Sir. Thanks for your answer!… I’ve been blogging since last 6 months, but didn’t earn any dollar. I asked many bloggers, but they always talk about money. {I lose the message hence cannot embed the image}

It the message I got from a newbie blogger and hope you don’t feel like him (I don’t know what your feeling is, but It’s f**kin sad when I saw the message). You know? It’s so bad to leave or request payment from someone who exactly need your help.

I knew you might have a conflict opinion as I used to read articles from other bloggers, but disagreed what they said “To success, you have to give up your friends” and “You need to learn to say ‘NO’ if you want to increase more productive.”

But for me (please tweet this if we’re the same):

Blogging is to enjoy our habit and to help each other to grow the business. Click to Tweet

To give isn’t mean you’re the rich, but clearly understand the difficult. I came along blogging these few years, and helped many newbies and intermediate bloggers to solve lots of problems.

The below email is the reason why I’m doing that:

The Reason Why I Love to Help Other Blogger

And here another question from another newbie blogger:

The Question Fron A Newbie Who Wants to Start Blogging

You might be wondering, I acted like a super-hero blogger, but how much I earned from blogging?

In brutally honest, I didn’t earn as much as the other expert bloggers did, but enough for paying hosting services and my coffee habit. Sometime, I spent a bit much for enjoying coffee, beers, and smoking (my favorite worst habit), but other sometime, I did super saving.

Life is f***ing simple and crazy, but I love it.

Okay! Don’t want to talk about that as I think it’s useless for you.

Or maybe it doesn’t as we exchanged our code. I’m a man with code.

By the way. If you haven’t yet read what I spoke related to the relationship in doing business, just take a read what I said in Phillip’s Round Up post: 130 Experts Spill Their Productive Secrets.

The relationship is a master genius. Whatever the business you’re currently doing, whether it’s an online or an offline business, the relationship always added values in enhancing better performance.

If you always help others in doing the business, they’ll often help you back.

Last night, I got three clients. One is a Cambodian blogger friend who I always help him to tweak out WordPress problem, and others were referred by my Facebook friends.

Oh. It seems to me that I walked off the topic, right?

Alright, I got this! So, let’s back in.

If you want others to speak to you unless you first smiled and said “good morning” to them. Why do the expert bloggers need to list you or link to your RoundUp?

Yeah. Of course! You first wrote about them on your blog.

So, do it. Let’s do it.

Please think of your plan and process for creating Experts RoundUp content. I use excel sheet to track the authorities and put them in my list. You can find download example file below:

Create a RoundUp, publish it on your blog, and tell bloggers you wrote about them is the beginning, but need many extra works to get affect and link back.

I do f**king hate the authority bloggers as it’s always so difficult to get them talk to me even if I first talk to them and often times. You need to work harder and set a post-game-plan for interacting such as promote the article multi times on social media and mentioned their name.

Keep active interaction such as subscribe to those authorities’ blogs and follow them via social profiles if you not ready. I thought you know what to do next, but if you don’t, just email what you want to know.


Getting your name on Round Up post isn’t just for a personal proud or to prove your expertise, but it’s a great way to build self-branding and authority in line of business.

The most of expert bloggers are using reputation to get foods.

You know? If you can create high authority amount of the community, you’ll be able to generate massive income without high traffic. For sure. I made an awesome income with less than 200 visitors a day.

Just trust me!… I’m not kidding this time. LOL

However, building authority  amount the community isn’t an easy cake. You must invest much more time in creating assets, inventing and maintaining well relationship with both your audiences and bloggers.

Put down more quality content in the community, but not just own blog. If you don’t have enough time or not enough ability to produce those asset content, hire a freelance writer to do that for you.

The reputation is a lazy and walk too slow. You, please remain calm and keep consistency in your works.

No more idea. Maybe. If any came to your mind, just put it down at the below comment form. I will appreciate your ideas. One more thing, please subscribe the newsletter so I can inbox you when a new awesome topic is available here.

If you love the article, just hit a social share button as your friend will benefit from the content.

Have good a day~


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      I’m really hear that you believed this post is useful for the newbie bloggers. Actually, I wrote this post as I’m thinking about the mistakes I didn’t in the past. Sure. I don’t want any newbie to follow what I did wrong why I link to your 5 newbie blogging mistakes topic.

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      Hey, Sherab!

      Thanks for your comment.

      I was the same to you when I first started my new blog. I went along with blogging without any right direction. Exactly, I knew it’s so difficult for a newbie to work with blogger, however, we can do that and make it done.

      I am glad you can benefit from the article.

  6. Ravi Chahar 3 years ago

    Hey Kimsea,

    Every blogger strives to be a blogger which should be known in the blogosphere. But there are a few with the glory.

    I like your tips and the mistakes you have mentioned. Blog as a business? Well, it depends, person to person.

    There are m,any people who write just to share their knowledge so that others can have a better path.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Enjoy the day.

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 3 years ago

      Thanks for commenting, Ravi!

      We, bloggers start blogging for sharing our habits and working with what we love. We do business by sharing others the knowledge and helping them to be better in doing business. This’s what we do.

      What I mentioned in the article is in the case which you want to monetize your blog. Blogging for a business. However, you’re right. There many reasons people blog, it’s depend.

      Anyway, I’m glad you find useful in the article and love it.

      I will keep more update related to blogging and online business. Please keep more eyes on the blog, I’ll add more asset contents.

      Hope to see you again, here.

  7. Andrew M. Warner 3 years ago

    Hey Kimsea,

    Interesting post.

    I know that the jump from being an expert and just being a regular blogger is huge. I know I feel that way at times. I’m an expert in certain things but sometimes I get too reserved to display my expertise. Thinking that many people would not respect what I have to say, etc.

    But the more you’re seen as an expert, the easier things become for yo. The connections become easier. The subscribers and client list as well.

    I know that many bloggers want to be well known. It’s a goal that all of us had when we first started. Thanks for writing this to help those get there.

    – Andrew

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 3 years ago

      You’re right Andrew.

      I don’t know, Just want to be a well-know blogger. Though. But sometimes, I thought it’s useless. However, I have too. You know? People love to follow the authority bloggers and do what they said, but sometime, those experts aren’t always right.

      Whatever, I just know I love blogging as having lots of friends.

  8. Joshua Nyamache 3 years ago

    Hi Kim,

    I like your work. This will really be useful to newbies.

    I feel important and competent when someone calls me an expert.

    Sure, paying for self-hosting and premium design is important for a business blog. The truth is people won’t take a blogger to be an expert if he has hosted his blog for free blog.

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 3 years ago

      You’re so welcome.

      Thanks for stop by and commented the post

  9. Joy Healey 3 years ago

    Hi Kim,

    That’s a very detailed post, you have worked very hard.

    I completely agree with you that any blogger treating their blog as a business should spend the small amount of money to get self-hosted WordPress.

    Without that, in my opinion, it would be hard to be considered an expert blogger. Some people have achieved that status without it, but for myself I feel it’s essential. Probably even more when someone is a newcomer to blogging.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 3 years ago

      Yeah. Absolutely true, Joy.

      Honestly, spending little for your business such as hosting service and premium theme is important and essential. On the one hand, it makes you look such a professional who own business website.

      However, this make think when I was working with an charity organization. We’re running a water purifier project. The project aim to improve health and sanitation by provide the safe cleaning water to the beneficiaries. We plan to distribute water purifier to the villagers for free, but we didn’t. The villagers won’t take of the water purifier as it’s a gift from the charity organization, but not their own hence we decide to sell them at $2.50 price.

      Do you how much we bought that water purifier?

      The price is $28, but we sell only $2.5.

      So, on the other hand, spending money for doing the business is invisible emotional motivation. It push you up with business and keep you struggle to get it done.

  10. Nikhil Makwana 3 years ago

    Thanks Kimsea for sharing these tips.

    Blogging is a passion by that you can express your feeling.

    One more thing is Patience, the key to success in the blogging world. Hard work and patience both are important to become a successful blogger in the near future.

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 3 years ago

      Hi. Nikhil!

      Thanks for your comment.

      You’re right. Patience is the most important for blogging. You know? The most of newbies lacked of this element that’s why their new blog failed.

      Patience means enjoy working and keep consistence.

  11. Umesh Singh 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    Great Write up! It took me almost 40 minutes to read this blog post, but it’s worth it.

    You are right backlink is essential to rank a blog post in the search engine and to earn those link we have do some extra efforts.

    Thanks fro sharing.
    Umesh Singh

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      Hi, Umesh!

      I’m glad to hear that you love the article and find it useful..

      Create more backlinks to your article is an extremely important for poll up your position. To get beacklinks is difficult, however, you’ll need to work hard, especially when you need quality and relevant links.

      Thanks to your comment

  12. Ryan Biddulph 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    Thanks a bunch for the mention among these pros!

    Good on you for investing that money. That’s smart and you’re being like the pros are being in so doing.

    Keep on rocking it out 🙂


    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      Hey, Ryan!
      This’s a wonderful day. I’m so glad you’re here.

      Of course. I’m now a pro. LOL

      Thanks for your sweet words. For sure, I will.

  13. Abdul Samad Essani 2 years ago

    Hello brother Kimsea Sok,
    I must say that this post gonna shock other probloggers, you know why? Because of it’s effort you have made.
    I really loved your writing skills.
    You’re the next neil patel for sure!
    My best wishes are with you buddy!
    See you soon on next topic!
    Bye buddy 😉

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      Hey, bro. I’m glade to share you here.

      Come on. You’re kidding me.

      Thanks for your compliment and I’m very glade to hear that you love the article.

  14. Swapnil 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    Thanks buddy to writing this long post. I bookmarked it for further reading.
    If you have dreams on eyes then you have to do everything related to it. You have to learn everything.
    Wonderful sharing brother. 🙂

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      Hi, Swapnil!

      You’re so welcome, budy!

      Not only me, but everyone and you have dream. Am I right?

      The dream is a vision which lead us to do whatever to make life positive. If you always keep up with your dream, I’m sure it’ll be a plan.

      Thanks for comment.

  15. Ugyen Dorji 2 years ago

    Hello Kimsea,
    I was just fed with too many tips and guides for newbies. Written so complicated. But what you have mentioned and the style that you organized the articles to become the expert blogger is way out of league from other blogs….
    It has helped me a lot, and in fact transformed my blogging life into a different one….
    Thanks for the nice experience share…..

    Have a good day…..

  16. Author
    Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

    Hey, Ugyen.

    Welcome to my blog.

    Well. I’m glade to hear that the article educated and guided you to the positive direction. It’s everyone experience when first get into the blogging life. Keep and learn more, you’ll be an expert.

    Thanks for commenting the post.

  17. Chery Schmidt 2 years ago

    Hello Kimsea! Wowsy My Friend!! You did an Amazing job with this post! Sharing so many awesome blogs with us, you really did your homework with this post HUH?

    How to become an expert blogger? That was also a very very fitting title for this article.!

    And just have to let you know my main goal, why I work so hard here online is also to retire early!
    Great Share
    Thank You
    Chery :))

  18. Palashtd 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,
    It’s really a great blog post that is so long but more informative.
    Thanks for sharing your awesome idea with us.

  19. Aysha Haque 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea!

    Very informative post indeed!
    Have read your post till to end patiently! Learned something new for this post!

    Thanks for sharing an useful post, Kim!

    Happy blogging!

  20. Sadhan Pal 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea!

    Thanks you so much for providing informative article. It’s very needy for new bloggers like me to become successful in bloggin. Hope you’ll be more helpful in future.

    Sadhan Pal

  21. Graham 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this fantastic post! Lots of excellent tips for new and old bloggers. Very informative. I really agree on using your own voice and not writing like a textbook. I’ve shared it on Twitter because it’s definitely a post that my followers as well as myself can benefit from. Looking forward to reading more in the future!

  22. Arpit Roy 2 years ago

    Hey Kimsea!

    Appreciate you taking the time to write a wonderful post for new bloggers. Good to see that you are sharing your experiences with fellow bloggers and encouraging them to grow in the field.

    Being an expert is not easy. It takes a lot of effort, but more than that you need to hustle and never give up. Thanks again for sharing this man! You have a good one!

    ~Arpit Roy

  23. Adeel Sami 2 years ago

    Hey, brother!

    I am super happy to read it and seeing you being personal all the way down to the end of the very last word!

    I understand, truly and totally agree that writing isn’t easy.

    Yes, you can write.

    Keep writing lines after lines.

    But still you gotta learn something; write.

    With it, I meant that writing smart and in such a tone to keep the readers’ attention flowing with every word.

    This is an art that readers should not be bored.

    They must be excited to read more and more. And in the end, interact in the form of comment.

    So, despite having English as not your first language, you’re doing superbly good and great!

    All you gotta do is to keep doing in the future!

    And I am so sure Kimsea will keep it going for years to come! 🙂

    See me often, brother!

    ~ Adeel

  24. Moumita Ghosh 2 years ago

    Hello Kimsea,

    Today First time I have visited your blog and read a wonderful article. Almost every blogger has a dream to be an expert in blogging and some of them want to earn from their blogs.

    When I start my first blog, I used paid platform to run this but I choose the free theme and after few years I realized that readers skip blog due to my blog theme. They do not like to read any article from a newbie blogger, as I am already in this field for 2/3 years. So I have used a premium theme of my blog and the traffic is gradually being increased.

    So using paid platform and premium theme is essential for blogging business.

    Any other points which you have discussed are also very useful. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful article.


    Moumita Ghosh

  25. Harry Uppal 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,
    This is my first visit to your blog and me really got some awesome content here which has helped me to learn some of the new things for sure.
    So, thanks for sharing.
    And have a great day.

  26. Chris Mophart 2 years ago

    You will only become an expert blogger if you take your time to learn what it takes to be a successful blogger. There are no short cuts but understanding the whole concept will offer you many shortcuts to exploit

  27. Raghu Rao 2 years ago

    Very well written Kim, I am not a beginner, but I am certainly learning the ropes everyday and this post here, gave me some insights on how to go to the next level of blogging. I thank you for sharing such an amazing and informative post.

  28. Suman Dahal 1 year ago

    Resourcefull as well as inspiring. Loved it

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