How to Build Quality Backlinks with Private Network Blogs – 6 Tips

How to Build Quality Backlinks

I know you want to pull up your article on the first page of search engines listing, but the most that are what your concerning is that how to build quality backlinks to your blog. Right..?

Well, its damn a thing to discussion about the link building strategies ─ it’s almost the horrible topics which everyone almost don’t want to think about that.

Honestly, I am the same to you. It is the horrible and difficult work which I absolutely hate doing that.

However, nobody could skip this because it is a requirement from the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing ─ to build quality backlinks is almost primary way to pull up your article to higher place.

You know? What a most thing that made me terrible with increasing of backlinks is that new change of Google ─ everything required natural and high quality working.

Could guess it? Natural and high quality, what does it means?

It means that you have to do it manually by using white hat link building ways ─ getting income links from relevant contents of high quality blogs ─ the high PR and high domain authority.

Ah..! That is heel, you know?

You will spend from $50 to $150 for sponsored post or guest post services, if you want to build quality backlinks from a high authority blog.

So, how will much you spend for getting a hundred income links from those higher quality websites?

I am not sure about this, but according my research ─ some famous blogs or companies spent more than $3,000 a month for link building campaigns.

It is too much budget and I have no money for this, you said.

Yes, of course! You are right.

I am the same to you.

I have no much amount to spend for increasing of backlinks for my blog. So, what are we going to do for our blog, stay nothing and watch our competitors enjoy their productive day?

I don’t think so.

But how we could do this, we don’t have to $3,000 a month, so how to build quality backlinks for our blog.

Nothing to be sad, at least you could save your budget and spend fewer money for a link building campaign with private network blogs (PNBs).

What is private network blog, and how could it increase quality links to your blog?

Well, actually PNBs strategies are similar to web 2.0 link building strategies, but it is just bit different ─ you owned the domains and hosting services.

So, did I mean that you have to buy additional domains and hosting services for these strategies?

Yes, that’s right!

You may have to spend around $300 to $500 for buying high authority domains, and around $50 a month for hosting services.

That’s also a big amount as well, you said.

I would answer that it is true!

It is also a big amount of investment, but you need much worry. I would promise that you will never waste your money, but you will earn from this investment in eventually. I will explain you how in next session.

Okay..! If you think that you it is okay to spend this, please continue to the follow tips

How to Build Quality Backlinks with Private Network blog

Tips #1 – Skip using Chrome

The first of all, we are going to talk about private network blog SEO campaign is to switching of your web browser application.

Anyway, what is browser application you currently using? It would be okay, if you said it is Firefox, Internet explorer.

But if your answer is Chrome, I would recommend to change to other application else ─ for the reason Chrome sent a lot of information to Google ─ It would not great, if you are using Chrome for any link building campaign.

I found that many bloggers and webmasters are currently using Chrome for a reason because it is a fastest browser, and many extensions are available for improving more users’ experiences.

However, Chrome is not recommended by expert SEO marketers. I have experience with some link broker websites.

You know? I was not allow me to login their websites because I am using Chrome as web browser.

We are talking about using white hat way to build quality backlinks with private network blog, but why are afraid of letting Google know? You asked.

Actually, my answer is that I don’t believe on Google, and I have no idea about this, but a lot similar browser application like Firefox is available for free ─ why you are not just take a change of this.

Tips #2 – Buying High authority domains

I assume that you understand about switching of your browser, and now Firefox or any applications else was installed on your computer.

Thus, now it is the time for buy some few quality domains for our link building campaign. I am going to show how to buy expired domain.

You may need to buy 3 to 5 domains for our private networks blogs campaign. I would recommend you to use different hosting services for each domain you bought.

Why need host on different hosting services..?

Well, I have 2 reasons to push you to do this, here they are

  • To build quality backlinks and natural way, you need a link from you unique IP address of different hosting ─ Google and others will recognize that it is the quality links whenever found that it is from the unique IPs of server, either way you links will be spammed.
  • You have invested lots of money, thus you need to harvest back your money. I will discuss more detail on bonus tips, but the most reason here is unique IP address is easier to better ranking.

Okay, I hope that you understand about the benefits of using different hosting account for each domain of your private network blogs.

And here how you could find high quality expired domains for your link building campaign.

Tips #3 – How to Build Quality Backlinks with Links Tire

Finally, we came here, to a place we want. Now I am going to tell how to create backlinks with link wheel.

What is links wheel?

It is a process of how to build quality backlinks from your properties blogs ─ of course it is web 2.0 link building techniques.

With the link wheel, you will able to boost your money blog and rank it on target keywords you want easily and fastest.

Now I will teach you a links wheel technique, I am going to use 4 different link tire levels.

  1. Tire #1 – the quality backlink with your private network blogs’ content
  2. Tire #2 – Free web 2.0
  3. Tire #3 – Social bookmarking
  4. Tire #4 – blogs’ comments

Here what you will need for this

  1. A quality and 100% unique article for your money blog ─ the article that is able to convinces you readers to buy your products or opt-in your mailing, and especially it is easy to higher ranking (Check out: Complete SEO Writing Tips for Better Blog’s Content).
  2. Tire #1: I will use 2 articles for each private network blog ─ you will need 10 additional quality and unique articles. It is your private properties blog, so you need to care about improving of qualities, especially it is direct backlink to your money blog ─ Google will marks it as spammed links, if it is not enough quality.
  3. Tire #2 50 articles for Web 2.0 blog ─ the lower quality is acceptable here, but however, I recommend high quality because it would be your long term earning.
  4. Tire #3: I am going to bookmark all articles in various social bookmarking sites go from PR #3 to #6 ─ using different title and description for each bookmarking. So, you will need the follow number of random title and description ( 1 money content + 10 private network blog’s contents + 50 Web 2.0 contents = 61 articles, thus social bookmarking = 61 articles * 15 set = 915 sets)

The process of how to build quality backlinks with private network blogs

Bonus Tips ─ Harvesting Back investment

Well, you spent a lot of money for building a private network blogs. Have you even thought about earning money back from your investment?

Well, to have a private network blogs is really important for online business. It is not just ways to improve your main money blog, but it is more than just only SEO purposes ─ your private network blogs are the best tool for making money online.

The follow are the ways which you can generate extra income from blogging with PNBs.

Bonus #1 ─ Sell Backlink services

Well, the most of online business owners are too similar to you ─ they are worrying about how to build quality backlinks to their business blog ─ you can sell them your private network blogs’ backlinks.

You can sell them the package of link building service such as what you did to your blog. You know? This private network blogs’ backlinks services are really expense ─ yesterday I found a SEO company is selling those for $250 per basic package.

You will earn $2,500 a month, if you make 10 package sales.

Bonus #2 ─ Paid post

Paid post or sponsored post is almost interesting earning. The companies are looking for some blogs to promote their contents marketing as well as give them the quality backlinks.

You know? I got $50 price for each sponsored post on my blog ─ I got 4 advertisers this months, thus the earnings would $200 in total.

Yeah..! That is interesting amount. If you got 5 sponsored posts for each blog, you would make $1000 a month with your private network blogs.

Bonus #3 ─ Sell Your Blog

The final advice about make money with private network blog is selling it. You know? You are also able to sell your properties blogs.

Some companies or individual business are looking on how to build quality backlinks using domains for SEO purposes or starting new business.

For the reason that they are doing this because the low quality or new domain is hard to get trust from search engines ─ so, it is difficult to get more visible of their business.

I am not going to tell about how to sell your website, but you can look for some website brokers to do this for you.

Check out the bellow more tips about selling your websites

  1. Sell Websites On Flippa: Make Money From Dead Blogs
  2. Make Money Online by Buying & Selling Website
  3. How to Create a Website and Sell it for $200,000


If you want to increase more website traffic ─ to increase backlinks are the most important thing that you have to think about it.

However, even it is important for you and your business, but Google have done many changes to protect the spammy people who did the spammed links.

Google marked a lot of websites as spam and penalty those. Whatever the link build strategies you current are using, but I would recommend you to think about how to build quality backlinks to your blog ─ the quality backlinks mean keep relevant and link from quality content.

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