How to Build WordPress Blog in 2 Easy Steps

How to Build WordPress Blog

Blog is the significantly important tool for online business, and you not doing without own the blogs or websites. Today, I am going to share you some tutorial about how to build WordPress blog for your own business.

Since it is the tips for business blogging and professional build, thus I am not going to share you about the cloud hosting services. But today I am going to show you  how to do that with self-hosting services of Ipage.

I am not going to promote any hosting services, since I did not place any affiliate link here.  I decided to used Ipage hosting because I hosted my own with this company.

For beginners who have least knowledge about web hosting and website building, WordPress has come with new user friendly features. These features enables the user to only focus on there content but not to bother about the technical issues of the website. People get confused between and are same. Which is not true.

First the select the domain name on which you want to have your website. Then select a 1 year or 3 year package. It would benefit you if you choose a 3 year package as you get discount and other benefits. While selecting the package, you are presented with other optional features to choose. It’s up to you to choose them or not. Upon successful registration, you will receive an email with your login details, confirm them and log in to your account and continue set up process.

Now you are presented with an option to customize your website, with many available features. You will find thousands of themes, some are free themes and paid themes. There is a preview option to see how your blog can look like. Select a theme that suits the content of your website. By clicking on the install button the theme is applied to your website. You can customize the them like by changing the header image, font size, font color..etc. You can change this theme whenever you want by going back to control panel.

Moving on to creating your first blog post. You see posts at the right side of the menu, click add new. You will see a block based editorial which is a new version of WordPress editor. Post your article title and the content and then click publish. Before publishing the blog post, you can check the preview of the blog post. If you are having problems on using the new version of WordPress block editor, you can switch back to classic editor to create blog posts. This can done by installing classic editor plugin. There are many free plugins available to install, which are very useful.

Also, I have embed the video tutorial of how to build WordPress blog with Ipage which I created that since last year. I hope that you will enjoy with the bellow videos.

The thing you will need:

  • A top level domain name
  • Hosting services which support one click install
  • An email account which will use to register WordPress

Introduction to WordPress

How to Build WordPress Blog with Ipage

Thanks for for watching the videos tutorial, I hope that you will benefits from attending to this watching. Actually, the WordPress help many bloggers run the business online.

Everyone could own the blog without expert knowledge of website programming such HTML, CSS, PHP, and others. As in the above two short clips, how to build WordPress blog easily. You just own hosting and domain is enough.

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