How to Create A Charity Blog That Works- 3 Critical Tips to Consider

Writing a blog isn’t something you should take lightly, especially when you have a charity to promote. To create a charity blog is different to a normal blog because it needs to do two things.

Traffic has to be increased, and there needs to be site conversion too! People don’t just have to visit your blog; they have to click through to the charity and donate to it.

Charity Blog

This added requirement means that you have to figure out a few strategies when writing a blog for a charity. According to successful donation experts, charity blogs should follow a few simple tricks when being a written.

Always Have Goals That Can Be Measured

This is important for a number of reasons. The goals you set for your charity blog include the number of readers per month and those who go on to donate.

If you have more regular readers, there are going to be more donations more frequently.

You have to set goals that you can measure too, called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

These will help you understand what the blog is doing right and what it isn’t.

With this data collected, you can work on fixing the problems with your blog as and when they happen.

Common goals to include trying to increase the traffic to the blog by boosting how many page views happen in a period of time, improving the bounce rate, so more readers will stay on the blog after they visit it for the first time, and increase the number of followers on social media.

These days social media is the quickest and easiest way to get much more attention organically. All you got to do is keep the content genuine and more informative. Do not try to over-do in order to grab much attention. Lot of people tend to over-do it and turns out disaster. Watch your steps and if you are a newbie then take your time to learn and understand and make a plan on how to do the things and then move ahead with the process. Do not hurry things in order to get results. Even if you do commit mistake, learn from it and improve yourself.

Speak to Your Reader Base and Know Them

Charity blog

Before you start writing your charity blog, you should try to connect with your readers. Many charities perform a huge range of functions as part of their operations. This can lead to a lot of complexity for the common reader to understand.

You need to talk to them and figure out what it is they want to see in the blog’s content.

Do they want you to simplify the activities of the charity, so they know why they are donating?

Do they want updates on the status of the projects undertaken by the charity?

The needs of the readers are many, and you should survey them to find out what you can do to fulfill those needs the best.

Have an Organized Structure

Blogs today aren’t single page affairs.

You don’t have to post all the posts on one page that has no organization. In today’s world, you can create pages and sections for your posts based on their content.

These posts can be organized using tags and other features.

Always have a structure set out for your blog so that readers can browse through the posts they want to see.

You can always include links to other pages in your posts, or to parts of the blog the user may be interested in.

With organization, effective communication, and goals that can be measured properly, your charity blog should perform better than it ever did before!

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