How to Enhance Your Blog Productivity Using Outsource: ContentMart Review – 3 Steps.

Starting and running a business isn’t a scary time, but the scariest is when it grows and difficult to manipulate its success.

The innocent clients contact to discuss next projects while decent of queries are addressing the issues of previous projects. What’s more, tomorrow is the next publishing schedule depends on your editorial calendar.

To enhance your blog productivity

The client is king. Even if it’s necessary to deal with clients’ problems, your business is also crucial and you maintain a sustainable successful progress, otherwise, you aren’t going to see the sale report went up.

In obvious, when the clients meshed up your calendar, to enhance your blog productivity, the preferred solution is to say no to the new project, but I thought it isn’t going to happen in that circumstance.

You now must be thinking the better way to control the situation such as outsourcing service, but problem is you have a limited budget. Furthermore, you’re concerning the outsourcing will through away the clients from your office.

To enhance your blog productivity

That’s okay if the above are what you’re concerning. I’m going to share the personal experience how you can enhance productivity by hiring a quality writer to write quality content for your blog.

In the article, I’m going to present you an amazing freelancing platform called ContentMart. But why’s it?

Many benefits and reasons I would love to recommend this outsource, but the below are three main why you’re going to love it.

1. To enhance your blog productivity Considerable or Limited Budget

I’d admit that many professional freelance writers in my network so not often use outsource services. But the problem is those writers charge even higher rate than I hence cannot share the project with them.

I’ve tried many freelance sites such as and, but the platforms so crowded and mixed up with both pro and freshman writers—the lower rate has a poor quality, but a high-quality charges higher rate.

You said Fiverr? That’s bullshit, trust me.

I prefer the indie content marketing platform known ContentMart. It’s a fresh and faster-grown freelance writing network with over 49K writers are available for hiring and most of those writers are Indian.

Even if they aren’t the native English writers, the Indie writers provide me more than an acceptable writing service and considerable price.

Look! I charged my client $150 for 1000 words article then give 40% or 50% revenue to freelance writer who can invent a quality content for my client.

Simply, just log in ContentMart account and create an order. See below image:

As display on above image, you can set the price of the project in two different ways (by completed project or counted words).

Once you completed the ordering form, hit publish this order.

2. Fast and Quality Outsource Service

The majority of writers will bid for the project after few hours so review the writers’ works such as their portfolios, otherwise, you can wait for the project meet deadline.

I usually would love to review the writer profiles every day and I’ll set him/her as a winner of order if the sample articles were qualified.

Despite the portfolios, you can message the writers regarding how they can help with the project if you’re concerning the quality of their work.

3. Work Close to Writers

This’s what I love about using ContentMart service. You first can have a pre-communication with the writers before choosing them.

What’s more, the delivering process of the platform is wonderful as you aren’t going to pay anything unless get what you want.

The last I love related to ContentMart platform is I can manage the freelance writers in my own list. I rarely post public order, but only to my favorite writer list.


Working as a blogger is quite challenging and there will be so many works need to be done so have to put lots of eyes on the business.

What’s more, the clients will put many works on your desk when the business is growing why need to learn how to manage your timetable and prioritize the works.

To enhance your blog productivity, you have to make the right decision and delegate the works to the right people. Investing in outsources and working close to freelance writers help to maintain your business situation and growth.

Although outsource service helps you to intensify the success, mostly it’s so dangerous, and especially when to use it for client’s project so you first must experience for client.

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