Back in 2009, when I first started blogging, getting AdSense account approved is always a magical question.

Monetize a blog with Google AdSense is the most remarkable method for the bloggers, especially, the newbies. You don’t require a massive traffic and genius experience to earnings with AdSense. What’s more, Google advertising network is the most quality and reliable company for every single publisher.

As you, me and everyone have a same opinion, numerous bloggers have submitted the application to Google. Unfortunately, having an AdSense account doesn’t mean the exact way to earn a huge income.

When experiments on a disappointment, a majority of publishers kept the blog away with no updating and that becomes a serious problem of Google.

Despite the increasing of inactive publishers, some countries have used unethical ways to raise up the revenue which is a nightmare of the advertisers and Google.

A good news for the advertisers but is so bad for the publishers. Google realizes it’s unnecessary to keep too many publishers in the database while they do nothing at all. The company deleted inactive publishers from the list, and after 2010, Google AdSense has become an uncompromising advertising network.

Now a day, getting AdSense account approved isn’t an easy cake. Once you’ve repeated the mistake, Google will put you in the blacklist hence.

That sounds so serious, huh?

No worry, if you’re consciously wondering how to get AdSense account approved, you’re on the right place. Google approved my 100+th application a few months ago, and what is the most intriguing is my new blog has only 4 fucking damn articles.

I’m sorry. A bit aggressive when spoke about that blog. I was busy with several clients last few months so I didn’t see any renewal notification coming. Two domains expired and I couldn’t get them back (one became a premium with over $2.4k price and a guy grabbed another one).

Let’s skip talking about the expired domains.

Oh, god! I thought of them again. Whatever, let’s dive in the nothing untold or tricky at all regarded how Google approved my application after published 4th article.

Read Google AdSense’s Terms and Conditions

The essential and common mistake of over 90% of the bloggers who were rejected is negligent in learning the terms of service (TOS). They applied for a new account while the blog isn’t eligible for the program. The worst is, they don’t even know why Google disapproved the applications.

  • Have you recognized the most websites from Pakistan, Indian, and Asian countries required to have at least six months old before applying?
  • Do aware of stating Double Cookies Tracking policy?
  • And, what else are required before applying for an AdSense account?

The TOS is a legal document which the bloggers scrolled down and clicked on the checkbox to agree to the terms of service.

It is, however, not working like that.

The TOS guides you to kick start in the right place. Not only tell you what is right or wrong but indicates how to make you a qualified publisher—how to get AdSense account for your blog.

Furthermore, it’s a super nothing secret that most of the bloggers don’t recognize since they ignored reading the content. The TOS helps with keeping your account safe and maintaining sustainable earnings.

I perceived its benefits when Google suspended my very first account in 2012.

Oh, no. maybe in 2013.

Do you aware of placing double 336×280 ads unit under title causes account disabled?

Of course, yes! Having double 336×280 ads unit below the title violated the terms of low whitespace when the visitors come from the mobile device.

…and it resonates many accidents or fruits clicked.

Let’s make it simple!

When insisted on knowing how to get AdSense account approved, you shouldn’t skip learning how Google reviews your application. You must know what is “Do” and “Don’t”, and the only guy who has the correct answer is Google itself.

3 Crucial Pages You Must Have

I’m not discussing how buying domain, choosing quality hosting, and professional theme important for applying but focusing on the significant factors resonate rejecting.

Google is such an asshole. Every single released product, he always wants them to be the best. AdSense is trying to maintain high quality network why it rarely approves low-quality websites.

You might have heard bloggers recommended grabbing the top-level domain, preferred hosting service, and premium theme in the topics relating to applying for AdSense account.

I’ve read over a hundred official documents but couldn’t find any specific article which mentioned the requirements such hosting and top-level domain. Even if there wasn’t any resistant, Google suggested maintaining high quality and professionalism.

With the professional in mind, the website should land under a real address and contact info. In spite, it should be respectful of the readers’ privacy. And, the following critical pages shouldn’t be missed:

  • Privacy: the website should announce the terms of service, privacy policies or how it gathers the visitors’ information. The important is, Google AdSense is using Double Cookies Tracking and requires mentioning in cookies policies.
  • Contact: the website should be legally implemented by real person or company. Thus, it should state the physical address of the company or point to owner address if no physical address.
  • About: the website should public what the service is about and share the story to the audiences.

CAUTION: many bloggers used privacy generator to create privacy policies. Those tools generated duplicated content which violated copyright materials. I would suggest writing your own document or set noindex meta tag when used generator tool.

Quality is Much Matter than Quantity

The quality and quantity of the articles is the curiosity of applying for AdSense. I’ve read many discussions related to the topics but no specific answer. A majority bloggers suggested at least 15 – 20 quality articles or even more.

To be honest, I’m not sure what the limitation is qualified as Google didn’t mention in any document. What I’m sure enough is, however, the quantity isn’t a serious matter but the quality. As told above, I get AdSense account approved after published 4th article (the very high quality).

High quality article, huh?

How does Google define the quality of an article?

In obvious, the quality team manually read each article. I’m joking!

Google is a robot. it reviews the quality of your article in none human way for sure. As many webmasters know, to identify the quality of an article, Google uses the algorithms to detect many relevant facts such as grammatical errors, readability, content length, and so on.

If there isn’t a problem with my memory, the four articles I published on the new blog went from 3000 to 12,000 words long.

Holly shit!

Have you ever published 12,000 words length on your blog?

I bet you haven’t—Nobody crazy enough than me. lol!

Don’t be confuse! I’m not pushing you to write 12,000 words article but trying to explain that Google changed the algorithm. When checking the search result, you will see the most of top positions went over 1000 words length.

Hence, my suggestion is you should try to write high quality up 3000 words, and submit the application unless you have 4 articles.

Notice: you can use software such as Hemmingway, Grammarly, and ProWritingAid to measure the readability and grammatical errors. If you’re using Yoast SEO plugin, please enable readability feature in the Advance Setting.

YouTube Third-Party Program Gives Better Chance

CAUSION: YouTube updated its third-party policies so you’re gonna need 4k hours watched-time and 1k subscribers

The third-party program isn’t the point, but applying through YouTube enhances possibility of getting AdSense account approved.

Imagine, Google rejected your application and you’ve submitted again after a few days. If you repeat the mistake, Google will black your email then you lost the chance.

Although YouTube third-party program not permits placing AdSense code on the other website, you also can upgrade. The advantage is, Google won’t blacklist your email when even if you’ve repeated the mistake multi times.

How to Get AdSense Account Approved Via YouTube

Sign in YouTube with your Gmail account. Once you signed in, on the left menu, click on my channel. YouTube will ask you to create a new channel if you haven’t. Please follow the instruction and create a channel.

After creating the channel, you need to upload few videos to your channel. If you haven’t any video in your hand, convert your articles to PPT files then use a screen record software to record the presentations.

Yup! That’s simple.

When finished uploading videos, enable monetization on Channel Settings. YouTube will ask you to associate an account or create a new AdSense account. In this case, just create a new account.

That’s it.

Note: if you cannot find the monetization option under Channel Settings, set country setting to United State under Advanced Channel Settings.

How to Upgrade Hosted Account to AdSense for Content

Log in AdSense account after Google approved your hosted-account. You will receive a notification tells you to upgrade before serve the Ads on any website. Also, the notification comes with a link to the instruction of how to upgrade your account.

Presume you’ve finished reading the instruction. Let’s click on Settings at the left-hand side then click on My Site and Add New Site (the plus sign)

Once you added a website address, Google will ask you to place the code on your blog to finish the submission. So, you have to follow the instruction.

If Google approved or rejected your account, you will receive a notify email.

Maintaining Quality Traffic is the Most Matter

The amount of traffic is another complicated and confusing topic that bloggers discuss applying for AdSense account.

The bloggers claim that you shouldn’t apply for a new account if you have less than 100 visitors per day. The other said, the amount of traffic isn’t a matter, but the quality—the traffic comes from search engines.

Google didn’t state any specific information regarding the traffic. He, however, mentioned a very brief about the sources of traffic. The paid click gives unwanted customer so it would be harmful, Google mentioned.

When Google approved my application, I have 4 quality articles with 150 — 250 visitors per day or around 12k pageviews a month. In fact, 150 visitors per day is a little more or less as I used to get an AdSense account approved with less than 50 daily visitors.

Depend on the personal experience, Google isn’t much focusing on the high amount of traffic unless violated the rule (paid click traffic).

Hence, you can promote the articles through several social platforms to drive decent traffic to your blog before applying.

The bellows are what I did to bring traffic to my new blog:

  • Twitter: schedule multi tweets and submit the post to JustRetweet.
  • Facebook: share the posts to fan pages and profile 2 or 3 times a week. In addition, I’ve shared the posts to 10 or 20 relevant Fb groups every day.
  • Google+ and LinkedIn: I’m not an active member of those platforms, but at least share the post to timeline or groups anytime I published a new article.
  • Guest Post: I wrote guest posts for several blogs so they gave me a pretty traffic and subscribers.
  • Commenting: I’ve read and commented 10 to 20 articles in my email account, social media, JustRetweet. The commenting also referred candy traffic, and as I could recognize, was the most referral traffic sources.
  • Forums: if you’re an active forum member, you’ll see how I’ve interacted with the community. I’ve spent at last an hour to answer the questions in variety forums.
  • YouTube: I uploaded 22 videos tutorial related blogging and web development. YouTube is what you shouldn’t ignore as the videos gave 5 clients and 10 affiliate sales. Yeah! That’s interesting.
  • Wikipedia links: I created 2 backlinks from It’s extremely awesome. The domain authority went from 0 to 24 after a month.
  • Expert Roundup: I published an expert roundup on the new blog, and it give fast social media traffic and backlinks. Thanks so much for some fox who help me to bookmark the roundup. Despite, I answered 5 expert interviews that bring me traffic.
  • Bookmarking: I have over a hundred social bookmarking websites in an excel file, but I did only 20 to 30 bookmarking for each post.
  • Mail list: I sent the new posts to 2.5k subscribers who in the mailing list.


Getting AdSense account approved in 2017 is much and much more difficult than the past but isn’t an impossibility. Sometimes, that could be an easy cake if you spend the spare times to learn about the terms and conditions of program.

Having eyes on AdSense’s policies changed, updated news, and community gives higher chance to participant in the network. AdSense official blog and TOS provide enough information regarding how to monetize a blog and enhance more sustainable earnings.

The essential pages such as contact, about, and privacy policies make your blog looks more professional and more quality. Those help with branding new blog and building online reputation. The trustworthy of your brand provides many benefits of engaging more audiences and more loyalty readers.

Convert the post to videos and upload to YouTube bring more referral traffic to your blog and that’s a quality source. The more traffic you get, the more opportunity to make AdSense approves your application.

Google isn’t fair at all. Applying for YouTube third party advertising is much, much easier than direct signup. And once you get AdSense for the hosted account, you’ll get the premium account as Google isn’t intending to blacklist an existed publisher.

Search engines and readers are now enjoying more quality article. Inventing longer and higher quality content encourages reading and sharing that drives more traffic and make you a qualified publisher.

The bloggers realize that blogging isn’t sitting and writing but involves many activities such as marketing, partnering, branding, and sundry. Publish 12000 words article and wait for search engines and visitors reading the article is a hopelessness. Or you will experience what I did—spending 3 years to make the first $25 income. L

Stop waiting for the unknown, but start connecting with your audiences in social platforms and other communities. Deliver the articles to the right audiences and help them using your contents. Once you become an expert blogger in the area of interests, getting 100 – 300 daily visitors for qualifying AdSense isn’t that difficult.


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Writen by: Kimsea Sok From:
Kimsea is a blogger & freelance writer. He is widely active contributor on blogging, business, social media, and marketing topics. Kimsea has created a blogging community where bloggers can find variety solutions related to blogging and online business. Follow Social Profiles:
  1. Akira 2 years ago

    Worthy to read.. Thank you so much… Btw, I have an approved adsense account with a custom domain but it didn’t show the ads.. Only in hosted url/website ( show the ads.. I tried all the troubleshoot but none of one work.. In my account theirs no upgrade.. Adsense emailed me that it’s fully approved.. Hope someone can help me about this.. Thanks..

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      The Ads not show up on custom domain because AdSense not ready approved your account.

      It shows up on Blogspot as it’s a host account. First, need to add custom domain your blog and make sure the url appear on search engine (Google) is custom domain. Once your blog pointed and redirected to custom domain, just remove all Ads from the blog and disable blogspot on third party program.

      Wait for one or two then login your AdSense account, on Setting add new website and use the custom domain url.

      When finished adding new website, AdSense might ask to place the code on website so let’s follow the instruction.

      Usually, it take up 2 or 3 days to make the Ads visible.

      Hope it helps. Ping more question if the problem not solve

  2. karma Wangmo 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    Thanks for the post. Very helpful tips and information! But if only i have read this post few months ago, I would be making good money now. (Cry.)

    What really happened to me was, the idea of making money with adsense fascinated me as a newbies. Without really knowing the in-depth cause of effect, i have applied for the google adsense 5 moths ago.

    However, google still didn’t approve it. I have re-applied for it recently and still didn’t approve. I don’t know if i am already in the black list.

    In such case, what would be my best possible option? How do i perform to get the adsense approved?

    BTW, my blog recieves a good number of visitors everyday. Someday, even upto 1k visitors. But i haven’t earned a penny yet.

    Kimsea, please help me.

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      Hey, my friend! I’m glad to see you here.

      First of, I would say congrats. You’ve jumped to the next level–your blog is much more professional.

      Anyway, I went through your blog and don’t think Google blacklist it, but not sure about the email. However, it isn’t a big problem as you can use different for applying if you cannot apply with the same email.

      Oh. I checked your privacy policies. You didn’t mention about the Double Cookies Tracking policies. For more information:

      Here is privacy policy generator.

      Don’t be confused. I’m recommending using the tool, but you can generate a policies and make a brainstorming.

      There is another problem with your blog as I didn’t any contact page. Please publish a contact for your blog.

      If you don’t want to public your own address, you don’t have to do so. Just leave a friendly message and tell reader to use contact form. What’s more, you can use contact form 7 plugin for create the contact form.

      The last recommendation is the article. I found mostly your article is lower than 1000 words. Please write longer and resubmit again.

      Anymore, question please let me know.

  3. karma Wangmo 2 years ago

    Thank you Kimsea for leaving back the suggestions. Thank you for visiting my blog and tracking down the list of improvements i need to have.

    Huuff, sounds like lots of works. (Sad).

    When i had my first thought of “blogging’, i thought it is a simple task of writing something professionally in the website you own and then you earn money from what you wrote. But it is not.

    Actually, blogging is quite a hectic work especially for the person like me who is weak in handling softwares, tools, functions…on and on.

    Thank you anyway!

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      You’re welcome, my friend!

      Anyway, it’s complicated to answer how easy and difficult blogging is. You’re right, blogging isn’t about writing the article, but it involve many activities relating to business.

      If you love blogging and changing your life as much as I did, I believe it won’t be difficult for you. I found the inborn talent of your writing and always love reading your article both Facebook post and blog article. I’m, however, not fan of artist. LOL!

      I don’t know how to explain, but you did much and much better than me when I was a newbie. You know, even now I cannot write as good as you do.

      I strongly believe if you committed on continuing your work, you’ll be an awesome blogger.

      I’m sure, I will read your fiction or poetry book as soon as possible.

  4. Sakil 2 years ago

    Hmm… but I used Private Generator tool. I’ve to add noindex as soon as possible.

  5. Gaurav Kumar Joshi 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    I really enjoyed the case study you have shared here about how a blogger can even get Adsense approval with less but super quality articles.

    There is no doubt the quality of a blog always matters. Google always want to improve the user experience and if a blog is offering what is best, then Google will definitely reward it by allowing Adsense.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      You’re right, bro.

      Your words make me think about the search engine optimization. Many people claim that Google is change. I, however, realize Google never change. It always want to be the best search engine in the world.

      Google do the best to provide the best user experience by providing more relevant content and more quality. AdSense is also the same as it’s a part of Google LLC.

      Thanks for comment and sharing…

  6. Donna Merrill 2 years ago

    Wow Kimsea,

    This sure gave me an education. I thank you for this valuable information. I don’t do the tech end myself, my partner does all this and this post is a must see for him to do.
    You have created such a wonderful way of getting adsense approved for a new blog that many of my clients will appreciate this.
    I have many new bloggers that I will direct here.
    Thanks so much,

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      What’s a Wonder full morning!

      Donna, I’m so glade to see your comment and Facebook sharing.

      We both have different skill. In fact, I always think of hiring a writer to write the post for me as I often do some grammatical errors, as you can see. Getting an AdSense account isn’t difficult, but to monetize a blog with AdSense is much more difficult then what people are expecting.

      I’ve read your last yesterday, and it educated me lots about branding and exposing online business. I’ve plan to implement the strategy as soon as possible.

      Have a great day!

  7. Muthukrishnan 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea. Thanks for the Article.My Google adsense account was banned due to invalid activity. After that I tried with different mail id.But it didnt worked out. I tried again.But Google have declined my application. Is there any other way to make them approve

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      @muthu-krishnan Please use AdSense Sanbox to make your website address wasn’t in the Blacklist. I assume that you url was banned so you’re not going to Adsense with that. You should buy a new domain and redirect it to new url.

    • Muthukrishnan 2 years ago

      Thanks for ur instant reply. yes, i think I am applying with the same URL.I have planned to create a blog in Blogger platform with the new domain.

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      @muthu-krishnan, you first need to make sure that your blog is blacklisted. As I told, AdSense Sanbox is great way to get know that. What’s more, you don’t need to create new blog, but just trying to redirect the blog to another domain. I believe Google will more answers about how to redirect new domain name.

      Thanks for reading and hope it helps.

    • Muthukrishnan 2 years ago

      Sorry Kimsea. I am not aware about Adsense sanbox.How to check it.Is there any link to check the Adsense sandabox.Please send the detailed info about how to check it

    • Muthukrishnan 2 years ago

      I checked my website through Google sandbox. it is showing all ads formats. So What should i do next. Can i apply again..

  8. Author
    Kimsea Sok 2 years ago


    here is the url,

    just input your blog address and show ads. If see the Ads appear, you blog not banned.

    What’s more, make sure Ad-block isn’t enable on your browser.

    • Muthukrishnan 2 years ago

      Thanks, I checked it. It’s showing all Google ad formats. I got an email from Adsense yesterday.
      Hello Muthu,

      Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. After reviewing your application, our specialists have found that it does not meet our programme criteria. Therefore, we are unable to accept you into our programme.

      We have certain policies in place that we believe will help ensure the effectiveness of Google ads for our publishers as well as for our advertisers. We review all publishers, and we reserve the right to decline any application. As we grow, we may find that we are able to expand our programme to more web publishers with a wider variety of web content.

      Please note that we may not be able to respond to enquiries regarding the specific reasons for our decision. Thank you for your understanding.

      Check the above email content.Why they have mentioned.Its not meeting our programme criteria. Please explain what i have to do

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      Of course. As I wrote in the above post, the only that you can understand why Google not approves your blog is to read the TOS. And find out why your blog not meet the requirements. I might could not answer the question as Google AdSense didn’t give us any specific regarding the mistake. If you mind, please pm me your blog url so I can check and help you to find out what is wrong.

    • Muthukrishnan 2 years ago

      Thanks for ur reply.Please check my blog url..
      Pls check it and share ur feedback.

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      Hi, @muthu-krishnan! I’ve gone through your blog.

      I found you have a nice article with approximate length, and I believe it should not the problem. However, I put the url in copyscape search and found some similar url come up. Please make it 100% unique and no duplicated content.

      Second, I found you use multi image in each article. Please review your image where do you find it? Do you have permission to use the image on your blog?

      The last one is, I check your privacy policy and I could find Double Cookies tracking policy. Please make your understand that as it’s a requirements of applying for Adsense account.

  9. Ryan Biddulph 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    Excellent guide. Quality means so much; quantity not so much. When I see folks obsess over the Adsense Approval thing on Warrior Forum they are desperate to make money – even pennies – so their desperation and fear leads to crappy posts, thin posts and the exact content that guarantees a rejection. This my friend is a Adsense Approval worthy post.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  10. Nikhil Makwana 2 years ago

    Thank you, Sir, for sharing your valuable opinion and experience with us. It helps me a lot.

  11. Andrew M. Warner 2 years ago

    Hey Kimsea,

    Great article.

    On one of the other sites I operate, I did a content audit. Got rid of all the crap posts that were just dead weight. Mainly because I want to use that site as a site to make Adsense revenue from.

    Now, I’ve heard many people say that you should publish 5 -10 great articles before going to adsense. The reason ther suggested that was to get some traffic rolling in — because it’s hard to get people to click on ads if you have no traffic.

    What’s your thoughts on that?

    Other than that, great article and true education on adsense. I’ve yet to publish a 12,000 word article .. not sure if I even could. But I’d be willing to try one day.

    – Andrew

  12. Samandar Nichari 2 years ago

    You’ve really shared amazing ideas for the approval of AdSense account.
    Everyone knows it has become tough to get approved but yet hardwork can make up for it.
    Writing heavy articles is also not an easy task. Best of luck to everyone for their journey in this way.

  13. Joseph Chikeleze 2 years ago

    Hello, Kimsea
    This is nice post about AdSense… The Google ads program has helped me make huge amount of money online.

    Am using AdSense on different sites and my sites do generate a lot of traffic from organic and social media.

    But they banned my account recently for a reason best known to them.

    What do I do plan Cox they also blacklisted my domain name from using AdSense again.

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      You have to answer why you account was banned.

      Is any copyright material or harmful activity?

  14. Krishnendu Mandal 2 years ago

    Very nice blog. Thanks for sharing.
    Adsense account approved through Youtube is very easy. But be careful about the YouTube channel. Your channel should not get copyright strike.
    That’s a good point that your email will not be blacklisted even if your website not approved by adsence after multiple time rejected.

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 2 years ago

      Of course, not. You’re not going to get any copyright strike unless you uploaded copyright material to your channel.

      Google AdSense separated different products between AdSense for content and hosted account. No worry…

      Anyway, thanks for commenting the post.

  15. Elvis Michael 1 year ago

    I got approved back in 2007 and (thankfully) the process seemed much easier back then. Or maybe it was due to high quality content? (haha, maybe a little bit of both).

    YouTube now requires that a channel reaches 10,000 views to be approved for monetization. I honestly don’t know how to feel about this. Sometimes it can be surprisingly difficult to reach that word count, unless you’re in a more “fun” niche such as pop culture.

    Thanks for the post, Kimsea.

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 1 year ago

      Elvis, thanks for commenting.

      Yeah. Of course, I just found YouTube recently changed the Partner program.

      However, to reach 10k video on YouTube isn’t much difficult as one of my video received over almost 10k views.

      In fact, I’ve never write about the culture and entertain post.

      To be honest, I love those, but I just not good at writing those kind of post.

      Never mind about the length of content. If you’re enjoying your work and want to give readers deeper discussion, you’ll figure out some ways to do that.

      Again, thanks for comment..

    • Elvis Michael 1 year ago

      Whoa, thats impressive! I have never really gotten much into YouTube, but it’s always been on my to-do list.

      And look at me, saying “word count” instead of “view count” :p

      Anyway, amazing work!

      Take care

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 1 year ago

      Oh. LOL!

      To be honest, I did 12k long for new blog. It seems to me that my audience love it a lot, but unfortunately, that blog was grab by the other guy.

  16. Odira 1 year ago

    This is a great post. My friend has been struggling with AdSense approval. I will share this with him. I hope it will be useful to him.

  17. Robin Khokhar 1 year ago

    Hi Kimsea,
    This is an awesome post. Getting Adsense approved is hard these days. So, Thanks for sharing.
    Have a good day ahead.

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