How to Increase Blog Backlinks By 5 Effective Ways

How to Increase blog backlinks? It is a technique of optimize better blog SEO call “Off page optimization”, also it is a serious problem of bloggers who want to increase blog page ranking of search engines’ listing such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

Now a day, many questions were asked in different and typically about useful and powerful way to increase blog as well as how to list on the top result page. You know? I use to worry about how to increase blog backlinks as well, but now I leant and it is not so difficult and impossible to get more income links.

How to Increase Blog Backlinks
how to increase blog backlinks

There were many ways to increase blog page ranking on search engines especially it is not too difficult as what you think, but it need to take some times to do that. Here the following tips which I think that it is useful for bloggers who looking on how to increase blog backlinks.

#1 Be a Popular One

I have wrote many articles and told a many bloggers to write popular blog articles and quality posts for their readers, because whenever you decided to select blogging as your job. It means that is choosing writing as habit, marketing your business through offering the contents.

When you write none quality articles or nothing useful at all to your audience, it means that you select a bad habit for your blogging career. Thus I don’t think that you will able become successful blogger of your career since nobody like bad blogging habit.

Above, I just brief about main benefits of writing quality blog content but I am not yet to tell you about why need a quality. Well, write popular contents will gain indirect benefit of better blog SEO such as increase blog page ranking.

Of cause, offers quality articles to readers regularly will make them happy and enjoy reading your post. When any friends, colleges, readers, and bloggers feel like interested and helpful, your articles will be shared, bookmarked, and/or linked from those people. Result, you will significantly able to increase blog backlinks and traffic or yours.

#2 Add More Update

The time constrain is one of reasons make newbie blogger failed with blogging, most of readers, bloggers, and search engines don’t like none updated since they don’t like that kind of blog perhaps I no need tell why people not shared or linked to your posts.

Therefore, strive to find ways gather new idea for blog topic and make refresh your own blog. How to increase blog backlinks ?, I please recommend you to plan writing scheduling and spend more time to write more posts.

Anyway, how many? I recommend writing 3 – 5 tips per week for your own post and 5 – 10 articles per months for other bloggers. Why you have to write for others? Answer, because guest blogging is best way to increase blog page rank and improve blogging community. It is the best ways to bring more blog traffic and engage more readers to your blog. Also, it give one or two quality backlinks depend on their guest post guideline.

Nothing bad, writing as guest blogger or allowed others to write guest posts for you, the both will benefits of increase blog backlinks and improve quality traffic. In overall, strive to write more articles and submitted to others, also you leave one here by write for us, Basic Blog Talk we help to increase blog page rank.

We will provide the opportunity to make money and improve income blog traffic as well, for detail place check our getting start tips.

#3 Link Partnering

Link Partnering

Actually, when I was a newbie to blogging I never think that relationship or partnering is too much important until I found the secret benefits of relationship. As I wrote in one tip “Become successful blogger, are you ready”, because I want to share other newbie about the benefits of build social community.

You know, friends? The successors always enjoy in helping other people, you could ask them to help you to increase blog page rank through asking for some advices or partnering. I believe that they all will enjoying in saying yes to you.

Thus, try to find out some blogs in the same area of interests and strive to contact to them by propose about your idea or links partnering. I don’t care whatever your ways to contact those bloggers, but you have to explain clearly about your purpose of your partnering. Also, you both have win together not just only you that able increase blog backlinks but also them as well.

#4 How to Increase Blog Backlinks By Commenting Strategy

This is one of my favorite strategies and the first links building strategy which I have used it for many years ago. The blog commenting strategy is powerful way to increase blog page rank as well as increase your reputation. It is a potential way which helps to become a successful blogger.

Sure? Absolutely, the blog comments is not useful link build strategy but it is also to build a best blogging community, straitening relation, find new ideas, and build good brand image. Moreover, the it is the common easy way to improve the business solution of solving the business & career issues.

Another secret of comment backlinks is that if you able to interactive with some high valuable blog that important to search engine such as .Edu and .Gov blog. I believe that you blog will rank on the top faster since the search engine give high score and value to those kind of backlink.

#5 Links To Other Bloggers

I always want say thanks to any bloggers who accepted my guest posts but I think that the words “thanks~” is nothing benefit to them at all, so I decided to choose one way instead of say thank you. I gave an opportunity to increase value blog backlink by get dofollow income links from own blog to my guest post, I want to help them to increase blog page rank. That’s so surprise! I use links instead of saying thank you but they do same to me and became my partners.

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