How to Increase Blog Page Rank to PR #2

How to Increase Blog Page Rank

Hey, bloggers..! What was happened to your blog this month, I just got PR #2 for Anyway, do you know how to increase blog page rank? Well, actually I start my own blog since the beginning of March 2013 it is around 8 months until now.

Even though I got PR #2 for my blog but it is not so good result since I am expect PR #3, Lol..! However, it is not a bad achievement because I saw some of my friends’ blogs was drop down. I am so sorry about that my friends. I write this post is not for only telling about my achievement but I want to share with about how to increase blog page rank and way I used to maintain quality traffic.

You know, there were many ways which bloggers and webmasters were using for increase quality blog traffic and increase higher blog ranking. Some of those are using the right ways but some of those are missing the right techniques since they lacked of search engine update such Penda and Genuine.

Okay, whatever yours ways. This is here my ways how to increase blog page rank and got PR #2.

1. Content And Fresh Update

Wow..! This session we are not talking about friendly search engine optimization but I pay attention on updating new information on your blog. Frequently, write quality blog post for readers and update your content 3 or 4 times a week will make popularity and it is my potential way how to increase blog page rank.

Also, I knew that it is a bit difficult for newbie bloggers to do that but if you suck with writing quality content, I would recommend these tips: How to get new ideas to write popular blog posts and How to write quality blog post for readers

2. On Page Optimization

Aside from making your blogs fresh and often update your contents, on page optimization (on page SEO) is one important thing you have to take action. How to increase blog page rank? Well, on page optimization is related to keywords research and using of the right keywords phrases (check how to use the right long tail keywords).

You know, every time I wrote new articles I always conducted the keyword research and analyst about the competitive rate. Also, I do the friendly search engine optimizing such use keywords as url, title, description, and other important places.

3. Off The Page Optimizing

Well, to answer the question: how to increase blog page ranking?  Off the page optimizing is one of important which we could never skip this way. Haha, you know my friends? Search engine gave high value to quality backlinks from related information and higher rank websites

Every time, I published my new post I always did off the page optimization such doing forum posting, bookmarked my posts, comment other bloggers post, guest post, and other related activities which give backlinks.

4. Social Media Activities

Social media signal is the best way to drive up blog quality traffic and increase global links popularity. Search engines like Google and Bing love this kind of backlinks. How to increase high page rank with social signal? I don’t know too, lol..!

Actually, I don’t how to do with social media strategy. I just know that social media could deliver quality traffic to blog posts. Thus, I spent around 40 minutes or 1 hour daily to share my link to social media platform such tweeter, Google+, Linkedin, and Facebook.

Also, that is my funny with some bloggers and readers to discuss about some life style and others habit sharing.

How To Increase Blog Page, What Are Yours?

Haha…! It is so easily to get PR #2, I just try to find new topics, conduct keywords research, do backlinks activities, and enjoy with some friends. That are all enough for me to increase blog page rank. What about you..? Could share something here…!

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