How to Increase US Target Traffic to Your Blog – 3 Key Points

 increase US target traffic to your blog

To increase US target traffic to your blog is one thing which you should consideration for your website or blog. The reason, US traffic is the loyalty and high paying target. If you are current using Google Adsense as your income stream, you will see in your income report Google will pay you from $0.50 to $3 per click from the US and some other western countries such UK and Australia.

Also, if you are currently monetize you blog with affiliate marketing. I would highly recommend you to increase US target traffic to your blog or ecommerce site because it is high purchasing power countries. Another reason is that some merchant such Amazon and Ebay will not ship outside the US countries thus it waste you with those website if you no US traffic.

The above are just two important reason and example for you to start implement and consideration about target of your strategies. However, there were other additional reasons for you to target the specific high paid countries such more conversion rate and improve the reputation.

How to increase US target traffic to your blog

Well, I think that it is not too hard to do since I could do it very at my last time-I remember. You know..? Last year, Basic Blog Talk community reached under 100k US alexa ranking. It means that the blog was popular in United Stat and Western countries.

Actually, at that time I am not good at optimizing my WordPress SEO friendly but that reason because I was done very well with social media activities. However, today I am going to share you the both social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization in order to increase US target traffic to your blog effectively.

Okay and here the following step which it will be using to target the specific geography traffic

#1 Adjust Webmaster Tools

Well, the first which you have to do is configuring the webmaster tool. Adjust Google webmaster tool, Bing, and alexa and then change the target country to US. The reason, you need to do because you have to tell the search engines to track and rank the website in the specific target country.

#2 Consideration US Trends

Yeah..! Absolutely, you have to know about what exactly the people who live in United State are interesting about. It is the elemental of best idea to increase US target traffic to your blog.

You have to care about the game plan changing, and offer the fresh update about the new coming up trends. There were various tools that make you able to follow up the trends changes such as Google Alert, Google Trend, Social Media Trends, and others.

#3 High US Searching

The search engine is the way to get more people from United State, thus conduct the keyword research and looking appreciate keywords which have high volume of searching in USA and other western countries.

Be carefully, in selecting of your keywords because almost US high volume searched keywords are always come with high competitive rate. I just want you to make sure that you have selected the best keywords for your content marketing.

#4 Only Quality Content

Exactly, United State and other western countries readers are the native English and high education. Thus, the high quality contents are required in order attractive those target readers and achieve high demand of reading.

I would recommend you to write your blog articles for native English readers, but if you said that you are not able to do that. I would continue recommend to high some freelance writer do that for you.

Humm…! I think that some sources website should be the best place to find those authors. Check this website, it is just only $5 for 500 words+ article (make sure you selected native and good writer).

#5 Build Stronger Community

You know, friends..? Sometime, I think that it is one of search engine optimization technique but it is not all true. It is ways to improve social blogging communities’ social relationship, but not just only blog comment strategy.

There were many bloggers confuse between building stronger community and blog comments backlinks strategy. They tried to spam the blog comments and leaving none useful comments on other bloggers’ blogs. Please do not try to do this because it will waste your time. You know? Blog commenting is just for build stronger communities in the area of business interest.

Well, our tip is how to increase US target traffic thus I am not going to talk detail about this but you can find more information about on Google search because the most of successor always talk about this conception and mindset.

So, what we are going to here. I just want to you find out some blogs or websites which it is popular in United State or other western countries you liked to rank your blog. Please bookmark those blog and spent some time to read the blogs articles, and build relationship those bloggers and their readers.

How could I do that..? Answer is commenting is the best ways to relationship when bloggers and readers.

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#6 Engage Audiences

Well, I remember last year I did the amazing working with my blog traffic improvement. Basic Blog Talk was ranked under 100k global and 60k in United Start.

I know that is not too amazing, but I feel like is really big achievement for me since I did not using any techniques for WordPress SEO optimization, but I just strive my best to write the articles every day and share it in the social media networks.

I have connected with a lot of people who live in United State as well as Facebook. I just share my post, and spent some time to community and enjoy my day with those people and then they really enjoy spreading my content.

Well, that is really easily for me to increase US target traffic to my blog..! LOL.RELATED ARTICLES

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