Many students of becoming a doctor but only a few achieve it. With many medical entrance exams like the All India Pre Medical\Dental Test(AIPMT) that exist solely to help students gain access into prestigious medical under-graduate courses, the students can easily choose an entrance exam best suited to their needs to achieve their dreams. But the AIPMT exam remains one of the most prestigious and most sought after medical entrance exam to date.

The AIPMT 2016 is just around the corner and the students are busy filling up and submitting their AIPMT 2016 application form and eagerly awaiting the issue of their AIPMT admit cards.

Many students have covered the entire AIPMT syllabus and are busy revising and many are taking up mock tests to get a feel of how the exam will be conducted. To stay tuned with latest AIPMT news, the students are downloading the AIPMT app.

Regardless of the medical entrance exam a student might take up there are many difficulties that a student faces when taking up the exam, right from the preparation stage until the actual exam. To help students crack some of the toughest medical entrance exams, we have compiled a list of tips to aid them:


Whatever entrance exam, it is an absolute must that you are clear with all the various topics in the syllabus and have an in depth understanding of each topic present in it.

Knowing the syllabus will not only help you improve your confidence, it also helps in getting a clear idea of how and which way to approach a topic.

It also helps you recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, which enables you to effectively plan your study strategy and prepare accordingly. Therefore, a complete and thorough understanding of the syllabus is a must.


May it be a medical or an engineering entrance, one of the most important factors is time. There is never enough time to prepare for an exam, therefore utilizing the time you have appropriately, becomes a huge constraint when preparing for the entrance exam.

You must study everyday regularly and diligently with utmost concentrations. Never waste your study time. Time management is the key factor to success in all competitive entrance exams.

The most important time management being in the examination hall where you need to use the time allocated to you optimally and supremely well in an effective and efficient manner.


The key factor behind any success is strategy. Strategy when taken in context to competitive entrance exam usually means planning an effective study time table.

Planning an efficient study table requires some solid ground work which consists of assessing your present capabilities, proficiency in the entrance exam syllabus and its relevant topics and thereby identifying your strengths and weaknesses within the syllabus.

You must plan accordingly by giving primary importance to your weaknesses and providing ample time to yourself in order to help you to develop in those areas.

Mock Tests

Whichever competitive medical entrance exam you choose to take, no preparation is ever complete without taking up numerous mock tests.

Even before actually starting any sort of preparation for the entrance exam, it is strongly advisable to take up a mock test to see your present competency with regard to the exam and then plan accordingly.

You must also take up mock tests regularly at every step of your preparation in order to assess your progress. Mock tests play a important part in helping you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

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