How to Start Best Small Business With Blogging – 6 Steps

Are you looking for some ideas to start best small business with blogging? Say, yes..! I think that the tip would be useful to you in brainstorming new idea for your life.

Okay, please let me introduce some briefs about myself. I am Kimsea Sok, I’m from Cambodia. I had become an entrepreneur and start my online business since last four years.

I’ve been a blogger since 2010, and I made my first $1,000 earnings on 2013. I don’t think that I am a successful blogger, but I love blogging because it is almost a part of my life.

Today, I am going to share you some stories about myself. I believe that I would be some ideas of how to start best small business with blogging and writing.

Today, I am going to share you some stories about myself. I believe that I would be some ideas of how to start best small business with blogging and writing.
start best small business with blogging

Started on 2009, I am a graduated business college. I worked for a small local company within less monthly payment. The money is not enough for life, and I have tried my best to find extra jobs and extent my earning.

You know..? One day I found that a guy posted Facebook status about make money online. I was really really impressed to that status — I clicked on the link of the guy’s status and went to a make money website.

It is a paid survey website (yes, it is a scam website).

It is a damn thing, right?

I don’t think so! The scam website pointed me out some ideas on how to start best small business with blogging.

You know, friends..? After I joint that scammy website, they told me how to recruit other people to join that website using my affiliate link — they provided me some pretty ideas and tools about internet marketing and online selling such as blogging, email & newsletters, and as well as social media marketing.

Honestly, I knew nothing about those online marketing techniques — it is the first time that I ever known about doing of online business.

After I made sense about those, I have conducted many research about those above information, especially how to start best small business with blogging.

I started to know that blogging is really important tool to start best small business — we can use for doing the content marketing through our blog posts.

A lot of bloggers have more time for their families, and most of all is that they enjoy a lot with traveling around the world – Ryan Buddise of Blogging from Paradise should be a best example for this tips.

I knew him last 2 years, and he was the amazing blogger — blogging is making him enjoy a lot his life, he live on an island in Thailand — a best place which he think that it is the most amazing place for spending the last time of his life.

Well, we are almost having the similar dream for our life. I am going to share you about what my dream is, but not now. (I’ll talk about this next)

Okay, now we go in deep into our discussion context.

How to start best small business with blogging

#1 Clarify your dreams

What your dream about blogging, are you dreaming about make million dollars online through writing blog post?

Whatever, you are dreaming about blogging. I really want to know that, if possible to share with me (You can find out the comment form and share it, I will appreciate to know about your dream is).

You know? My dream is too simple, and it used to be called “A crazy dream”.

I remember, a woman asked me about what my dream is….

How are you going to spend the time for your life? She asked.

“I want to get up in the morning to take some fresh air, then I will go to the coffee shop for working around some few hours, then back home for talking with my Mom and Dad, then I will continue my work again (blogging) at home, then I leave my notebook to have some exercise such as football, and then…..”, I answered her.

She listened and laughed! She told me that it is really simple dream and sound crazy to her.

Why? I asked. She said that it is really simple and nothing important at all.

It made me sense about her — she was an amazing woman with wonderful dreaming and human being. However, I don’t think that my dream is really crazy and simple — I love what I do.

Money come and go, we know that! The most important things in life are always the people who stay with us, right here and right now….

This is what I learn from a guy in film (Fast & Furious 6). He said what really really true for our life, thought. I used to lose a person who is really important in my life (my wife) since I spend less time and give less important to her.

Well, Mom and Dad are only remaining people in my life thus I want to have more time with them — I don’t want to lost them again.

Wow wow..! I wrote too much about my dream, I think that we should back to our topic.

You know..? What I wrote all above is just only want you to know that I love my job, blogging is what to build realistic dream for my life.

Whatever the problem of my job, I have to fix it and make it done.

Finally, I want to you to know that if you want to start best small business blogging, you have to follow you heart — you have to go with what you love.

You know..? When we go with what we love, I believe that you will enjoy your work and keep continue. You will struggle to solve the problem whenever you faced with. Or you will never give up your business, for reason you really love it.

It is the natural strength of bloggers who success with their work

#2 Run business before it started

Last year I found a quote on Facebook, and it was really true and amazing quotes. I decided to add the quote in this tips. Here the bellow it is…..

Wherever you want to go, you have to go with your heart but you have to bring you brain with….

It is for sure about the quote — whatever you are dreaming and you are going to do with blogging or your small business:

  • You’ve got to make money
  • You’ve got to be freedom
  • You’ve got to be enjoying your life
  • You’ve got to be success, and not just
  • You want to blog about it, then you’ll need a plan

Actually, whenever you think about “start best small business with blogging”, you have to think about writing a business blog plan.

The successors always said that:

You have to make your business run, before you going to run that business.

That is hundred percent plus true with what they said about.

This is what you have to do for your business, and writing a business planning is only the important element for starting this.

  • So, think about what was your content planning — weekly or monthly?
  • Also, what are the important key elements that you will use for promoting your business through contents marketing?
  • How you are going to sell your product or service through your content marketing?

You know..? When I was starting my first blog, I never think of those all above — what I am thinking is just to write quality blog posts and update my blog frequently.

I have no plan and I have no strategies.

Truly, providing the quality content frequently is really important for blogging, but it is not enough — most people who make money blogging, they own a plan and formula.

So, you have to create your own as well, then you need to response to 5W1H

  • When — when is the best schedule for publishing your new update content or your blog?
  • What — what topics are you going to use for attracting people to read your blog posts?
  • Who — who is your prospective customers or readers?
  • Why — why are those people those people have to come and read your articles?
  • Where — where could you find those prospective readers or customer?
  • How — how could you deliver your content to those readers and convert them to customer?

You have to answer these above questions.

I actually, I have no idea in helping you to answer those but I hope that the bellow articles would help you

#3 To start best small business with blogging, it has to be realistic

Your business is now running in your plan, so it is the time to become a realistic and visible thing. It is the time to take action of your business planning.

I mean it is the time to look for some blogging platforms, and select best one for your own. Also, you have to consider about choosing a name for your business — to select business address and buy own domain name, and host it on own hosting service.

There were many free blogging platforms available such as WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, and so on. But the reasons that I want to you own a domain name and hosting service are

  • Long term earning — we are talking about how to start best small business with blogging thus your business have to providing your sustainable income and long term earning. As an example, now belongs to Hubpage. Another example, is now not paying website.
  • Own property — you are completely own everything of your business, thus you was trusted.
  • Avoiding heart attached — my friend’s business was shutdown by Blogger because DMA claim of their business, he have to start over again his business.

It is not only the reasons that you have to own web hosting for your business, but there were many facts which you should do that.

#4 Create Small Business’s Networking

Whatever the business you are currently doing even it online or online, networking is really important for polling up successful business — helping other people in doing their business will benefits back of promoting your business through the word of mouth, or support back your businesses.

You know..? Almost of successful bloggers and companies are paying the most important value of relationship building.

Some famous bloggers said that “they will never success without any help from their readers and partners”. They spent most of time in build business community rather just only writing a blog’s post and publishing it.

As an example, Andrienne Smith and Harleena Singh are successful bloggers who pay the most value in build community and relationship.

That is not just only above 2 women bloggers, but if you look for some successful tips from other famous bloggers’ blogs you will see you have mention about community and business networking as well as relationship building also valuable tips on how to start best small business with blogging.

Aside from individual business blogs, you also could recognize that biggest companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and others spent millions dollar every single month in order to improve customers’ relationship and manage their social engagement — they spent a lot of money for social media advertising as such Facebook, Twitter ads and other social engagement tools or systems.

I believe that it are all the reasons that you should prepare your social media game plans, and integrate those with your business planning.

You have to think about how to optimize business fan pages such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social media platforms which those would be potential for improving your process.

Aside of creating of those business fan pages, you have to spend sometimes for engaging your fans followers and build stronger relationship between your business and your fans — to spend regular times for learning about how successful bloggers and others companies interactive with their audiences.

Here the bellow tips are what I found useful from my researching, I hope you enjoy these and it would benefits to start best small business with blogging.

#5 Make it visible

How are you going to promote your online business to target prospective? It is almost the important thing that you should consider about how to bring your business up and let’s your customers know about it.

That for sure! The most of newbie bloggers failed because they lack of ability to make their blog visible to their target readers.

Whenever we are talking about how to make online business visible, we always think about Google which it the biggest search engine around the world.I think that you may need to learn about SEO editorials guidelines or some better SEO writing tips to make your content qualify by search engines.

Also, you have to learn about how to increase backlinks in order to vote up your contents to higher position and make those visible to on the top for Google page.

Aside from the search engine optimization, you may need to learn many more marketing techniques such as website advertising and social media advertising.

If you are focusing on physical business, you will need to need to setup the local business page and learn about how to do SEO for local business.

One of the most important things that you could not skip is email & newsletters marketing. You know..? Email marketing is really important tool for online business since the most of business marketers are using this to build customers’ relationship and making online sales.

Also, Email & Newsletter marketing is sustainable source of traffic.

#6 Setup monetize funnel

Earning from blog is what you are dreaming about, so to have your own income sources is what you have to do for you blog.

You are looking for how to start best small business with blogging — you have to make your blog as money sources, Am I right?

So, how are you going to earning with your blog? Just answer this!

I hope that was answered in your business planning, but if not yet. Would you find somewhere to write some monetizing methodologies?

Here the bellows are to start best small business with blogging.

Google AdSense, it is almost the popular ways for bloggers to make money online specially newbie bloggers. Google

Adsense not require to have high experience or quality traffic in order to get earning, but the more traffic you got it, the more you will earn.

If you have less experience with blogging and online marketing, I believe that Google Advertising should be the best ways for your first online monetization funnel.

However, even it is the great way for newbie blogger to monetize their blog but Google strictly in approving their Adsense account. I think that some bellow would be benefits to you, if you are interesting in make money with Google Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing, it is the most powerful ways to earn big money and faster but affiliate marketing require more experience and higher traffic than Adsense.

Affiliating is the most popular ways for intermediate bloggers who have higher experience in online marketing and SEO blog post.

If you are interesting in making money with affiliate marketing, I think that you may need to learn about Amazon, Clickbank, and other affiliate tips.

Here the bellow tips, I think that it would benefits to you

Freelancing, it is my most favorite way to earn money from my blog. I feel free to help other people to start best small business with blogging and earn money by helping those people.

You know? If you are an expertise, you can sell you own skills and working as freelancer from your blog.

I think that you may found hire me page on some bloggers’ blogs — It is one of interesting job to start best small business with blogging.

You can identify what you expertise and then offer the freelance service such as writing jobs, Graphic Design, SEO Service, or anything else.

Selling backlinks, improving visible of the search engine listing is what online business and bloggers are focusing.

They are paying attention to search engine optimization (SEO), however what is the most difficult job for those people is that they are hard to build quality backlinks.

I think that it is great opportunity to make money through selling backlink from your blog. Therefore, you can offer additional service such as setup advertising page, and announce the sponsored post or paid guest post.

Moreover, you can join other paid writing networks such as linkvihecle or sponsoredreview. You know? It is my favorite earning platform as well.

Final Word

Finally, I would say thanks for reading my stories and enjoying the tips. I know that it may not 100 percent successful guarantee for the tips, but it is the most ideas for entrepreneurs to start best small business with blogging.

Working with blog is really more difficult than what we plan, to be a successful – you have to keep continue with your work and enjoy what you are doing right now.

Keeping motivate yourself and continue your work, you have to learnt from your mistakes and adapt your business to better position.

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