Did you know how to take better photo with smartphone? Well, many almost bring the mobile phone and enjoy taking of the photos around the placed they enjoy traveling. Today, I am going to discuss about something of using your smartphone to get the better image of the beautiful shorting. This post I am going to focus on the trick tip of tweak your phone’s camera and some techniques of taking the photos from phone.

Also, this post have included some tutorials that explain you about the professional techniques of phone’s photography which I found that on Youtube. I believe that everyone will enjoy the videos since those professional guys will tell about how to take better photo with smartphone.

How to Take better photo with smartphone

Well, please let me ask you a question related to our topic. How often you use your phone to take the photo? I guest that it is so frequently since the the most people are using their mobile phone instead of digital camera because the think that it is easier and comfortable. However, I found that a lot of people did the mistake while they are taking the photos.

Okay, here the bellow that I research from other professional photographer. I hope that you will enjoy it and improve your photography techniques.

#1 Position

You know? the position is really important of taking beautiful photo. If you kept your phone’s camera in either your position in the wrong place, I think that it may back your pictures not to better short. Thus, I decided the important position in two different part- phone & your position.

Your position: to make sure that you stand in the beautiful place within the beautiful background, also you have to be clear that the position is enough light which make picture looks better.

Phone’s position: you have to make the balance between your place and camera, you have to make sure that the position of your smartphone will never affect the photo such as higher or lower.

This tips I found on how to take better photo with smartphone from a guys in Youtube.

#2 Camera Quality

Thanks for the Smartphone technologies, the most them are came with the quality camera function. However, I hope that your mobile came with all of those function. Also, you able to improve capacity function such as download some Camera application or effect to additional function. I recommend to download some application from the play store that it could improve users experience.

#3 Tweak the Camera

Aside from the above tips, I have some experiences to share you about how to take better photo with Smartphone. It is related the Camera tweak setting. When I was an NGO staff, I been as an administrator who responsible in writing report and selecting of activities phone. I was trained about how to tweak the digital camera.

There are a lot things which we have to know about the Camera setting, but today I tell about the Resolution and light effected. The most of this option are in the picture ISO option, thus to remembers set the resolution higher and turn of the flash light if possible whenever you take the picture with your mobile’s camera.

#4 Avoid Zooming

I know that the Smartphone’s Camera came with the beautiful zooming function which it make you easy to get the beautiful part as you want. But have you even get know that digital zooming will reduce you image resolution and the quality of your photos? I would recommend to avoid the digital zooming whenever try to take some photos. Please go direct to the position which it make you suitable to what you want, if it is possible for you. But if you think that you cannot get that place, please take a whole of picture and then use crop tool to do that.

#5 Clean Camera’s screen

I think that this is the common mistake of photographers. You know? the professional always take their camera and did the screen cleaning frequently before they are going to take any photo. The blur screen could make blur picture and reduce the quality. I hope that you make sure that you Camera screen is really light and clean.

Okay, that is what I learn from research and experiences of mine. Please watch the bellow videos which I found that those are the good techniques for photography.

How take better photo with smartphone (Iphone5 & LG)

This video I toke it from CNET[dot]com. it is show you about how to set your phone and configure the elements for better shorting. There were two will use Iphone 5s and LG in the tutorial and explanation. Also, if you are using other brand of Smartphone. I would recommend to find out other brand of Samsung Galaxy S3 which it show you by a guy who experience of better photo taking.

How to take better photo with smartphone (Samsung S3)


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