I Just Get Completely Adsense Account Approved In 4 Steps

Hey, bloggers..! What amazing today..? Well, I just get completely Adsense account approved for my own blog Basic Blog Talk Community. Well, actually it take me almost a whole month to find out the way to do this. As I remembers, my Google disable my account last since I have place the Ads on the targeting of my website. The issued is that I have placed the double rectangle ads over my post thus it make no space when it displace on mobile devices. I wish you will never do the mistake as what I did before.

I have tried to reactive my account but I could not do that since the Ads not re appealing on my blog again, it mean that I lost my Adsense publisher. And then I have tried to apply for new account, but it still not able to get that since the domain was blocked, and the message as me to solve the previous issued.

Get Completely Adsense Account Approved
Get Completely Adsense Account Approved

I would say thanks very much to Google that gave me the second chance to work with the publisher network. Last night, I got the email for Google Adsense and inform me that I get completely Adsense account approved for my blog. Wow..! That amazing for me, I almost could not slept for a whole because the appreciating of this.

Okay, today I am going to share you about what I do the get this approval from Google Adsense. And here the following steps I did

#1 Read Adsense Terms

Well, the first of all is reading the publisher agreement and policies and I think that it is the best for publisher to get approval of their account. You know, friends..? I absolutely, don’t know what exactly the reason that make Google disable my account at that time. I was really disappointed to this issued, I have tried to find the solution and read again the policies. I found that I have did the mistake accuse the term and policies.

The first mistake is not white place which I wrote about description, I have place double big rectangle Ads size over the post thus I will make not space while my blog on mobile reading. The second mistake is that I have place the Ads on none quality blog of my own.

Well, even though you have the completely approve Adsense account that able to place the Ads code on any blog or websites but to make sure that those are all qualify by the term and policies of Google Adsense.

So, the first of this tip is that I want you go understand about the network first because you going to submit your application and request for publisher account from Google.

#2 Youtube Partnering

Okay, the next is getting Youtube partnering. Actually, Google allow to apply for Adsense from the partnering network such as Youtube and Blogspot. However, Youtube Channel is more easier than articles on Blogspot thus I would recommend to get Youtube Partnering first. So, you just create some video tutorials about what you expert or you know exactly about that.

Upload at 20 video to you Youtube channel and than apply for Adsense from Youtube partner program. Once you get approval, than you able to use publisher host-account from Adsense. And if you are a blogsport bloggers, you will able to Ads code on your blog by just associate the monetize options.

If you are WordPress blogger, I think that it is not your time. Please continue to the next step. I recommend to get Host-account because it is more easier to get completely Adsense account approved because you email address will not disable, thus you will able to reapply more times.

#3 Develop quality contents

The content is really important for getting approval. I am not actually getting the approval from Adsense via Basic Blog Talk, but I got that from my older Blogspot (Blogger Zone). The reasons that I am not able to this to apply for Adsense account is that I ready used another publisher network, thus it is not comply with the term and polices.

Also, some articles here are less 500 word which it was categories as none quality articles. LOL..! Fortunately, I have older blog which I built it since 2012 which I worked with Blogspot. It have 90 plus articles which goes from 500 to 800 word+. Last three days I have reupload the template, and configure some change such as update the policies, contact, and about page. All those is really important for Google.

Thanks I just those blog for applying…! Yeah………….! I am able to get completely Adsense account approved from that old blog.

#4 Traffic

Another job I did is getting the traffic for my old blog. Two week before I submit my application, I have shared my post across a lot of social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, and so on. Also, I have set the advertising campaign thus I am able to get more one hundred visitor daily.

The traffic is really important for getting approval, because Google want to provided the advertise the quality network thus they will never approve for dozen or none traffic. I am sure because I have rejected with Insufficient content even I used my old blog.

Thus, I recommend to get over 100 visitors a day before submit you account application.

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