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  • How lo long have you been blogging?

    How is everything, —your blog, your lifestyle, and?…

    I know you are struggling so hard to monetize your blog and change your lifestyle. As did I.

    I’ve spent abo

    • Oop! I’m so sorry for that, Ahtsham.

      I never receive that kind of feedback before. It’s working well over here.

      Anyway, what’s device or screen resolution your pc?

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    • @muthu-krishnan , welcome to the community and thanks for being a part of the family… If you have any question regarding the community or your current business, feel free to hit a private message.

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  • Back in 2009, when I first started blogging, getting AdSense account approved is always a magical question.

    Monetize a blog with Google AdSense is the most remarkable method for the bloggers, especially, the

    • The Ads not show up on custom domain because AdSense not ready approved your account.

      It shows up on Blogspot as it’s a host account. First, need to add custom domain your blog and make sure the url appear on search engine (Google) is custom domain. Once your blog pointed and redirected to custom domain, just remove all Ads from the blog and disable blogspot on third party program.

      Wait for one or two then login your AdSense account, on Setting add new website and use the custom domain url.

      When finished adding new website, AdSense might ask to place the code on website so let’s follow the instruction.

      Usually, it take up 2 or 3 days to make the Ads visible.

      Hope it helps. Ping more question if the problem not solve

    • Hey, my friend! I’m glad to see you here.

      First of, I would say congrats. You’ve jumped to the next level–your blog is much more professional.

      Anyway, I went through your blog and don’t think Google blacklist it, but not sure about the email. However, it isn’t a big problem as you can use different for applying if you cannot apply with the same email.

      Oh. I checked your privacy policies. You didn’t mention about the Double Cookies Tracking policies. For more information:



      Here is privacy policy generator.


      Don’t be confused. I’m recommending using the tool, but you can generate a policies and make a brainstorming.

      There is another problem with your blog as I didn’t any contact page. Please publish a contact for your blog.

      If you don’t want to public your own address, you don’t have to do so. Just leave a friendly message and tell reader to use contact form. What’s more, you can use contact form 7 plugin for create the contact form.

      The last recommendation is the article. I found mostly your article is lower than 1000 words. Please write longer and resubmit again.

      Anymore, question please let me know.

    • You’re welcome, my friend!

      Anyway, it’s complicated to answer how easy and difficult blogging is. You’re right, blogging isn’t about writing the article, but it involve many activities relating to business.

      If you love blogging and changing your life as much as I did, I believe it won’t be difficult for you. I found the inborn talent of your writing and always love reading your article both Facebook post and blog article. I’m, however, not fan of artist. LOL!

      I don’t know how to explain, but you did much and much better than me when I was a newbie. You know, even now I cannot write as good as you do.

      I strongly believe if you committed on continuing your work, you’ll be an awesome blogger.

      I’m sure, I will read your fiction or poetry book as soon as possible.

    • What’s a Wonder full morning!

      Donna, I’m so glade to see your comment and Facebook sharing.

      We both have different skill. In fact, I always think of hiring a writer to write the post for me as I often do some grammatical errors, as you can see. Getting an AdSense account isn’t difficult, but to monetize a blog with AdSense is much more difficult then what people are expecting.

      I’ve read your last yesterday, and it educated me lots about branding and exposing online business. I’ve plan to implement the strategy as soon as possible.

      Have a great day!

    • You’re right, bro.

      Your words make me think about the search engine optimization. Many people claim that Google is change. I, however, realize Google never change. It always want to be the best search engine in the world.

      Google do the best to provide the best user experience by providing more relevant content and more quality. AdSense is also the same as it’s a part of Google LLC.

      Thanks for comment and sharing…

    • Hi Kimsea. Thanks for the Article.My Google adsense account was banned due to invalid activity. After that I tried with different mail id.But it didnt worked out. I tried again.But Google have declined my application. Is there any other way to make them approve

      • @muthu-krishnan Please use AdSense Sanbox to make your website address wasn’t in the Blacklist. I assume that you url was banned so you’re not going to Adsense with that. You should buy a new domain and redirect it to new url.

        • Thanks for ur instant reply. yes, i think I am applying with the same URL.I have planned to create a blog in Blogger platform with the new domain.

          • @muthu-krishnan, you first need to make sure that your blog is blacklisted. As I told, AdSense Sanbox is great way to get know that. What’s more, you don’t need to create new blog, but just trying to redirect the blog to another domain. I believe Google will more answers about how to redirect new domain name.

            Thanks for reading and hope it helps.

            • Sorry Kimsea. I am not aware about Adsense sanbox.How to check it.Is there any link to check the Adsense sandabox.Please send the detailed info about how to check it

            • I checked my website through Google sandbox. it is showing all ads formats. So What should i do next. Can i apply again..

    • @muthu-krishnan,

      here is the url, https://ctrlq.org/sandbox/

      just input your blog address and show ads. If see the Ads appear, you blog not banned.

      What’s more, make sure Ad-block isn’t enable on your browser.

      • Thanks, I checked it. It’s showing all Google ad formats. I got an email from Adsense yesterday.
        Hello Muthu,

        Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. After reviewing your application, our specialists have found that it does not meet our programme criteria. Therefore, we are unable to accept you into our programme.

        We have certain policies in place that we believe will help ensure the effectiveness of Google ads for our publishers as well as for our advertisers. We review all publishers, and we reserve the right to decline any application. As we grow, we may find that we are able to expand our programme to more web publishers with a wider variety of web content.

        Please note that we may not be able to respond to enquiries regarding the specific reasons for our decision. Thank you for your understanding.

        Check the above email content.Why they have mentioned.Its not meeting our programme criteria. Please explain what i have to do

        • Of course. As I wrote in the above post, the only that you can understand why Google not approves your blog is to read the TOS. And find out why your blog not meet the requirements. I might could not answer the question as Google AdSense didn’t give us any specific regarding the mistake. If you mind, please pm me your blog url so I can check and help you to find out what is wrong.

          • Thanks for ur reply.Please check my blog url..http://recenttrends.org/
            Pls check it and share ur feedback.

            • Hi, @muthu-krishnan! I’ve gone through your blog.

              I found you have a nice article with approximate length, and I believe it should not the problem. However, I put the url in copyscape search and found some similar url come up. Please make it 100% unique and no duplicated content.

              Second, I found you use multi image in each article. Please review your image where do you find it? Do you have permission to use the image on your blog?

              The last one is, I check your privacy policy and I could find Double Cookies tracking policy. Please make your understand that as it’s a requirements of applying for Adsense account.

    • You have to answer why you account was banned.

      Is any copyright material or harmful activity?

    • Of course, not. You’re not going to get any copyright strike unless you uploaded copyright material to your channel.

      Google AdSense separated different products between AdSense for content and hosted account. No worry…

      Anyway, thanks for commenting the post.

    • Elvis, thanks for commenting.

      Yeah. Of course, I just found YouTube recently changed the Partner program.

      However, to reach 10k video on YouTube isn’t much difficult as one of my video received over almost 10k views.

      In fact, I’ve never write about the culture and entertain post.

      To be honest, I love those, but I just not good at writing those kind of post.

      Never mind about the length of content. If you’re enjoying your work and want to give readers deeper discussion, you’ll figure out some ways to do that.

      Again, thanks for comment..

    • Oh. LOL!

      To be honest, I did 12k long for new blog. It seems to me that my audience love it a lot, but unfortunately, that blog was grab by the other guy.

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