monster-blog-marketing-mistakes-by-kimseasokThis is the first blogging tips that I wrote along the way of my traveling. You know, friends..? Right now I’m traveling across 2 provinces (states) for visiting my brother’s farm — I feel like free, and then I just write the post.

What’s about the topics that I’m going to share you? Well, we are going to talk about some big blog marketing mistakes that the most of newbie bloggers as well as intermediate bloggers made it.

Well, I know everyone want to be a successful thus you may not want to read about the my mistakes.


Have you ever think that mistake is the most amazing thing in life…?

Yes, it is..!

You know..? All of our mistakes are the most amazing thing in our life, it teach us how to make the thing better in the future.

We’re not staying in the past, but we learn about the past — we learnt from something that we did wrong, and make it better next time.

Okay, today I have 5 monster blog marketing mistakes that I did it wrong when I started my first blogging life.

With those 5 mistakes, I hope everyone will learn about some things wrong and correct. Especially, I hope you will never repeat what I did at that time.

Tips #1 — stop writing your blog post

The first time I started my first blog, I heard a lot of pro bloggers said “Content is king of blog”.

I’m so relied on that, I tried to spend almost of my time for research new blog’s post ideas — I committed to publish daily quality article for me readers, and I believed that readers will enjoy my articles then visit my blog every day — I want attract huge traffic using my blog’s post.

Everything unlike what I expected, the people are thinking what the god is not.

I’m not able to get more traffic or subscribers, but I sucked with lacking of new ideas for upcoming topics — I sat down with no idea, I reproduced my previous posts by combined the idea and make it new.

The readers seem not really happy with my post because nothing to be new educated them or unique experience sharing.

So, what are exactly the mistakes..?

I should not spend all my time for writing blog post — it’s not the best solution for content marketing, blogging is more than writing, but writing the quality blog post that it cached readers’ eyes and attract their attention.

You need to find out some ways to promote your articles to the right target readers who value your article.

Hence, the content planning is really important for you — once or twice a month is okay for that, though.

But you write too fast and really well…..

That’s awesome..! if you are a great blogger and you able to write over 1,500 words article in just 30 minutes — you can write one or two posts a week but it’s not for own blog.

So, who should it for…?

Well, actually you can contribute those articles to other bloggers’ blogs who accepted the guest post.

Guest post is the best way dial with best blog marketing strategies — it is the best for build quality backlinks, and authority.

Moreover, guest post could drive up more visitors to your blog, more subscribers who opted in your mailing list, and especially its able to build trust between readers and blogger.

Tips #2 — stop promote your products

As a blogger, we made money by selling affiliate products or their own products. This is why you strive your best to write your blog posts.

However, it’s not mean that you have to write all time above our products (Reviewing) — it is the biggest blog marketing mistakes that bloggers should avoided.

You know? Readers come to your blog because they want to learn more knowledge that those improve better experience, and life educational topics but not all above your products.

According my research and personal experiences, 90 percent of online buyers are not going to buy any products, if it is the first visiting — they just subscribed for new update information, if you have great content, and/or useful information.

Another experience is that 40 percent of subscribers unsubscribed your mailing because high blood pressures email marketing — they are not always has enough time for reading your promotion email.

Moreover, what I learnt from my own mistakes is that 80 percent of buyers who bought your products after you solved their problem.

What should you do solve this problem…?

Actually, the people who made sales online follow 3 steps to make money.

What are those steps, exactly..?

First!  They didn’t not write any sales trick or killer article marketing which give them over 1k sales, but they’re striving the for capture leads.

They wrote quality article that catch readers’ eyes and attract their attention, they used Call to Action strategies to make readers subscribe for their newsletters, and waiting for new update from their blog.

Secondly, they look for some ways to build stronger relationship with their readers who subscribed their mailing list — they want those readers trust on their products or business brand, then they strive their best to convert subscribers to buyers.

Finally, the last is that getting money…! LOL.

Tips #3 — stop isolated blogging

Isolated blogging is the most main blog marketing mistake that always happened to newbie bloggers. I think that you experience with this, if you’re not a newbie bloggers.

Sure, blogging is not isolate business, but it’s a university or business community that everyone enjoys in learning, sharing, and helping each other in growing the business — this is the most reason that I love blogging.

I learnt about this mistake last 3 years when I became the jobless at the first time in my life.

You know, my friends..? I’ve been starting blogging since the beginning of 2009, but I am not able to success because I was an isolated blogger. I tried to win successful blogging alone without connecting with other bloggers in area of interests.

Unfortunately, I am not able to get my job done — I failed and sucked alone, and I don’t know what to do next.

Fortunately, last 3 years I found an amazing blogger who tell about the important of build community and relationship at the first time of my life — His name is Ryan Buddish from the Blogging from Paradise.

You know, what I learnt from him..?

Last 3 years I got a biggest problem in my life, I quitted my job and I became a jobless. I have nothing to for my daily life. Blogging is only a single job that helps me to relax from stress and pressure.

One day while I was looking for some blogging tips about how to become a successful blogger. I found Ryan’s guest post on Basic Blog Tips [dot] com.

You know..? I just know that he wrote an awesome article about blogging success, but I didn’t get know that what behind those that made him success until I visited his blog.

The first thing that I could recognize about Ryan is that he did a lot of traveling around the world. I found his photo in my country, Cambodia — he toke a photo with his wife in front of Angkor Wat Temple (If you want to have a lot traveling like him, Check out his eBook: 7 Steps to Build Full Time Income From Blog).

I was really existed that a professional blogger has visited a poor country such as Cambodia. I clicked on his Facebook profile and connect with him. It is not for business, but it is just friends and personal relationship.

The learning time was started that time — I have kept more connecting and engage with Ryan’s blog. I found that he is really an active person on social media networking.

He spent a lot of time in keeping active and interacts with other people. Also, whenever I visited other pro bloggers and read their blog posts I always found Ryan’s comments on those blogs, almost every time.

I started recognize that he spend a lot of time in build relationship with other bloggers in order to get authority, and winning successful blogging.

I have pinned him a message and asked about how he could success with his business, and one short answer that he told me “relationship”.

That was a surprise to me — I never expected that a professional blogger give me a crazy shortest answer like this above.

However, I believe in him because he is really awesome and authority blogger. He’s a real personal that focus on keeping active in building engagement.

Sure, I’m a jobless! I have a nothing to do aside from blogging and reading other bloggers’ posts. I spent time to comment on those articles and tweeted or shared those blog’s posts.

I have connected with those blog owners through twitter or Facebook. I spent sometimes to communicate with those bloggers through tweeting, or Facebook commenting.

A surprise thing happened after three months — I found that got a lot of comments increased on my blog posts, and the traffic increased up 150 percent, according to Google Analytics.

Sure, the crazy answer changed my blogging life. I have made my first thousand dollars from my blog that year (2013).

So, what’re the strategies I used it actually…?

Honestly, I don’t have any actual strategies to win success at that time. I did some routine work during that time.


I spent 3 hours a day to read at least 30 blog’s posts and commented on those articles. I tweeted to posts and mention those bloggers name. Also, I followed those bloggers and keeping more connecting both Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Additionally, I have setup the specific game plan for Facebook and Twitter. I spent 2 hours a day for working with social media such as commenting on other Facebook post and tweet.

Whenever those people replied my comments, I responded to them. I’m not talking about the business, but I strived my best to build a private relationship.

Sometime I gave those people some advising whenever they need it. I tried my best to help those people in finding the solution for the both business and life issued.

Frequently, I used my own experience as the solution for problem — I believe that different people will have different experience.

Aside from helping those people, I always ask for advice from them because I could recognize that those people are now my friends. I love them…!

With these above activities, I gain a lot of benefits from the relationship — they trust on me, and they help me in growing of my business such as always help to spread my words.

I have a lot fun, and I enjoy a lot with those people. I have more friends from all around the world. I don’t think that blogging is really the business, but it is the most enjoy time for life — I could learn and share what I knew about doing small business with blogging.

So, what exactly I mean…?

What I mean is that whatever the business you are currently doing, even its offline or online business. If you always help other people in doing their business, they will support back to you and appreciate in helping you back.

No business or individual could success without build stronger relationship with other amount area of their business.

Remembers, lf you lacked of creating and maintaining relationship with your targets, you did a monster blog marketing mistake.

Tips #4 — stop working yourself

Absolutely, nothing is impossible…!

However, it not means that you could do everything yourself — you need a team, or some tools that help in improve your business processing.

Anyway, did you have question of the tip #3 above..?

Said, “Yes”… You can leave your question at the bellow comment form. I will appreciate in responding what you wonder about…

….But if you don’t have any question about that, I got a question for you.

Why did I spend only 5 hours day (3 hours for commenting and 2 hours for social media) for working with my full time blogging..?

Sure, I’m a jobless and full time blogger. For a reason that I just only 5 hours for working with my blog marketing  is that I need to save my time for doing other tasks such as create quality backlinks for my content, write some articles for other bloggers, monitor my blog’s content SEO, and so many more works.

Blogging gave me too many tasks, thus I need a serious working and somebody or any tools that it’s able to help me in speeding up my works.

You know..? The successful bloggers own automate marketing tools that help them in promote their blog’s posts such as spread their words to various social media platforms with just single click from their notebook, and they able to interact with other people in multi social media networks through the software.

Did you believe that it has automated marketing tools that those help you to make thousand dollars without doing anything, actually..?

My answer is “Yes”, but not really…

Alright, I’m using Hootsuite social media tools — it allows to work faster with social media marketing such as plan my content, and working with various social media profiles.

With tool I work easily with social media marketing, I could schedule various contents to multi platforms like Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and up to 50 different social networks.

Also, I could manage various social media activities such as comment, retweet, like, or share other people information with single dashboard.

Sure, I save a lot of time in doing social media management. I’m so sorry that I don’t have any tutorial about hootsuite social media tool, but please enjoy from pro blogger call Reginnal.

Here it is Hootsuite Social Media Management

Additionally, I own team that helps me to promote my blog’s contents — we did a lot of things to together according to our plan

  • Writing submit at 5 guest a week
  • Comment on 30 different blogs a day
  • Spreading the content through social media networking, and interact with other users
  • Forum marketing and posting
  • Marketing research
  • Competitors analysis
  • And so much works

Absolutely, you have too any works in order to start a brilliant small business with blogging.  You may need to spend the money for hiring expert marketers to help in marketing your business.

I think that outsources, and freelance websites such as Fivrr and Freelancing should be recommended for hiring those people.

But if you said that you have limited budget, and you are not able to hire any marketers or freelancer. You also can find some friends, or colleagues who have the similar interest to join you.

Tips #5 — stop thinking about free

Ask yourself, why start blogging — blog for business, or you blog just only want to share your habit journey..?

If you blog for your business, you could avoided from spent money for grabbing useful element such as hosting, blog designing, email services, and so on.

You know..? The most reason that I could not make money at the first 3 years is that I relied on free blogging platform such as Blogger.

Actually, those above element may not relate directly to blog marketing mistakes that those I made in the past.

However, you those element made me to be an unprofessional bloggers — the readers not really trusted on what I wrote about, so my content marketing worthless to them.

You know..? It gave indirect affect to my blog branding. My content was not shared by many readers, and I could not drive up more traffic to my blog.

Additionally, free CMS system not provided me the full control of my business — I lacked of friendly designing, and other important feature such as SEO friendly. The most worst that I hate those free platforms are that search engines not really like my blog.

If you have read my previous post “How to Start Small Business with Blogging”, I think that you understand the serious reasons why you should own hosting service for your business.

An embarrassing that I’m not proud to write about my mistake in the previous post is that I’m not confident to write any product reviewing.

Imagine that you’re currently using free hosting service, but you wrote about choosing hosting service as affiliate reviewing — I don’t think that your readers will believe on you, so that I skip the product reviewing.

Yeah..! It is not about hosting review, but it will affect to any products that you have reviewed it.  I guarantee that nobody will trust because you’re not an authority and unprofessional bloggers.

Another, experience about hosting is that I choose the hosting service — my blog loading speed is really slow, I got 8 second loading time (Pingdom Test).

40 percent of visitors will leave my blog without reading. It is the reason that I plan to move from my currently hosting service, my friends recommended Siteground or Hostgator.

Honestly, if I want to write about my blogging mistakes, it will be a longest eBook that content over 300 page length or over. LOL.

You know..? Email marketing is one of the potential blog marketing mistakes that I did wrong in past. If look at Alexa rank of my website, you will see that I content 300k, and 3.8 person search traffic.

It means that I’m not getting huge traffic. I would admit that I just get around 3k as average monthly visiting.

The main reason is that I lacked of a sustainable source of traffic. I currently have less 500 subscribers who opted in my mailing list.

Sure, I started this blog since the middle of 2012, but I never using any opt-in service because I don’t want to spend much money that — I have limited budgeting for blogging.

You will never waste your money because opt-in service, I swear…

Actually, you just spend around $15 or less than $150 a years for email services such as Aweber or Getresponse, but if you said that you have no budget for that (I would recommend MailChimp).

I believe that it’s enough get starting your email marketing campaign, and please imagine bellow explanation.

If you could get 5 subscribers a day who subscribed your blog, you will gain over 1500 subscribers after a year. I started this blog almost 3 years, so I should gain around over 4k subscribers but I just own only less than 500 — it is my fail.

If you are a good newsletter marketing who able to get 80 percent accurate engagement with those 4k subscribers, you will gain at less 3.2k traffic for a single content marketing you sent them.

And if your content is high quality that it able to cache readers’ eyes and attract their attention, you will gain more traffic from those 3.2k visitors.

Imagine that if 60 percent of those visitors shared or tweeted your post, you will get around 1.9k social media sharing — those are really huge traffic with just a single blog’s post.

The last thing is that I want you to wonder about is that blog template.

Is your blog designing a matter blog marketing..?

Honestly, I would say yes for my answer — it is a variable of statement.

If talk about computer programming whenever a variable gave unexpected value, it will make your statement not working or errors.

I’m not going to focus on premium features, but I’m going to tell you a secret about why should grab premium theme.

A single reason that should you spend money for your blog design is that your readers could recognize your blog as once of professionals blogs — it will helps you in building trust with your readers , whenever the visitors get on your blog, the first that they could recognize is that your blog designing.

They will recognize that you blog is professional and reliable blog because you got a professional look, and friendly designing — they think that you own professional team or stuffs, and especially you have invested in your business branding.

Sure, the most of people trusted on business and not individual unless you have private relationship with them.

The sources I recommended:

Elegent Theme: it is the most popular WordPress theme that can access up to 67 themes with $69 membership price.

Theme Junkie: It is the cheaper theme. You will able to access to up 62 beautiful WordPress theme with $49 membership price.

Themeforest: If you don’t like to pay for members of your blog designing, also you can find out individual theme from biggest shop. You pay for what you love…

Tips #6 — stop think it easy

Another most common and monster blog marketing mistake is that they think that blogging is an easy business which they could win successful easily and fastest.

Absolutely NO…! You know..? It really requires you to take much time to work hard and SMART in order to achieve better and better performance.

I would guarantee that you will never success in tomorrow, if you start it today.

How long will you able to achieve success your business…?

A best answer is that as soon as you could find shortcut to walk faster to your successful.  Today I’m going to give you my secret keys of successful — those are consistency and patenting.

I would admit that spent 3 years to make first thousand, and my business better. However, I never feel like I success with my business but I’m doing my best to find out myself and my ways to success.

You know..? It is hard for me to walking from a step to another step, sometime I feel like it is too long way for me to get where I want — I lacked of motivation, I want to quite my work.

A single reason that I’m not quit and leave behind my business is my dream — I have to make a realistic vision for my life, here what is my vision and dream.

Keep calm, the god got this.

I found the above quote on Facebook, I smile and feel like motivate to keep continue my work.

Honestly, I’m not believe in god but the reason that I keep patenting and continue my work is that I want to have a bit free time for my Mom and Dad — they both are my god, so I keep calm for them.

Well, today I would define the meaning of patenting in this post. “Patenting” means enjoying your work and keeping hard working — you love what you are doing, and you never said give up to your work.

A single element of failure is stopping your breath.

I’m sure about the quote. Nobody is going to fail, if they are breathing — human has a secret power to get everything done, and nothing is impossible for the people who committed in their work.

I understand your feeling because I have to same to yours, sometime you lacked of motivation, and want to give up your job but please do not do that.

You know? I found successful is on your way, and you are going to achieve success as soon as possible you could find your unique power.

So, please do not leave behind your opportunity…

You have to keep consistency and patenting. You could relax, and then back to work if you feel like unmotivated.

I would recommend you to read Kellie Copper’s post:

You know, baby..? I believe in you as I believe in myself, we are going to success with our work.

Nothing could be the obstacle of your successful — you are the god’s son.


Blog marketing is the most important to achieve successful in blogging business. Frequently provided the quality content mean that you have added high value to your business.

Sure, content is kind of blogging. However, the kind need a queen and his citizen thus the quality content that lacked of promoting will not able to achieve 100 percent of the content marketing purposes — you have to take a lot of your time in promoting your blog contents in order to reach right target readers.

I’m sure that no business will achieve a highly success without partnership and networking, especially building strong relationship with their customers. You have to use various resources of your business such as content, newsletters, and social media communication to build relationship with your readers.

You know..? Business is all about using money and other resources to make money, thus you have to invest both financial and resources that you have it for generating income from your business blog. I believe that free online money is almost gone, or you’re not going to get enough payment from your blog with spend a damn of dollar.

You may take some time to win successful, and retire from your currently offline job. One day, your dream will become realistic, and all people surround you will recognize your success while you’re talking nothing to them.

Final word is that thanks for reading about my 6 monster blog marketing mistakes that those I did. I know it is not a wonderful blogging success which you want to know about it, but I hope that you will never follow those, what I did wrong.

Most things that I expected from this topic outcome are that you’ll able to convert those above mistakes to gain successful advantage or your business.

Anyway, I need you to do me a favor — if you love my post, would please give me a tweet or shared. Also, if you don’t want to miss new updating from my blog, please subscribe our mailing list.


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Writen by: Kimsea Sok From:
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  1. Donna Merrill 4 years ago

    I do believe that when we first start blogging we make so many mistakes. But eventually we learn. I find as a long time blogger, that I have to share my mistakes to others so they don’t make them. If we have a blog that only sells products, people will never come back.
    It is always a good idea to follow the 80/20 rule: 80% good content for people to use and 20% we can review or sell a product/service.

    As for making money fast…there is no such thing and I’m glad to see you write that! Also, we must take our time and have a plan to execute. It is like walking on a road. It may take time to get to our destination,but we must savor every moment of the journey.


    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 4 years ago

      Donna, thanks for stopping by and commenting the post. Honestly, I’m really happy to see you comment here.

      Actually, I have deleted more than 2 blogs as you read the above post. There were many mistakes that I did a long the way of blogging. I wrote about my mistakes because I want my readers to understand about what is the wrong, and then avoided it.

      Blogging is ways to build relationship with right people. What we to consider about is How those relationship is going to be create. Sure, it require quality content which educate those people, and not a product selling article.

      Yeah..! Blogging is business we’ll need the execute plan for implement of our business.

      Have nice Monday, or Sunday…!

  2. Carol Amato 4 years ago

    Hello, Kimsea,

    I like your Tip #3, because we cannot do this alone. It takes getting to know other bloggers and reaching out to network with them.

    Your tip #4 is really good too, and I’ve had a team about two years. So glad I got one because I cannot scale my business up without help.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Just a tip, it would be good to get someone that has English as their first language to proof-read your article before publishing because your syntax is way off and sometimes I had a lot of difficulty understanding. Just a friendly tip, my friend.

    Hope to encourage you, and thanks for sharing!!


    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 4 years ago

      Carol, thanks for stopping by and commenting the post.

      Sure, blogging is not isolated business. You’ve to build a big community of your business such as building relationship with other bloggers. Creating, manage, and build stronger relationship is really important tasks to help more successful with blogging.

      You know..? When I was starting my first blog, I’ve fight with blog storm by working alone without the team. I have been working over 15 hours a day because I want to successful with my business. I failed and down. I’m not a blogging machine thus I need to relax, and I’m not ability to work alone.

      Sure, the team gave me high effective work. So, it is good to find friends, or colleagues who have similar interest to join with us.

  3. Nanda Rahmanius 4 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    You have done a great job by sharing this article. I love it and you also present it very well. 🙂

    You know, what you describe in this article, I also experienced it when I started to decide to become a blogger. I think, it is a problem that must be passed every person to become a blogger. If you give up half way, then all is over. It looks like natural selection, I guess. 😀

    I could not agree more with building relationships with other bloggers. I also do that and get a lot of benefit from it.

    Indeed, blogging is not easy. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes hard work, consistency and commitment.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Kimsea.
    Hope you are having an awesome Monday!


    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 4 years ago

      Nanda, how are you doing to man..?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting the post. I am really appreciate to know that you love this article. Sure, consistency and commitment are really core value of success for every business, and not just for blogging.

      Whatever, you are currently doing with your business, offline or online. You have to have a strong commitment, and keep continue your work.

      Whatever, the reason you got from you, you have to keep calm and continue it. You need to learnt about why you are not going to success with your process, and adapt it.

      Only thing that you to do with this is to enjoy your life. You have to take sometime for relax, when outside and call your girlfriend for going a walk. LOL

      Then you’re going to work again.

  4. Ovais Mirza 4 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    You are absolutely right! It is the consistency to deliver the good posts to the readers, creative thinking and i believe the link building also that plays a vital role in making your blogging career a success. Most of the bloggers fails because they make mistakes and ultimately have to shut down their blogs. It is really a motivational post for all of us bloggers. Thanks for the share.

    Ovais Mirza

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 4 years ago

      Ovais, welcome to the blog.

      Sure, you’re right…? Consistency acted as important and potential element to pull every bloggers to become a success. As I wrote about only single element of failure is to stop breathing. Thus, you have to keep continue, and enjoy what you have. Relax, and then back to work.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting post

  5. Mi Muba 4 years ago

    Hi Kimsea

    Very valuable info in each point with lot of powerful arguments that shows you simply didn’t shared just another post but first researched the topic so thoroughly and then wrote the post covering all the key points.

    I think one should not share the next post even for months if he does not have anything new, unique and valuable to share.

    Just promoting for the sake of promoting is just like a sales person who knocks at the door of a house and despite housemates not wanting to listen to him just try to force him to listen a while before slamming the door.

    This is an age of stiff competition and one should not assume that simply reproduction of old ideas will bring a huge traffic at his blog. No one bother to visit a blog with stereotyped contents.

    All the points you mentioned are pretty awesome and worth sharing so I shared it at Twitter to help my community follow the steps mentioned in it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 4 years ago

      Mi, thanks for back and commented my post…! 🙂

      Yeah..! I agree with what you commented above. Research is the common factors for self development, it’s right way to lead people to the positive of successful, I means it is not about blogging, but everything in life need self development.

      It liked what you said about promote everyday in your article like knock out the door, that the most people really boring about that. We need creative ideas of sales promote, but always write about it.

      Thanks for sharing, my blog..! I really appreciate on this..! 🙂

      Have nice day..

  6. Nisha Pandey 4 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    You have mentioned some groundbreaking concepts about blogging that break the traditional beliefs. It’s nice to know that you blog even when you are on the go! You have aptly emphasized on the importance of promoting blogs.

    Thanks for these valuable tips and giving me a new perspective to look at blogging.

    Have a great week!

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 4 years ago

      Nisha, first I want to you know that I really appreciate to see you here, on my blog.

      Thanks for stopping by and commented the post. Sure, blogging business is now updated. WE have to find out way to improve our currently processing. Actually, I love what you said “traditional Believe”. We have to break it..

  7. Mukesh 4 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    very nice article and very informative, Thanks for posting such a wonderful post.


    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 4 years ago

      Mukesh, you’re welcome…! 🙂

      I’m glad that you found useful on this article…

      Have nice day..

  8. Atish Ranjan 4 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    Mistakes are good as long as you learn from them. If you do same mistakes again and again then it is bad.

    It is well said that collection of mistakes is called experience.

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 4 years ago

      Artis, How are you today..?

      Sure.. You said what are the right..! You know..? Mistakes are important because we could learnt what are the wrong. It would experience of our life, if we’re able to learnt from it. However, if we repeat again our mistakes, I don’t that it is the most amazing.

      You know..? My previous boss told me that “I love your new mistakes?, but I don’t your previous mistakes”

      By the way, thanks for coming here…

  9. Chery Shmidt 4 years ago

    Hello Kimsea Sok,
    I did find your article over on Kingged where a few others left comments about your grammar, well I believe we all learn from our mistakes and this is what this article is all about Right?

    YES Mistakes DO Teach us how to make A Better Future.

    I have seen many great points in this article, Keep up the GREAT WORK!! Chery :))

    • Author
      Kimsea Sok 4 years ago

      Your welcome, Chery..!

      You know..? After reading your comment, I found that you’re really positive person. I believe that you are fulfill with motivation, and experience…

      I’ve visited your blog, and I found that you have a lot of awesome article.

      I have opted in your mailing list, and keep more connecting…

      Have nice day..

  10. Samantha 4 years ago

    WOW this is really comprehensive post with awesome tips in a single post. I’ll bookmark it for revision.


  11. Andrew Warner 4 years ago

    Hey Kimsea,

    Good post here.

    Tip #1 is truly important and spot on. The majority of our best posts should be reserved for guest posts. It can help with authority, like you said, and getting backlinks. But more importantly, it helps you with branding.

    Great stuff.

    – Andrew

  12. Santanu 4 years ago

    That’s an awesome piece to read.

    I am completely agree with the point of looking for everything FREE. As a beginner people are mostly looking for making money without spending money. Even they think with a free blogging platform, domain name things can be achievable.

    Blogging is like starting a business only, how come one start a business with out investment?

  13. Yasin Rishad 3 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    Glad to see your post on Blog marketing mistakes which we have to stop. While writing content many mistakes we do. We do mistakes and i believe it’s an opportunity to learn from mistakes. I always love to take my mistakes as opportunity.

    I loved your tips on stop promote your products. I found from here how much important is e-mail subscriber and how can we get sell from subscriber. You are right too much mail make subscriber boring.

    Many thanks for your this brilliant content. Waiting to see more awesome and informative content like this.

    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad

  14. Mohit Arora 2 years ago

    Hi Kimsea,

    That’s a wonderful write-up. I do agree with you on all the points especially – Stop working yourself. I think rather than working hard, we should also focus on smart work. Thanks for sharing the HootSuite Social Media Tool. I will surely love to try this one.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to read more article from you.

    Best Regards,

  15. Hello, Kimsea!

    This is my first time to your blog. This post really interested me because I know I can learn from other’s mistakes as well as the ones I make.

    I could feel your passion about blogging and wanting to help others by sharing your blogging story. You have come so far!

    I think the biggest take-away for me is the part where you point out that new and intermediate bloggers work too hard and try to do it all on their own. We each can do a great deal by ourselves, but when we add a community of bloggers, a network of bloggers — your success can increase exponentially That is a smart thing, to utilize all the resources available to help you promote your business.

    Today, you stopped by to help me with a small issue you saw on my blog. I couldn’t see it, but having people enjoy my blog is important to me. You took the time to point out what you saw and to confirm that I had indeed fixed the issue. That’s what networking is all about! We help each other. No one needs to “blog alone.”

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and the lessons you have learned.


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