Complete SEO Writing Tips and Tricks for Better Content – Drive Traffic in 14 Days

I know you heard a lot from some bloggers said that quality content is kind of blog. Absolutely, they are right! It is the most important thing in my supper secret SEO Writing tips and tricks in this article

Before I am going to write about my tips, please let’s say thanks to my value guest contributorsChris who has contributed some series of SEO Editorial Guidelines. It is one of pretty nice SEO writing tips and tricks series which I believe that it would improve better blog’s content development works.

Actually, I repeat a similar tip today because I got a question from my Facebook friend who is a Cambodian blogger yesterday.

“I have PR #4 but why didn’t my article get on top of search engine list? Another question is that my articles rank well in Cambodia, but not in US”, He asked.

Well, develop quality blog’s contents and optimize your article followed friendly webmaster guidelines are what we have to do to increase blog page rank and explore our business branding.

We have to make to both readers and search engines satisfy to our contents in order to achieve high performance of content marketing, thus to spend sometimes to learn about better SEO writing tips and tricks, and keeping update of Webmasters game changing are great dial with this problems.

You know? This year Google has changed almost 3 or 4 times of their rules and their ways to detect spam web market strategies as well as the way they to pull up contents on their list.

Even though Google changed their ways, their rules, and their game but they never change their goals ─ what they want is only improving users search experiences through providing quality and relevant information which users are searching for.

That’s right..! Google and your readers have a same goal when they come online for searching documents ─ what they needs are quality and relevant contents.

Hence, if you want your blog’s content was voted by Google and your readers, you have to provide them what they are looking for. It’s only single purpose of my supper secret which I used for WordPress SEO optimization.

My Secret SEO Writing Tips and Tricks #1 – To Write for Readers

Access Audiences’ needs and Get new ideas for writing


Of course, to make your article lovely for search engines is really important for exploring blog brand and improve business opportunity, but what the most mistakes for writers are ─ they are confusing about content marketing purposes.

Actually, your goal is attractive more readers to read your articles and interactive with those people. Yeah, you want to engage those readers to come back again and over again for reading blog’s article, and then convert those readers to buyers. Am I right..? Yes, of course I am.

I know you heard a lot from some bloggers said that quality content is kind of blog. Absolutely, they are right! It is the most important thing in my supper secret SEO Writing tips and tricks in this article ─ you have to write your content for readers, not just for listing on the top page.

The readers come online and looking for useful information which educates them something about their business, life experience, and/or personal developments ─ they want to study more different individual experiences from different people.

It is only thing you have do for it ─ to produce quality contents and update your blog regularly. I would recommend my previous post “Why You Should Write about Own Stories.

#1 Your Business’s Fan Page

Your business’s page such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter are the most basic tool for monitor and follow up your readers’ interests.

It shows you the important information in needs like what kind of contents that are the most interesting by your followers such as it is the most liked, commented, and/or the most shared by your followers.

Those social media platforms provided important tool for audience engagement such as the tools to conduct some questionnaires and survey your audiences.

With those features you will able to gather useful information from your followers such as interests, feedbacks, and whatever you want from them.

Or, if you are working on Twitter, also you can follow the trends changing of your followers ─ it will show you about what are the most tweeted on network and what kind information that are the most interesting.

Aside from those above tools, you also can do manual way to access to your audiences’ needs such as tweet or post status of some questions directly on your timeline for asking about what exactly they want to read about.

As an example, I always post some silly status updates such as “what’s up, everyone..! I have plenty ideas to write today, so what you want to read this week update”. It sounds like crazy, isn’t it? It is working very well for me, actually.

#2 Your Blog’s comments

Did you ever think that your blog’s comments are important for blogging and your online business? Actually, my answer is “YES”. You know? The most successful and professional bloggers wrote that it is important for them.

I agree 100 percent with those bloggers ─ It is significantly important to build blogging community and interact with your readers.

Whatever you think about this, but I just want to you know that it is really important for accessing to readers’ needs.

When they came and read your articles ─ they have some opinions or feedback about the content of your tips ─ they wrote back about what they thought of context.

It is exactly the best chance to interact and ask them about what else they want to from your article or anymore tips they want to learn.

Don’t you think that it is an amazing idea to write some tips that respond to those readers’ comments to clear the remaining concerns or issued? I think that it is ─ the readers will love you a lot. Isn’t it right?

#3 World’s Trend

The search engines like YahooBing and Google are so kind, they provided us the best tools to access to world trends and let us know about what the people all around the world are interesting, especially you can selected the specific country depend on your need.

You should spend 30 minutes to an hour to read some word’s trends articles and search for the world’s trends related to your niche before starting own topic. Google, Yahoo, and Bing will let you know what kind of the content that you readers would be love.

They are free tool that available for improving SEO writing and content creative ─ the tool provided addition information about people trends such as what people searched for in the past ─ it allows you to make more specific select target geography, categories, and so on.

Check our recommend tips

If you are focus on lates technology or world news niche, I would give highly recommend to visit those above trends tools before you are going to start your own topic writing.

#4 Community Blogs

The niche community blogs such as forumsquestions & answers sites, and business communities should be other best places to find out what the people are interesting since a lot typical entrepreneurs both newbies and pros are living there.

You know? There were many people joint communities in area of their interests ─ they are trying to find out any business solutions that currently issued on their businesses, or they are doing their business marketing through discussion and relationship building.

You should not miss the chance to connect with those people in those communities, for reasons that a lot people faced with problems ─ they asked or looking for advices to their issued.

Did you think that it is important for you? I am not to mention about chance to build relationship and authority, but I am focus on topic brainstorming ─ the concerns, questions and problems as well as responding to those issued are what to make you creative.

Either way you are able ask those community’s members about where can you get more ideas of interesting topics for your readers. Nothing risk at all ─ you just looking for some communities and join it.

#5 Your Competitors

Actually, your competitors are really best business partners – the competitors teach you a lot about how to do your business even it is online or offline.

I think that you should not skip monitoring your competitors’ activities. What you have to do is that to find out some priority competitors and subscribe their mailing list to get update from them.

It would not waste your time just because spending 30 minutes a day to visitor your competitors and read their articles ─ to find out what they are doing for their readers or customers, or what their audiences are interesting about.

You probably need look out some important areas that pointed out some reflection of their audiences such as the most popular and recent publishing. You should to learn about what your competitors’ strategies are and how they satisfied their readers through their blog’s contents.

Moreover, you have to make some additional activities those benefits from your competitors ─ leave some comments and respond to their readers thoughts or answer some question instead of your competitors ─ brainstorm new ideas from the issued or comments and publish new topics reflected to issues and transfer those readers to your own blog.

Isn’t it a good idea to offer your competitors’ readers of your interested articles? Said “YES”, please start take action and follow up your competitors from now.

#6 Email List

Anyway, are you currently using opt-in service for your own blog? It is so great, if you said “YES”. However, if your answer is “NO” I think that you just did a big mistake ─ Email marketing is really important tool to make online sales.

The email marketing is one important element which you could miss. It is a best tool to call your readers back to your blog again and over again. You know? The most of online marketer made their sales because email marketing ─ proof reason is they will never buy your product, if it is the first visit on your blog.

This tip focus better SEO writing tip, thus I am not going to talk about what detail benefits and how to use email marketing. But I am going to share with you about the secret benefits of using opt-in service – it’s really benefits for brainstorming new topic which your readers really love it.

If you are experience with opt-in service such AbWeb, MailChimp, and Autoresponse. I think that you probably knew about two important features.

First, it is email campaign tracking report that it allows you to track your readers’ interests. With those report, you will be able to know what kind of contents those are the most clicked, shared, and read by your audiences.

Secondly is that customer’s survey tool ─ various opt-in service providers allow you to build questionnaires and send it directly to your subscribers through their email service.

Well, you knew about which kind of articles are most interested and not interested by your readers. Why don’t try to make some questionnaires to observe about your readers’ need such as asked the why they interested those kinds of article, and asked for some recommendation about interested upcoming topics.

Also, you can ask them about the negative of the previous unsatisfied articles and how to improve better next time. You will never make your readers unsatisfied again, if you are using that kind of tool.

Content Styling

Wow..! After followed above 6 tips, I hope that you will have a lot of topics in your own list and now it is the time to think about better styling. This session we are going to talk about some discussion of content styling for your blog’s post that readers love to read it.

Anyway, I don’t know what exactly your level of English and your experience of writing. You know? You are wasting your time to read this session because I will have no much techniques to share you about writing the most attractive article for your readers.

I am a blogger and not a writer, especially English is none native language. LOL

Hey, you no need much worry about this. I just joking you! Well, at least I have spent 4 years long the life with blogging and writing web contents.

I exactly know clear about some awesome writing tips and guidelines to share what the habits of online readers when they come online and read your article.

Here the bellows are what I learnt from my 4 years blogging are

#1 SEO Writing Tips – Write headline

What did you know about your readers’ habit when they come online and read your blog’s articles? I believe that the most of those readers didn’t do complete reading from the beginning till ending.

But what they just scan your articles and read only what they are interesting or need. After they got information ─ they said “Thanks” and leave your blog.

Or sometimes, they just open and quite your blog post because it make them difficult to go through and scan the context or hard to find what they want.

That’s right! Readers and search engines have too much similar habit, but they are just only a bit different from each other – the readers read for information and search engines look for keywords from your content.

Please let me guest! You are not absolutely wanting readers just open and quite away your blog. Am I right..? Yes, actually I am right again.

If you don’t want your readers quite your content without reading, only one way you can is that you have to help them to understand about your content ─ to make you content scan able for reading such as structured your article into small pieces of paragraphs separated by headlines and sub-headline.

You have to make your sentence short and easy to read. Oh, no..! I should say that make it easy for scanning.

#2 More than just a post

Well, as you know your readers just scan your content when you come online and read your articles. So, to make your sentences short and scan able are way best to force those readers stay reading your article.

Great seo tips content writing aided

However, I think that it is not enough since computer bright and contrast will make them hard in reading and make your article noisy to readers. And then, they are going to quite the content as soon as they got the information they.

What should you do with this problem? I think that to make readers keep reading and make them come back for your content – you have to make your articles more than just a post.

It means that you have to provide various visual aids through your blog’s content that make readers more convenience in reading and attract them to stay longer time.

Also, you have to link you content to others related information and tell your readers to travel to other topics. See? Your readers will feel like relax and enjoy more reading from various resources.

There were many content visual aids ─ images, audios, videos, and so on. Those all above are important content aiding which you could include those in your posts, if you think that it may helpful for users reading experience

The Great SEO Writing Tips and Tricks – Content Visual Aids
  1. Images are important aids which we could not skip it. You know? The images dress up your content and make it attractive to readers ─ it keeps your content relevant and catch by many readers ─ the attractive images increase social media share. check out -43+ Free Blog Images Sources: Where to Get Royalty Free Photos
  2. Audio for lazy readers: Some readers are too lazy and don’t like reading, for sure. I don’t understand what exactly the reasons are, but the thing that knew about them is that only a way keep them on your blog is that you have to prepare some audio them ─ to convert your tips into audio Broadcom and embed it on your article. It will make more convenience some people don’t reading ─ they able to download or listen directly without pay attention to article and computer bright ─ you care their eyes.
  3. Videos: it is another significantly important aid which you have consider in providing to your readers. Only audio is sometime not enough for readers, please imagine listening to 30 minutes audio without any picture. Your readers feel like a bit stress ─ they want to see pictures, or watch what exactly happen if they follow the steps of your tutorial.

Quality Proofs

It sounds great..! I believe that these tips would not be problems to you, if you are native English writer. However, I think that it would be the serious problem for none native English writer such as me.

You know..? I got a lot of complain about grammar errors and misspelling of my contents. I think that this tips is really important for me as well as for you, if you are none native English.

Some of my friends told me that it would more readers on my blog, if I could improve better writing and stop making my article mess. LOL.

Actually, I knew about this! My writing skill and English is too poor. I am a king of wrong spelling and grammar error, my boss told me. So, I always focus on keep my content proof and avoid free grammar error.

Here the bellows are what I pay attention to make better writing.

KISS in SEO Writing Tips and Tricks, it’s really nice! If you understand about level of education of your readers, it wills make you easier to offer the incredible article to them.

However, if you have a lot of users came from all around the world that mixed various level of knowledge. It would be great to keep the word KISS (keep it easy and simple) mind while you are writing.

You should divide your article in small pieces or paragraphs and separated those by small session ─ to used headlines and sub-headlines as well as the remarkable for making the content easier in reading and scanning.

You know? It is not only way to help the readers in reading, but to make small pieces of paragraphs and short sentences in your content will help you to avoid confusing and grammar errors.

If possible avoid using some words which easy to make confusing such he, she, they, them, and so on. Please try to use exactly subject for the contents.

A proof error is highly recommended in better SEO writing tips ─ you have to make sure that you tips have no grammar errors or misspelling. You know? This call pre-writing ─ what I learn from my friends – sometimes our hands did the mistakes since they did not follow what you want write about, he said.

We want to write “This”, but our hand wrote “That”. LOL. Hence, I think that you should save your articles as draft for double checking before hit publish button.

Keep your content relax ─ have you ever been keep content relax? You should give sometime for your content to relax because it would be refreshed after relaxed a short period of time.

Did you believe that? This is what I learnt after my blog was attached. I lost 90 articles of my blog’s content. You know? I open my old articles and read that again for republishing, I found that I changed a lot idea in those articles.

I edited my articles and made a lot of better to those older contents before republished ─ it was relax for long time and my idea was refreshed as well ─ new ideas have added to the content.

No, matter..! It just a bit late and patient, but you will do an amazing work as soon as possible you back for it. Please ask your girl/boyfriend to go for a walk and back again tomorrow for publishing.

Secret SEO Writing Tips #2 – How to Make Google Love it

Wow..! Today we go a bit longer time since passed over 3600 words plus now. So, let go hurry in deep discussion about Google friendly.

Actually, it is a bit complicate between Google and your readers since you are working for 2 different type of works – Human and robot satisfaction.

Of course, what you need are just only more readers on your blog, but not the search engines. Even though are working for human, but you could not skip Google, Bing, and Yahoo ─ they are the most important traffic brokers ─ they are staying the middle between your blog and readers.

It would be a recommended to spend some time to learn about how those search engines list your article on their list, if you don’t want business stands at the hundreds position which will never found by other people.

Here the bellows are three secret SEO writing tips which will make better position for your content.

Chose Right Competitive Rate

The most of newbie bloggers failed because they lacked of ability to expose their content to the right target of readers. Or, their contents are not enough quality to attract readers to their blog.

Actually, I don’t think so.! Those newbies could not become successful bloggers because they selected the wrong competitive rate which makes them fall into hot war blogging ─ they lacked of the chance to make their business visible to target customers because their competitors are older and stronger.

What is the most serious is that they did not enough authority to gain the trust from search engines thus they will never visible on the list.

If you don’t like to follow those mistakes, you should consider about selecting of the right competitive rate which suitable to your capacities and resources.

As example, if you are newbie blogger who working with less financial resources and you are trying to do marketing yourself. I would recommend any keywords related your niches which go from 50 – 80 monthly searched.

Other way, you are intermediate blogger, or you have a stronger team ─ you have experience SEO optimization. The financial is not a problem to you, I think that you can come with 100 – 500 monthly searched or you can go bigger amount.

Whatever you chose high or low searched amount keywords, but the lower competitive rate is still recommended.

Optimize Keywords

Keyword optimization is what could not skip, if we write about the friendly SEO writing tips. It is the most important to help search engines understand about your articles ─ to place keyword in the right target will make them easy to catch your article and make it relevant.

Well, before I am going to write about placing of it in the right place. I please ask for an addition minute to write about brief information of search engines reading habit.

Anyway, have you ever know that Google is like a college professor? Actually, it is! They read your blog’s content very fast ─ they look just only some important places such as title, description, headlines, remarkable, and conclusion of your post.

Yeah, of course! They are too much similar to readers ─ they are looking for only what they want ─ relevant keywords phrase. They will recognize that your article is relevant, if they found they found related users searched keywords in your article.

The highly suggestion is that to place your main keywords which you want to rank in any place of your content where search engines will look for those.

Here some few places you should consideration about placing of your keyword phrases.

Title tag

Title tag is HTML coding language which allows you to put the title of your web page. It tells users about where they are staying right now on your website or blog.

Also, it is the first texts that appear on the search result page when search engines query your article.

It is a significantly important element to make search engines know that your blog’s content is relevant information to what users are searching for.

You know? It is the first place that Googles or others look from your article ─ If the relevant keywords were found in title tag of your post, they will recognize that your blog’s post is relevant content, and then they continue to find it in other place.

But if they could not find any relevant keywords on your title tag, they skip your article without looking for anywhere.

I think that you should know what to do with your title tag. Isn’t it? Oh, I want you to know that title tag length is 60 characters long ─ you have to make readable and attractive to readers as well as because no people will be interesting in keywords like robot.

Your post’s url

Well, url of your post is almost the same to title tag that Google almost read that in the same time with title tag. It is not so important to readers, but Google ─ they think that it is also important for increasing users’ attention.

Please look at the bellow picture, search engines bold the keywords in url and listed higher position.


I have no idea about what Google did, but it would recommend you to follow those guidelines.

Meta description

It is a series of sentence which similar to title tag, but it just a bit longer ─ Meta description was limited with 150 characters long. It is the sentence that brief describe about body content of your article.

It let users know about inside of content without doing whole reading. Well, it is another important element that search engines will be seeking.

You know? After the relevant keywords were found in your title and url, description is second element which Google will read for relevant content.

If they found relevant keyword phrases in your Meta description, they will continue to body content of your article. But if they didn’t see any relevant, they just skip it.

Body content

This Complete SEO Writing Tips for Better Blog’s Content is over 4,900 words. I spent almost 3 days for writing, and 3 hours to review and check this article.

But Google do it faster than me. As I told you, search engines read article like a college professor ─ they just read only some important places of the article such as headline, sub-headlines, first paragraph, and some remarkable in your content like bullet, numbering, bold, underline, italic, and then they continue to read the last sentence.

Again, if they found the relevant phrases of users searched keywords they will mark you article as relevant information.

So, to make sure that your keywords have placed into those above important areas such as in first sentence, content headlines and sub-headlines, use keyword as bold and italic, and in remarkable listing like numbering and bullet texts.

Note: please make sure that you did not make your keywords spam, please keep keyword density from 1% to 3%. The most recommended from famous webmasters is under %3 of your whole content.


Google and others hate images on your article because they did not understand about those images. Did you believe what I said? Honestly, I said the true. Google is not human thus they cannot read and understand about the images like your reader.

Therefore, they though that all images of your blog’s content are irrelevant information ─ it mean that all image is useless for SEO optimization, but your readers.

Fortunately, we are able to tell Google about what your images are about through place some HTML coding. You can use the follow code for your image optimization <img scr = “yourimage.jpg” alt = “your keyword”>

Well, now your images content some texts about your relevant searched phrases ─ so Google is now understand about that so get more chance to list.

Anchor Text

It is clickable or linked texts that we usually use for linking related information of your blog’s post and webpage that we want to transfer readers to any relevant information about your topics. Also, it is the last place that search engines will look for relevant keywords.

You know? Using your keywords as anchor really important to make your content more relevant ─ it will pass the value of link juices and make search engine easy to get recognize ─ when Google index the links, they indexed your content.

It would highly suggest to use random keywords in anchor texts for you internal linking.

Please make sure you did not repeat the same anchor for your internal link because it may not good for blog ─ Google will mark it as spam link.

Poll up position

We went too long on this SEO writing tips ─ it is a completed series. I am not going to discuss deeply in this session because it will make this post over 15,000 words long, I thought.

For addition tips about link building, I will write a complete of that next post. However, I just want you to think of this question ─ there were many people wrote the similar topics of your own keywords, but why are search engines have to list top?

Well, only one reason that you were listed on the top of search result page ─ your article is high quality and more relevant content which users are searching for.

Therefore, a single way to make Google recognize that your content is high quality and more relevant than others is that you have to get votes from other websites ─ to get backlinks from other related contents.

Whenever there are a lot of websites linked to your content, Google and others think that your content is higher quality and more relevant ─ they will poll up your position and list on higher place.

Remembers, the more backlinks from high quality and relevant websites you got it, the higher position you will be polled up.

Finally, I would say so sorry that I will not write detail about how to get backlink to your content, but I have some topics which related to link build strategy. I hope that you will enjoy those.

  1. How to Increase Blog Backlinks Effective Way
  2. The Commenting Strategy to Increase Blog Backlinks
  3. Web 2.o White Hate Link Building Strategy
  4. 101 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog

Final Words for Authors

Thanks for ready my SEO writing tips, I hope you will enjoy reading and the tips will be helpful to you. This is the first time that I wrote the long article and make deeply discussion. Actually, I am not so satisfy with this article – I want to improve that but it seem not idea. Anyway, what did you think about my article. I hope you will kindly let me know about your thought.

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