A Brief SiteGround Review

Last week, I wrote a SiteGround review in an article where I shared 9 years’ journey with 6 hosting services.

The article contains the personal experiences what I thought about SiteGround’s performance. Also, the brief feedback from the clients who I recommended SiteGround hosting to.

Hosting service involved in the crucial processes that result in succeed or failed. So, selecting a right company for your business is essentially important.

Because of choosing a hosting service is a fact, I’d love to give you another honest SiteGround review.

Honest SiteGround Review: Why It's A Preferred Hosting Service

The review covers the key factors that help with making a right decision such as:

  • Plans and features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Speeding Performance
  • Security and Reliability
  • Customer support

Before Continue Reading

Many people out there on the internet are reviewing their preferred hosting companies.

A majority of those reviewers, however, are writing only for a candy commission. They haven’t any own experience relating to their recommended hosting company.

Those articles, in somehow, make a confusion which drives you to a wrong decision.

So, a magical question is:

Is my article an honest SiteGround review?

I don’t know.

Answer it yourself.

But wait!…

Before reacting the above question, you should have to spend a minute reading the below story.

A Blogging Story of Mine

Why This Article Is %100 Honest SiteGround Review

I’m Kimsea (KIM) from Cambodia.

The Cambodian friends called me a jobless because I wasn’t employed. Or because of people in Cambodia didn’t open their mind to the online job.

In the internet world, on the other hand, most of the people know that I’m a blogger, developer, and freelancer.

I’ve been blogging since 2009 but made my first $25 earnings in 2013.

I did many silly mistakes of blogging and running online business that cost me so much time.

Those mistakes comprised copying others’ contents, negligent of creating connecting, and sundry.

A dangerous mistake that cost me 3 years in time was choosing a hosting service for my WordPress website.

Since the journey began with a long list of mistakes, I love sharing those to the readers more than the general topic.

I’m not sure mistakes were the exact reason that inspired me, but hopefully, those mistakes help people in somehow.

Recommended reading: Want to start a blog? 7 Reasons You Should Not (guest post).

During the last 5 years, I’ve helped others to succeed by providing them the right directions.

It’s so exciting to succeed in running a business.

Nevertheless, it’s thousand times more exciting when your success could help others too.

I don’t expect you to believe what I wrote here.

But… I would guarantee this article is a deeply honest SiteGround review from my heart.

So please enjoy the below reviewing.

Introduction to SiteGround Hosting

Before understanding the service detail, it’s better to understand the company’s journey. The story that gives you a clue of where the company began and how it developed for the better.

SiteGround founded in 2004 by handful college friends. The company serves over a million domains and becomes a widespread hosting company.

Especially, it’s a suggested hosting service from the WordPress community.

Started in 2013, SiteGround was one of the valuable sponsors for every WordPress’s event. Likewise, the company has a special plan for students and teachers from various campuses.

SiteGround hosting has data centers in five countries on continents around the globe. Its service including shared-hosting, VPS, and dedicated server.

What makes it more special is SiteGround shared-hosting comprised the premium features.

Those features are a built-in cache (SuperCache), Git and staging environment, and automatic upgrade.

The company has developed own software solution for maintaining high quality and reliability.

Hence, you will appreciate a fastest speed and less downtime of your website hosting.

SiteGround Shared-Hosting

I’ve never experienced its VPS or dedicated server. Then in this honest SiteGround review, I’m gonna draw your attention to the shared-hosting.

SiteGround has two different types of shared-hosting:

  • Website hosting service
  • WordPress hosting service

Each plan consists of three packages associated with three different sizes of the business.

SiteGround Shared Hosting Plans and Prices

View Detail Features

The StartUp is more than enough for a small business, but I strongly suggest the GrowBig which is $5.95 per month.

With $2 extra fee, you will receive the premium cache features that accelerate your website.

The search engines and your customers are enjoying fast loading website.

Thus, you should have to grab the advantages of increase more traffic and conversion rate.

Also, you get a premium customer support that solves your issue in a priority service.

Time is money, you knew that.

Not that all. You will receive a free automatic restore backup tool which is a paid tool in the StartUp plan.

The tool keeps your website safe in case you encountered the uncertain situation.

SiteGround’s Pros and Cons

Before writing this detail SiteGround review, I’ve spent weeks reading a hundred articles.

Then, I perceived that most of the articles focus on revealing the advantages and features.

The writers were trying to hide the Cons in their review as they expected to encourage the buyers.

Everything has its own pros and cons—SiteGround hosting is the same.

The below are the advantages and disadvantages of this preferred hosting company.

SiteGround’s Advantages

  1. Fast loading speed: regardless fast SSD and GS optimizer, the company offers the SuperCache. It’s able to cache up to 3 levels of the dynamic resources and database queries. The SuperCache consists of Memcache which only is available on VPS hosting. SiteGround, however, provides the Memcache in GrowBig and GoGeek plan.
  2. Top-rated hosting service: the company provides a quality hosting service beyond the expectation. According to the survey, SiteGround was the top-rated hosting provider.
  3. LetsEncrype and HTTP2: every SiteGround’s shared-hosting plan integrated with LetsEncrypt. The SSL certificate secures the website transactions and protects your customers’ privacy. Importantly, it boosts the SEO performance. Likewise, the HTTP version 2 accelerates resources loading that improves response time.
  4. Multi-locations: besides the free CDN service, multiple locations are another big advantage. SiteGround own servers in five countries so feel free to pick the one that closes to your customers. The closer to your customers, the faster speed your website has.

SiteGround’s Disadvantages

  1. Limited capability: SiteGround limited the resources usage and capability of its hosting service. With the StartUp plan, you will get 10GB storage space that is suitable for 10k monthly visitors. The limitation, on the other hand, is more than enough for launching a fresh online business. If you’re expecting higher traffic, please consider GrowBig or GoGeek.
  2. More expensive: SiteGround hosting is a more expensive than its competitors. There isn’t any discount. If you want to take it a trial, you will have to pay $24.96 for the one-month setup fee. In the alternative, grab 60% discount and 30 days’ money back guarantee for a long-term contract.

SiteGround Performance Reviews

The bandwidth, storage space, and price are the crucial keys while choosing a web hosting.

Nonetheless, speed, reliability, security, and customer support are much more important.

To put more useful knowledge to this honest SiteGround review, I’ve searched a lot.

As the outcome of both personal experience and research, I ended up with the below evident.

SiteGround Speed Test Results

The loading speed of a website is an imperative matrix which you must not take away your eyes.

Maintaining a fast loading speed gives a better users’ experience and a better SEO ranking.

According to the statistics of KISSmetrics:

  • 47% of the customers expected a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • 40% of the people abandoned the website that loads slower than 3 seconds.
  • A second delayed results in losing 7% of conversion rate and 16% of customer satisfaction.

Because speed is a matter, I did 2 different tests to ensure an accurate experiment.

First, I tested a fresh installed WordPress website without any optimizing. The website used default Twenty Fifteen theme with a bunch of demo contents.

SiteGround's Speed Test Result for A Demo WordPress Website

As you can see, SiteGround performed an amazing test.

I could enjoy with 651ms from New York.

I understand we all have to live in the real world.

The second test started with a replicated of my WordPress website. The website used KLEO theme with 16 plugins installed on it.

At the time, I compress images, bind resource files, and added Cloudflare CDN service.

I used Memcache to cache the resource files and database queries.

SiteGround Review: SiteGround Speed Test Result of A Replicated WordPress Website

As you can see, the loading speed increased from 651ms to 1.58s which is around 900ms slower than the first test.

What’s your opinion?

Is SiteGround still a quality hosting service on your list?

Obviously, that speed is a great performance.

I’m using BuddyPress and Bbpress which are the heavy plugins.

The plugins added more tables to the database and caused poor website performance.

Even I couldn’t make it less than a second, I appreciated the result so much. That website is slower than 3 seconds when hosted by other companies.

The results from reliable SiteGround Reviews

Sometimes, we have typical and different experiences with the same hosting service.

As written in previous review, my client waited half hour for chatting with Bluehost technical support, but I’ve never.

To ensure the accurate SiteGround review, I spent weeks on trustable review websites.

I discovered the proven information that you might actually want to see it too.

SiteGround Speed Compared to Other Companies

SiteGround Reviewing: SiteGround's Server Response Compared to Other Companies

Grab SiteGround Hosting with 60% Discount

SiteGround hosting has a great server responding compared to others companies. It has 147ms average responding time which was A+ and 2nd rank.

Ipage hosting performed the top one, but I don’t realize on that.

Depend on 3 years’ experience managing Ipage account, SiteGround must be the best hosting service.

As explained in the previous post, Ipage’s service was awful.

Extra SiteGround Performance Comparison

SiteGround Loading Speed to Compared to 12 Hosting Companies

The above speed test is an official SiteGround review for the affiliate members. SiteGround compared itself with other 12 companies to prove its quality service.

As you can see, SiteGround hosting was 2nd that had a better speed.

Why did SiteGround load faster than others?

The below video should have a detail answer to the above question.

Hosting Reliability

SiteGround understands the root cause of the problem.

To maintain advanced security and uptime, the company invented an in-house security solution.

What special about SiteGround’s software solutions are:

  • It’s built on Linux Container that is resource efficient and highly flexible. The software provides a great steadiness in times of unexpected traffic spike.
  • It has a lightweight pro-active server monitoring that is more special than others’. The system automatically checks for the server’s issues and immediately fix them. It’s able to predict the future problem and take action to prevent it.
  • SiteGround is the first that put the secure account isolate technology in shared-hosting.
  • For more information about security solution, watch the below video.

SiteGround hosting provides a great performance and high reliability with 99.99% uptime guaranteed. It’s possible that you can experience with 100% uptime for a whole year.

SiteGround Review - 2018n Server Uptime Report

SiteGround Review – 2018n Server Uptime Report

Accurately, this top-rated hosting provider did what it said.

According to the uptime report, SiteGround is serving 99.996% uptime in 2018 and 100% for the last 2 months.

I hosted a blog on SiteGround for 2 years, but the downtime wasn’t my experience.

Or it was, but I just didn’t recognize the downtime because it was too fast.

Customer Support

speed, reliability, and security are important while choosing a hosting service.

The significant keys you should not overlook, on the other hand, are the quick response and high knowledge of the customer support.

I understand you hate feeling like stacking alone in the middle of the Pacific sea. That is why you have to choose SiteGround hosting as your website hosting.

But what is special about this preferred hosting company?

SiteGround is paying special attention on offering a helpful solution and fast response. According to the survey, the satisfaction rate constantly increased in the last three years.

Over 500 employees of SiteGround guaranteed 10 minutes’ ticket responding and instant chat and phone support.

I should have to say I love this quality hosting service so very much.

It was such an amazing service that I’ve ever used during 9 years’ blogging journey.

Am I joking? No, I’m not.

You have to take a close you look at the below image which is a support ticket in last 3 years.

SiteGround Review - Less than 1 Minutes Ticket Responding

To be honest, I don’t know how I can empathize my words in English, but it’s so wonderful.

As shown up in above image, the customer support spent less than 1 minutes responding my query.

That is the big advantage of this top-rated hosting provider.

Let’s Wrap Up

You have walked a long way down through my detail and honest SiteGround reviews.

Hopefully, you find useful knowledge that helps with making a right decision.

In case, you’re consciously wondering if SiteGround right for your business?

Let’s me wrap this up…

If you’re running a small or medium business and are looking for seamless speed and reliable hosting service with a wonderful customer support, SiteGround must be a right choice.

Its shared-hosting plans comprised what a business needs such as fast SSD drive, stress-free setup of Cloudflare CDN and LetsEncrypt SSL, one-click installation of the optimized WordPress, free website migration, and more.

If you have less experience with managing hosting account or new website, you will appreciate extra support regardless the general hosting issues.

Still not sure?

Inbox me your question via the contact form.

In contrast, grab 60% discount on your first contract, click here.


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