Social media strategy is very blog marketing which brings more blog traffic. The social media platforms were growing too fast, and Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest are largest and growing fastest platforms around social networking.

If those were countries perhaps they will be a first most population country in the world. Thus, the most bloggers integrated social media strategy as a way for important ways to bring more blog traffic and engage customer through spreading content marketing.

Also, they are using those platforms to gather the new ideas for writing blog tips and/or getting feedback from the customers for improving better service offering.

That great! Even those platforms were free and available for everyone on internet. We could gain many social media benefits from the relationship. However, it is not meaning that everyone will able to gain competitive advantages and become a successful blogger by just using of social media strategy.

Now a day, there were many bloggers and webmasters were failed of customers interactive and readers’ engagement. And they are not able to bring more blog traffic from the network platforms, the reason this that those people missed the best practices of social media strategy.

Here are some tips, I think that it may useful for any people who are living in these area of business.

#1 setting up social media strategy

Are you interesting in social media? Could you please answers these questions by using 5W and 1H (Why, Who, Where, What, When, and How)? For example

• Why you are using platforms, is it bring more blog traffic?
• Who is target prospective or your area?
• Where are they coming from?
• What are channels will be used, Facebook, Twitter, or..?
• When is the best for practicing?
• How could social media strategy be implemented?

#2 The keys to bring more blog taffic

Whenever you decided to choose social networking as business strategy, you have to your own goals and objective. The goals are significantly important factor which could lead you to positive.

It is a blueprint of strategies implementation that help you to win the competitive advantage, thus your goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Reliable, and Time). Therefore, whenever you decided to use social media strategy, you have to clarify who are your audiences.

You can use various keywords hash tag to categorize the audiences and then interact with them. Also, just follow the other people in the similar area of interests and build social relationship.

You have to strive best to get know that what your audiences needed. And then set up plan to send them the friendly content marketing and none pressure offering through various tools for bring more blog taffic and increase more sales.

Pickup engagement potential channels for social media strategy by selected platforms where audiences are interesting or you always found them there. As we could recognize some channels such as Facebook, Twitters, Linkedin, Google+, and Pinterest are the most popular of platforms in the world and most of people are living there. I think some time your target audiences or customers are also living in those platforms as well, if you selected those channel perhaps you able to deliver income blog traffic effectively.

No matter what kind of the platforms, whatever social platforms channels you will select or you are currently using it right now. If you have done correctly with those, you will get high effort from social media strategy and influent of conversion rate, especially you will be able bring more blog traffic to your blog fastest and effectively.

Therefore, please remember to make your conversation and relationship naturally and not just high pressure promotion.

#3 Monitor and Recycle

Absolutely, you have set up own goals for your business thus you will be able to monitor and measure outcome with what expectation of your works. I believe that you will be able to make it better, bellow list will make you more sense about your social media strategy monitoring, reviewing, and recycle your processes.

• How many increase of your Twitter follower or Fan subscribed to your Facebook FB
• How they are interact with your conversation such about talking about your brand or tweet your conversation and comment about you speeches.
• How your social media strategy could improve your business opportunity such chance to increase more subscribers or growing your market share in the future.
• How about the traffic flow into your blog, did you bring more blog traffic from your networking?

#4 Keep continue

The social media strategy is not an arrow line, but it is a cycle of process thus it means will never end. You have to monitor the current processes to see result of your work, if it met you goals. Or you have to identify problems and configure out the assured, and then adjust and recycle to processes for better next time.

I wish you will able to bring more blog traffic as soon as possible you could do that. Anyway, Did you know that the biggest companies such as Google and Microsoft always review their strategy and change that?

*** Note: The social media strategy always change excepted end of the business, what did you think about this?


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Writen by: Kimsea Sok From:
Kimsea is a blogger & freelance writer. He is widely active contributor on blogging, business, social media, and marketing topics. Kimsea has created a blogging community where bloggers can find variety solutions related to blogging and online business. Follow Social Profiles:
  1. Taposh Kapuria 2 years ago


    Thanks for sharing. Social media is the blessings for internet marketers. We can drive huge traffic with social media. My favorite social media is pinterest, stumleupon. They drives lots of traffic for me. Yes, we need to continue on social media. This will increase engagement.

    ~Taposh Kapuria
    Taposh Kapuria recently posted…Free RSS Feed Submission Sites List to Get TrafficMy Profile

  2. Nikhil Makwana 2 years ago

    Social media is one of the most growing form of marketing and promotion activity on the web, because social media is all about being social and connecting with people.

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful strategy.

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