How to Success With Technology Blogging – 4 Tips

How to Success With Technology Blogging

As I remember, I wrote some few tips about how to become successful blogger. Also, I have explained a lot of important facts about basic blogging which I think that it is the codes that works or bloggers.

However, I think that this is a unique tips for me since it is the first time to write about how to success with technology blogging. Well, I wrote this post because I recognized that technologies are the most popular topics.

The human and technology is almost became a single element which we could separate those into different part, you know that. Thus, it is a great idea to become successful blogger, if we blog about latest tech news and update.

Even though, we know that technologies update and tips are the most popular trend for the people but during this few years, I found that  there were a lot new tech blogs were created support this global trends.

So, the new problem was issued to newbie tech bloggers. They may hard to success with technology blogging, since the amounts of competitors are significantly increased.

Fortunately, I am not meaning that you could success with tech blogging at least you learnt about some important element about how to blog with technology. Here the follow step to how to success with technology blogging, I learn from other tech bloggers.

#1 How to Success With Technology Blogging Writing

This the first time which I wrote about new technology blogging because I found an interesting top on Wikihow. Guys wrote about 3 step to blog to write tech blog post. Actually, it is simple idea about blogging but I really love that.

So, what he wrote about. Well, he wrote a lot about new technology but what I notice is that keep motivation. He told me that if I want to be a successful tech blogger, I have to keep motivation about new technology update.

It means that I have to spend the time to learnt about the new update technologies and write some basic tips about what I learnt from those. Yeah..! He’s right..! If you want to success with technology blogging. You have to improve better blogging skills and more knowledge about technologies update and tutorial.

#2 What to write

There many kind of technologies, but what part of those are you going to blog about.? I think that you should select a specific topic for writing a popular blog post for tech update, so you should ask about yourself what kind of technologies you like.

For example, you may want to blog about new updated of computer, or you going to write about new feature of computer application and software. Or you are interesting in mobile technologies such paying online game with new technology of mobile devices.

Also, what kind of interesting topics you are going to attract the readers attention of your tech blog post. The bellow list what you consideration in writing tech blog post.

  • Write update feature about new release
  • Tech tutorial and troubleshot
  • Tips and trick about new technology
  • And so on

#3 Timely

Planing your content is really important fundamental of success with technology blogging. You know, friends..? The most of tech bloggers are almost update their contents everyday. I found that sometime they have published more 2 or 3 article a day on their blog because the got hot news about new technologies updating.

Yes, that for sure. Timely is really important for tech blogging since late of updating will make you lack of users attention.

The reason, because the users are always waiting for the deadline of releasing of their new technologies in dream which they are interesting. Hens, they will go quick when found that it was released.

So, you have to get you eyes on new update and releasing date. You have to release you tech content as soon as you got the information about those before you competitor do that for you.

#4 Engage

Time is really important but it is not enough to get success with technology blogging, you may have to add the last tip is “Engage”. It mention social media engage but it is going to focus on pre-release.

Actually, the most of technology company are working on it such Samsung and Apple. For example before Apple release Iphone6 to the market, the company all keep in tough with customer by provided the pre-release information about Iphone6 readers.

The reason because they have to engage their customer and make brand loyalty of their own product. And they want to make sure that their customers will never switching cost to anothor products.

You have to do the same to those companies by keep engage with your readers and give them some pre-release about the latest tech news.

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