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basicblogtalk.com (the blogger community) is a business social blogging community platform operated by a blogger and freelance writer name Kimsea Sok. The platform was tempted to provide the bloggers an opportunity to build a professional connection in the area of business and exchange the experience.

Within the account, the member was intended to share any discussion related topics to businesses and blogging. Kimsea do loves blog as did you and other members hence he strictly maintains the professional conducts of social connection in the community.

And the following terms of uses of the community were created to maintain the professional code of conducts of the community. The members of the community must strictly the following guidelines and help our business live in professional conducts.


To gain the membership and access to the networking features, every single member of BasicBlogTalk is required accepting of the community terms of services.


You can enroll with the community for free of charge, but must fill out and submit your registration form to the community. The applicant requires their personal information such email, home address, and other related information. We suggested checking our privacy policies.


We did not have any plan to charge the members for membership price hence every member feels free to access free content, training courses, tutorials, and other resources provided by the community. However, we’re trying to keep the community free and placed advertisements such as digital affiliate and contextual ads on the community.


Once you registered and activated your account, you’re required to complete the additional profile information such as profile photo, brief bio, social profile urls, and interests. We strong recommend to use your real information, otherwise your account might be accidently deleted from the community.


  • Use international language (English) for communication or discussion in the community.
  • Try to keep your account active and maintain your professional conducts
  • Help the community to grow the network such as invite your friends to the community or spread the information to social networking.
  • Contribute your knowledges and ideas in the community such as contribute guest, share your experience in forum discussion, respond other members issue via activity stream or private message.


  • We will try our best to provide the member a high value social networking platform for business. Our important vision is to help newbie to solve the current business issue and grow hack the business performance

Updated: July 10, 2016


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