Top Reviews Of Movavi Screen Capture Studio 2-in-1 Recording Tool

Movavi Screen Capture Studio
Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Have you come across an online video that you’d really like to save so you can watch later but found that there’s no convenient way to do so? Many video streaming websites lack an option to save or download videos, and that can be inconvenient particularly if you want to watch it on a mobile device or have a spotty internet connection.

The solution to the problem is simple however: Record the video. By using screen capture software, you’ll be able to record whatever happens to be playing on your screen so in this case you could record the online video that you’d like to save.

Of course, the one thing that you’ll need to do this is the software that makes it all possible, and that’s where the Movavi Screen Capture Studio will prove useful.

How to Record Online Videos With Movavi Screen Capture Studio


To use the Movavi Screen Capture Studio as an online video grabber, all that you need to do is:

  1. Start the software and select the capture area to encompass the video that you intend to record. It could be full screen or a specific area.
  2. Set the audio to system audio if you want to record the sound from the video itself, or to some other source such as microphone if you’d rather that instead.
  3. Start the recording by pressing ‘REC’ and stop it when the video is done.
  4. If you want to edit the recording once it’s finished to trim unwanted parts of the recording or for some other reason, just click ‘Edit’.
  5. Once you’re satisfied, save it using one of the numerous presets that are available to automatically optimize it for the device or platform that you’re using.

Frankly, that’s all there is to it. As you can see, the intuitive and user-friendly nature of the software makes it extremely easy to record the video footage that you need, and even if you’ve never used it in the past you should be comfortable with it in a matter of minutes.

Of course the best way to really see how easy it is to record online videos with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is by trying it out for yourself. Take advantage of its powerful features and add special effects, capture keyboard and mouse actions, or even enhance the video so that it looks exactly the way that you want it to.

Easy Navigation Tools

It has wide range of tools like editing, recording and production which are easy to understand for anyone having least knowledge about software’s. I also found out, that it has online stream video recording, VOIP calls, Video games, screen of the smartphone devices and many others. It is a must Go To tool for tutorial video creation, youtube video or any other presentations.

When you turn on the application, it provides you with three options Screen Capture, Record audio and Edit video. And a tutorial POP up to help you go step by step. You can skip it if you do not want it. The screen capture comes up many custom options to choose, along with audio recording option. You can record your voice using your microphone. You can simultaneously record screen also audio. It has excellent options to use to create podcasts and audio books with high quality. You can control the given features using hotkeys of your keyword or by using online interface. Using hot keys help for quick navigation and prevent the recording of cursor movement if used.

It has many number of useful tools for both audio and video enhancing. It has advanced options as well to choose.

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