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    Hey, @Kimsea! This is amazing to have this new forum. I’m not sure, I posted in the right category, but it involves in marketing activities.

    As a freelance marketer, you do lots of traffic boosting projects. It’s not difficult to bring more traffic if the client has well branding, but in contrast, it’ll be a hard working for new brand business. So, I would love to brainstorm how you generate traffic for new blog.

    Any idea?

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    Getting more traffic to a new blog is quit difficult, but we can do that. Focus on build good brand reputation and capture more emails to your list.

    I think the below might be helpful for that.

    How to Become an Expert Blogger Even if You’re A Freshman to Blogging

    Since it’s a new brand business, you have to develop the editorial calendar and I would recommend weekly content. Furthermore, focus on promote articles to different social media and content curation.

    If you love media marketing, YouTube is working well for that. I generate decent traffic from creating YouTube videos.

    I love Blogger Outreach as it’s great idea for getting more traffic and build brand.

    You know? I plan to do 4 guest posts a month.

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    Kimsea, great job!

    Since it’s a new blog, you have to follow what Kimsea has recommended. But I would recommend running the paid marketing campaign to capture more emails to your list, it depends on your client’s budget. Offer free training course, whitepaper, free eBook download, and more. You should spend $100 or  $200 to advertise the capture page. Once collected many emails to your list, you’ll get change to get more traffic.

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