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    Hi, everyone. This is my first forum here.

    After registering, I went around the forum and found an interesting threat. Here it is

    But I have the similar question to the threat.

    Anyone have idea related to marketing our business with zero budget or shoestring?


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    This’s a nice question, Phillip! As remember, when first started a new online business, I have zero budget. A friend paid me $25 to join an MLM business.

    If you have low or limited budget for marketing the business, you’ll have to focus on social media marketing. Try to build relationship with individual and when the ask about your business, it’s time to promote and sell them.

    It’s the best way for generate sales online.

    Moreover, if you own a blog, you can write quality content that educates your readers related to the business. Ask the readers to subscribe your email list and then send them more information regarding the product.

    Remembers, once the reader subscribed your list, copy his/her email addresses and search for his/her profile on Facebook. You have to connect to your subscriber and build stronger relationship so it help in increasing more productive.

    You know what? The above is the strategy I generate 5 to 10 sales a month.

    Hope it help.

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