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    Thank you value members for interested the forums discussion, the Basic Blog Talk forums discussion features were for supporting our members to share the valuable information and expertise.

    However, there some bad guys tried to make the change to our forums community purpose. Thus, we decided to set some rules of our forums discussion to maintaining the professional discussion and expertise sharing.

    Here the some rules which want want our members to follow the rules:

    1. Please use only English in all the forums discussion and sharing

    2. We want only quality and professional discussion, please do not try to make the spam topics or none related topics.

    3. This Basic Blog Talk not allow you places any topics or links related to adult or pornography. Please never do this

    4. We allowed to place some links to your websites or other related content, but multi-link will deleted other way we will ban your account if we think that you are trying to make spam link in our forums discussion. Thus please carefully when placed the links here

    5. Any affiliate link excepted adult affiliate was allowed, but please do not placed more than two affiliate links in your articles.

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