3 Proven Ways for Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

I wrote a lot tips about Blog SEO Tips, but I have never wrote about the ecommerce search engine optimization. Thus, today I am going to share some few tips about some friendly SEO techniques for ecommerce blog or website.

Today, we are going to talk about how to make the website visible and increase more sales of the online commerce. Anyway, before I am going to start the tips please answer a question of mine. Did you made the first sale of your own product?

Well, I hope you said Yes to the above question, but if you said no. Here some tips about the ecommerce search engine optimization which I think that it would be helpful for some online marketers who not ready made the first sale.

#1 Understand Situation

Before we are going to talk about anything related to selling of your own products, I think that we should discuss something related to the situation such product condition and competitors term. Anyway, friends! What kind of products you are currently struggle link to make sales online, and how is the competitive situation of products.

I think that market demand and competitors analysis should be point we should consideration for the first starting of ecommerce search engine optimization. Learn about the market segmentation, conduct the keyword research, and use long tail to improve the visibility and situation.

Another thing should be the competitors, write down their plus and minus points, learn from them and try to figure out the things they are missing. Explore new ideas on how better and good you can offer than them. Make yourself stand out from them. Do a simple and easy to follow campaign. This key exercise should get you good flow customers.

#2 Make Engagement

I hope the competitors and products will make you sense about how to visible yourself on the listing of the search engines. The other step is to make engagement with your prospective, and build trust with them. According the research 70% – 90% of online buyers are return visitors because they need to take some times to learn about the products of online store.

Thus, it is so important to build the strong relationship and online reputation. I would pay the most value of this point to my ecommerce search engine optimization tips because it is significantly important for make your first online sales.

The way you could build the reputation and online engagement are email marketing and social media optimizing. Learn about set capture page and build the big opt-in list, use newsletter strategies to call your prospectors to visitors your website again and again.

Also, social media platforms are best place for interact with other people. You know? Billions of users are staying in the amount of famous social media platforms such Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. If you learnt about to make interactive and build relationship with those users, I think that you may easier to make your first sales. Now social media is the best and easiest way to interact to your find customers.

#3 Sales Boosting

Website advertising is almost the important factors for ecommerce search engine optimization. Depend on just only social media and search engine traffic is not enough to increase your sales to the majority place of product life cycle.

You should learnt about set advertising campaigns such CPC campaign, Facebook Advertising, Solo Ads, banner Ads, and so on. It is not a bad idea to set up some budget for the above advertising ways, because you will earn some pretty money back after spent it.

Remembers, the more traffic, it will make more sales.

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