Why Blog Comments Are Important for Blogger – 4 Reasons

why blog comments are important for

Hey, blogger..! The reason why blog comments are important for blogging because it best way to improve your blogging through discussion and configure out business issue. Also, it is one of clever ideas of social community strategy that able to leads bloggers to become successful blogger and kick of start your business blogging through increase online reputation around blogging community.

Well, a key successful of blogging is built up strongest community networking surround the area of business. Thus, the blog comments are important for blogging because it will help you to create, maintain, manage, and build up stronger relationship with your audiences, readers, customers, other bloggers, and as well your partners through discussion and communication.

So whatever you did, comments other blogs or ask other bloggers to comments on your own, you both will gain benefits from the communication.

#1 Build strong reputation

Comments increase repuation

Whatever, you commented other or allowed other bloggers to leaved comments on yours. You will gain the benefit from building trust of your business, for example: there is a new visitor is reading your post and seen lots of comments were leaved on your articles and discussed related to topics about what author wrote.

The reader will note that your blog is an active and famous community, thus it mean that now you are trusted by him or sometime they find solution from comments they think your blog is useful resource.

How about commenters, blog comments are important for commenters who wrote the comments on that? Absolutely..! If you have a leaved good idea, expertise discussion related topic, or any experience sharing which could benefits to that visitor, the readers will recognized that you are an expertise blogger and trusted on you.

#2 Improve engagements

Comment improve engagement

Actually, blog comments are important for readers’ engagement, depend on the above example. The readers able to learnt from your comments or one of your commenters. So, what next? The reader will enjoy learnt and bookmarked your address because they learnt lots from the useful resources and bloggers are learning

How about commenter..? I told you about if you have leave friendly comments that contents experiences sharing, expertise learning, and helpful for readers and not just spam or none useful comments such as “thanks for ….”, “great article….”, or “pla pla..”.

The reader will click through to your recent post url go through to read your posts and then bookmarked the url of professional bloggers for next time learning.

#3 Increase backlinks

Too many blogger know that commenting others post could bring more blog traffic and backlinks. Moreover, if you have commented on commentluv enabled blogs or any bloggers who Premium Commentluv plugin.

I think that sometime they could get dofollow backlinks when shared, tweeted, or liked the posts. The dofollow backlinks will increase blog page rank, and it so important for friendly SEO. Since it is too much important for increase blog backlinks, many bad bloggers did the spam, automatic commenting software, or copy and pasted their on multi-blogs that could damage others’ blog.

Okay, never mind with those bad bloggers. I just continue to out topics, and I am going to tell more about why blog comments are important for SEO. Yeah, course….! You are going to get the benefits as much as commenters, because bloggers who leaved comments want to increase blog backlinks from your posts.

So they will share, tweet, linked, and/or bookmarked your url, if you are using Commentluv Premium version. No matter, if you said “no I’m not currently using it”. Also, could gain benefit of better SEO because Google and others recognized that your blog is fresh update and visit your blog frequently.

You will gain the benefit of faster indexing, and others more than I could say. So, it is right ways to increase higher blog ranking However, I recommend to you to use Commentluv Premium version because it is best and useful WordPress plugin

#4 More Earning

Whatever your income steaming, you are striving to make money with Adsense, or you are using any ways else. You have to do many things to such social media strategy, articles market advertising, build up reputation & building, and so many works to do more.

As you could see, from tip #1 to #3 of this tip “why blog comments are important for blogging” comment has help you to done most of important such as give traffic, interact with other, build online branding, and so on.

Also, the comments give you more impressive your Adsense ads which it is more important for increase earning of your adverting. Also, the comment help you to improve alexa scoring which it is the important way to attract more advertisers.


Blog comments lead bloggers to positive and being become successful blogger. It gave many direct and indirect benefits to improve business process through interacting with others and better SEO. However, even blog comments are important for bloggers and we all could get the both direct and indirectly but be careful about spammer. As brief in #3 of the tip.

That all for me, right now it is your turn, any complain, suggestion, opinion, questions please leaved by bellow form because we will gain the benefit.

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