WordPress SEO Optimization is Too Much Easy To Rank 1st Page

WordPress SEO optimization

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I never expected WordPress SEO optimization say is too much simple like until I found the bellow video from the Matt Cutts on Youtube. Actually, it is not the new video from him but I think that video may be useful for any Wodpress bloggers who want to built a better result for their own blog.

It is not too hard to make you blog post list on the top page of Google, according Matt Cutts. In this video trianing, you will learnt a lot about how Google work and how to get rank on the top page of search engine with simple blogging techniques. Also, you will going to learn about how the incredible Webmaster do the WordPress SEO optimization of his blog such configure plugins and getting backlinks as well as tracking the report with Webmaster Tool.

Well, absolutely..! Matt Cutts did do many hard working and high expendable plugin to better ranking, but he focus on the build the quality contents and then you will get the backlinks latter. Also, he pay attention to social media active to improve the social blogging communication. You know, bloggers..? that is so fantastic training, he have showed about secret tip to change you faced the querying of users.

It is not alone to learnt about the WordPress SEO optimization, but he have explain about the spammer. I think some so talk of this video will help you to avoid on spamming.

Step by Step WordPress SEO Optimization

We all know WordPress is the most SEO friendly to create a blog. Even a person with least knowledge of blog creation can create well optimized blog with WordPress.

Selecting SEO friendly url is the first thing to consider. Second choosing the right WordPress SEO plugin. There are hundreds of SEO plugins available, for beginners it will be difficult to choose right one for their blog. I recommend Rankmath, Yoast or All in one SEO pack. Install it properly by following the guidelines given.

Optimizing The Blog Post

SEO is a continuous process, it has to be checked at regular times and make changes to obtain good results. By properly optimizing the blog post with relevant keywords results in getting more search traffic. The installed SEO plugin gives an idea on how well your post is optimized. The SEO plugin gives a preview through which you can check the title and meta description. Make good use of this feature.

Choosing the right focus keyword for your blog post is the important part of on page SEO. To do this, use keyword planner from Google or paid keyword research tool, which most of the SEO experts use to find keywords. Find keywords related to blog post. Select the keyword based on its click ratio and are searched by users. There are many free and paid keyword research tools available online.

Doing basic WordPress SEO optimization, index your website and get you minimum traffic even without much effort. Taking care of basic things like putting relevant image, if possible try to put video as well. Also add feature image and alt text. Assigning right tags and categories is the key, as these elements are taken in to consideration by the search engines.

Another key action is adding internal links. Try to add 2 or 3 internal links per blog post. So whenever a user land on your blog post, internal links presents an option of knowing more about your blog, by exploring those internal links. In turn, it helps more page views of your blog and help in raise of overall SEO score of your blog.

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