A Terrible and Five Quality Hosting Services I Experienced With

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Actually, I’ve planned writing this topic since last year, but some sort of works came into my busy checklist. I’ve been working with the clients who gave me pretty earning so I stood a bit far from writing the new post.

What’s more, I’ve tried to save a space in the timetable to code the monetization functions for BasicBlogTalk. Hence, for a bit sooner or longer, you’ll be able to monetize your contents with the revenue share programs such as Amazon and Google AdSense.

9 Years Journey with 6 Hosting Services Which I Experience With

Well. Let’s back to our topic.

Since 14th February (Valentine), I migrated from the shared-hosting to a cloud VPS called Vultr. Also, I made a video which talks about the comparison between the Hostgator cloud hosting and Vultr VPS on my YouTube channel.

Because of the hosting service is a key factor that involved in the success or failure of our online businesses, I’d love to give you more options relating to choosing hosting service.

It’s the 9 years’ journey with 6 hosting companies which I experience with. This article isn’t a complete web hosting review, but it only shares what I experienced with the individual company and what I think of it.

1. Ipage Hosting

It was my first experience with the web hosting service. I went with Ipage in 14th Feb 2012 and left it in 2015 before the contract expired. A single reason that I chose this company was $1.96 per month with $350 CPC coupon.

Of course, it was…

Ipage taught me a lot about choosing hosting service—price isn’t everything.

During I went along with the company, I faced with lots of problems such as downtime and poor performance of my WordPress website.

At that time, my blog had over 15 seconds loading time. When I spoke to the customer support, they only tried to encourage me to upgrade the hosting account to WordPress package which was around $6 per month.

I followed the instruction of the customer support, eventually.

Although I upgraded to WordPress hosting, my website didn’t perform much better. The loading speed was around 8 seconds in average, especially, I couldn’t use BuddyPress plugin as it caused the website too slow.

Honestly, I so sucked at that time.

I emailed countless friends (bloggers) for a hand and spent months seeking for the solution on the internet. Nonetheless, I ended up with a typical answer: switch to a better hosting service.

In November 2015, I migrated from Ipage to the Hostgator hosting since it was a suggestion of many friends.

My first and final advice was, please stay away from Ipage.

2. Hostgator Hosting

As the above mentioning, I found this company in November 2015. It was the cyber promotion (Black Friday) when the Hostgator provided 60% discount.

Even if I spent months to research about the HostGator hosting, the 60% discount terrified me too much. I was worried that I would repeat again the mistake regarded selecting hosting service.

What could I do at that time, anyway?

I’m not a millionaire blogger, especially the limited budget.

Hence, I decided to choose Hostgator for my WordPress website.

Thank god!… I didn’t repeat my mistake.

My website loaded much faster than when it was on Ipage. What’s more, I could install BuddyPress and maintained 3.5 seconds as the average loading speed.

The customer support was faster and helpful. They could give me some sorts of great advice that helped with solving the general issues.

Although Hostgator provided me a better technical support and faster performance for three years, it also came with the own Cons.

The loading speed wasn’t completely accurate. Sometimes, I got over 2 seconds server response time which caused a poor performance of my website.

What’s more, the company didn’t provide any third-party SSL Addon so I lose the advantage of free SSL certificate.

Another Cons of the Hostgator hosting was, in somehow, it conflicted with the cache plugin like W3 Total Cache.

Everything always has own Pros and Cons.

Even if I had troubles hosting WordPress website on Hostgator, I managed to solve those problems with a free CDN service like Cloudflare.

After integrating the website with Cloudflare, I could use the free Cloudflare SSL and other cache features that helped with reducing the above problems.

Likewise, the minification function boosted the resources loading which enhanced the server response time.

Depends on what I described above, in my opinion, the Hostgator hosting was one of the quality hosting services which I’d love to recommend to any startup or medium business.

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3. Bluehost Hosting

Back in 2016, eight of my ten clients were using Bluehost which surprised me a lot.

Even though the company was the most prevalent of my clients, the feedback was so typical and distinct from each client. I received both positive and negative feedback relating to this popular hosting service.

The most interesting complaint about Bluehost is one of the clients told me that he waited 30 minutes for chatting with the customer support.

Was that terrible? Absolutely. That was…

But wait!…

That wasn’t always true.

I’ve been working with various clients who been using Bluehost so I’ve often chatted with the technical support, but I’ve never encountered the above problem.

The customer support was helpful and speedy. But the most terrible problem I hate was the tech staff always asked me to switch the server name from Cloudflare to Bluehost before helping me.

The hosting performance wasn’t much different from Hostgator. I couldn’t tell you the exact measuring since each client using the different themes, but it might actually a few hundred milliseconds slower.

A remarkable advantage of the Bluehost hosting was it had more accurate performance than Hostgator.

As I told above, however, everything always comes with its Pros and Cons.

Fifty percent of the clients and most of my friends constantly complained about the poor performance and downtime while increasing traffic.

So do I recommend using Bluehost?

Of course. I do.

It was a common technical problem when facing downtime or poor performance while having a high amount of traffic.

The problem is trying to tell that it’s time to jump up to the next level successful.

Then, let’s get ready for the big thing.

Buy a premium CDN service to maintain a sustainable loading speed for the visitors who come from different locations.

If possible, when possible, migrate your website to a better hosting service such VPS (virtual private server) or Deprecated Server.

For more information about Bluehost, click here.

4. SiteGround Hosting

I found SiteGround a few months later after the HostGator hosting.

Many famous bloggers in my network said that it was a high-quality hosting service. Then, I preferred to test this widespread company with my niche blog.

I couldn’t reject that SiteGround was such a great hosting provider which gave me a better performance than other shared-hosting services.

With SiteGround, I could have 0.5 seconds faster than Bluehost and HostGator. The most I love was the technical support— it was such a magic.

The tech staff spent less 5 minutes for responding my support ticket.

There was nothing to talk about the downtime since this company provided me a whole uptime for 2 years without any problem.

While going along with SiteGround, I recommended it to three clients. The feedback is positive—all clients spoke of the fast loading speed and the fast responding rate of customer support.

Unlike Bluehost and Hostgator, SiteGround hosting integrated with the free SSL certificate of LetsEncrypt so you’re not gonna have any problem with the third-party AddOn.

If you like me, a disadvantage would be its price. SiteGround was a bit more expensive than other shared-hosting services, and it rarely offered any promotion.

Pick SiteGround with 60% discount, click here.

To learn more about SiteGround service, read SiteGround review.

5. A2 Web Hosting

The first time I saw A2 Web Hosting was when I was contributing an article to a friend’s blog. She had a banner advertising of the hosting service in the widget area of her blog. I was so impressed by the fast loading so I clicked the banner and read through the provided features.

A2hosting was definitely distinct from the above companies.

The most feature that impressed me was the modern cache features like APC and Opcache.

Obviously, those features were only available on the VPS and Deprecated Hosting, but A2hosting provided those in its business package.

Despite the modern cache features, A2 Web Hosting integrated with LetsEncrypt so please say goodbye to the problem of free SSL certificate.

Although the cache and other features extremely excited me, I found difficult seeking for an opportunity to try out the service until helping a friend to fix his website issues.

That was the first time that I could touch with this web hosting company and its technical support. Nothing bad at all about the A2hosting service.

The customer support was quick and helpful similar to SiteGround and others.

After working with tech support, I began falling in love with A2hosting. Hence, I decided to host a niche blog on this quality hosting service provider.

One word. Awesome. It was awesome.

There wasn’t any more problem with the W3 total cache configuration since A2hosting has developed own plugin to manipulate the hosting performance.

With A2 optimizer, I could delegate the website optimizing to the company to care everything for me.

Honestly, I love A2 Web Hosting so much.

It was such a kind of amazing hosting services that I ever use.

I encouraged my new clients to use A2hosting because it was great for a startup or medium business.

What’s more, I’ve been working on creating a tutorial called “The Complete WordPress Tutorial from Beginner to Advanced User” where I’ve planned to introduce A2hosting to my YouTube viewers.

Grab A2hosting 51% discount, click here.

6. WpEngine Managed Hosting Service

If you were a medium or large business, perhaps you knew this quality hosting service. The WpEngine is a leading industrial of managed hosting that specialized in WordPress.

Truly, before moving my BuddyPress blog to the cloud server, WpEngine was one of the priority choices on my list.

Nonetheless, I migrated my website to the cloud server because Vultr offered over 50% cheaper than the WpEngine hosting.

You knew that—it was always the reason. LOL!

That wasn’t really.

The price wasn’t the reason that drove me to choose the self-managed server (Vultr), but a full control of VPS.

I’m a developer and WordPress expert. I know how to deal with the server setup and optimizations. With the full control of VPS, I could receive variety advantages such as VPN, proxy server, and so on.

Don’t be confused!

I’m not endorsing picking self-managed server unless you’re a tech expert or you’re good at executing the terrible commands of Linux system.

Well. Let’s back to the WpEngine managed hosting service.

During years, I’ve been managing three WpEngine accounts of my clients. What I love about the managed WordPress hosting service was the staging development environment.

With the feature, I could have a WordPress website installed in a stage environment. Once I finished the website configurations such designs and optimizations, I could move it to the live stage.

In contrast, If the client wanted any change, I could replicate the WordPress website to the stage environment and work without making the website down.

In spite of the staging development environment, the customer support was such an incredible service. The WpEngine had a super-fast live chat support that was very helpful, especially it was an extraordinary service.

Most of the tech supporters were the WordPress expert who was able to help with any kind of problems. Exclusively, they helped with the general issues regardless the hosting trouble.

An additional advantage of WpEngine was, my clients’ websites got over 60% faster after moving to this managed hosting service.

I didn’t have to do any terrible works such as minifying the resource files and configuring the cache plugin. Furthermore, the company takes care all of the security issues instead of me and my clients.

Sounds like WpEngine was a great hosting service for WordPress, huh?

Accurately, it was… but WpEngine also had a few disadvantages as well.

First, this hosting provider didn’t provide any email server so it would be an extra cost when needing a business email.

Second, WpEngine limited the usability of server optimizing so you weren’t able to do any configuration such as php.ini, Apache, and more. In somehow, this wasn’t a problem as you could ask the customer support setup those kinds of stuff for you.

The last one was, some plugins were harmful because they conflicted with WpEngine system. Thus, you weren’t permitted to have them.

Grab 20% discount from WpEngine, click here

Let’s Wrap Up

Guys!… It was a long way down.

Thanks for reading this tiresome article—I knew it was.

Because of the hosting service involved in the important processes of the online business, choosing quality hosting service is extremely so important.

You have to be careful and spend more time on finding a right company, otherwise, it will cost you in time and money.

Some of the hosting providers consisted of a hidden fee so you’ll face a high blood pressure when pretending to extend the usability of your hosting account. The other some had an awful customer support so you’re gonna feel like you’re stacking alone in the middle of the Pacific sea. A majority of the terrible hosting services planned to put your business down by providing a crazily poor performance to reduce the conversion rate of your website.

To avoid those kinds of problems, you should research more information and/or consult with friends who had a better knowledge regarding the specific hosting service you’re pretending to buy.

If possible, you should contact the company for a free trial or anything else that allows you to try out the service directly.

Feel free to hit me your question regarding choosing hosting service. I’ll do my best to answer the question as fast as possible.

It now remains only a blank space in my brain so it’s your turn.

What is your current hosting service?

How is your journey going with the company?

The below comment form is available for your answer.

Please share your story with the community so we can work for the better and help others to avoid the mistake while choosing hosting service.

Do not forget to share this article with your friend if you find useful in the article.


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